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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dealing with 'extremists' and their supporters.....

For one thing, extremists need the gospel.  I mean they extremely need the gospel.  Supporters or those who claim we need to be 'tolerant' are praising the pride of sacreligion and ritual.  They do not praise the creator and redeemer.

How do we deal with 'them.'  First, be strong in the word your self.  The more you know bible, the more 'words' you will have to conquer the enemy of human souls.

Second, know why the extremist religion is 'too good to be true'...... know its weakness and know its limitations.  One thing I know is that the extremist religion has absolutely NO scientific reality.  None.  Do not be fooled, the muslim religion DID  NOT contribute to any works in math and science.  Arab or wise men may have contributed, but the muslim religion contributed nothing.  Here is a good link which shows why the religion supports no science: https://maria911.wordpress.com/2009/09/13/192/

Third if you own a businesses, especially a storefront business, or even a business that sells hardware supplies, you will need to post notices that say you do not do business with 'extremists'.....  For example, post something along the line, we do not consider you a customer but a trespasser if you intend to take seriously writings such as Koran, Main Kampf, Carl Marx, John Lennon, Marilyn Manson and other sacreligious and ritualistic extremist beliefs.   Even those who consider twisting words from 'holy bible' and labeling outsiders as 'heathen' or 'intollerant' are not welcome here.   Your business and confusions about realities and protections of human life, especially the protections of the disabled, the lame, the lost, the poor, or even your self, and those outside of your realm of reality, allows us protections to stand against the 'bad wolf' in your soul that you are feeding.  Take your ideas elsewhere.  If you need help getting out of your 'cult' we can help you understand, but you must have a listening ear.  All person's thirty five years and under will be asked questions regarding their beliefs and intentions if we suspect foul play.

We tolerate no foul play due to religious extremism. Luke 10:12 12 But I say unto you, that it shall be more tolerable in that day for Sodom, than for that city.

Or a simple notice which does not outline possible extremist beliefs could be read as follows: If we suspect that you may be using supplies for 'foul play' purposes due to extremist beliefs with religious or  political or nonreligious or nonpolitical purposes, we reserve the right to consider you a trespasser.  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

the liberal 'phobia' labeling program.... debunked

when the world says 'christians'.... any type of those right wing types have a strange illness of '________phobia' fill in the blank with common forms of labeling there at... well the labelers are actually relabeling themselves..... they need to be asked......' do you have? 'biblephobia'...'truthphobia'....'poorwhitemanphobia'....'homlessveteranphobia'....'gunownersphobia'......'downsydrommeinthewombphobia'.....'turkeysforthanksgivingphobia'....'nativeamericanphobia'...'

.. etc etc etc....
the saying.... you reap what you sow..... well your label gun exercises will find you out one day,....... just wait..... before the clock ticks and its too late to take back you 'unrighteous words'.....

feel free to copy n' paste....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The syrian refugee may be possessed by demons....

Now do not take this as a joke or horror movie.  But as reality.  Many Christians know the bible story about Jesus dealing with the man locked in a cave who was so fierce no one would go near him.  Finally Jesus came along and rebuked the demons to go into a herd of swine.  The swine died while the man was saved.
What is the evidence some of the Syrians are demon possessed? Ask a Lakota wise woman who knows that pure heart means one chooses to live in the country.  She has heard the wicked stories from across the ocean and seen and heard their evil works from afar.

Now animals are important in their culture and language structure.  No animal in its right mind rapes.  No animal murders its own species (except a few canibalism cases) especially herbivore.  And certainly no female among a species dutifully murders herself to promote her own destructive kingdom.  Such irrational behaviours definitely show evidence of demon possession.

Medically speaking they have wicked hearts and imaginations and are clearly demon possessed.

Stop the line... oh give them food, give them clothing, invite them in.  No .... this will not work.  Demons are smarter than you, and can hunt you down like ware-wolf if you do not bow down to his requests.  It will leave a feeling of neglect in their heart and they will not repent of their evil imaginations.

The word is needed.  In our heart and in theirs.  Their religion for the most part says they should not read the bible.  But that is where words of life are found.

Truth is needed.  In our heart and in theirs.  They need to know that they are no more powerful person on this earth than anyone else and cannot own the sun moon and stars.  No country owns the sun, no country owns the moon, and no country owns the stars.....neither does any religious practice.

The word Gen-Rev is all the truth they truly need.  They reject the word.  Read clearly '25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;
26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.'  yes it says they need to aknowledge the truth.  The truth that Jesus christ the son of the living God came to earth and took place for our sin.  He rose again so that we have life.  That truth and so much more.  Even truths about nature (human heart beat has seventy beats a minute etc) and more truths about bible from the story of Cain and Able(victims of terrorism and religious oppression) to Jesus being the alpha and omega.  

The 'diversity' idea will NOT get the demons out of the wicked man.  Acknowledging the truth WILL ....

Angels guard and protect us.  Angels also warn us of wicked men who seek to deny truth.

To reflect upon the tragic eternal life of the MUSLIM.....

Christians (those that love God's word and do not distort truth to the best of their capability) do NOT have muslim Phobia..... They are like INFANTS.....held by the arms of the middle east conflict. The infant does not know if it will trust the woman or man that holds the infant. The infant does not know who is good or who is evil. Who has little sins and who has big sins. In fact the infant does not know the timing of rising of the moon, the rising of the spring or the rising of the summer. The infant does not know if they will drink good or bad water. Pure or impure. The impure religion of MUSLIM indoctrination....creates its own reflection of wickedness in the heart.....The dead souls of their wanting to conquer the entire earth are irrational. An infant has not yet encountered a camel....and does not know if it is safe to ride upon. Nor has it encountered a moose. Neither a moose nor a camel desire to suicide nor kill other types of their species. Christians have pain in their heart.....because they KNOW their MUSLIM relatives.....their MUSLIM friends.....their MUSLIM teachers.....their MUSLIM politicians.....their MUSLIM PARENTS..... WILLLLL GO TO HELL for all of ETERNITY. THE irrationality of their religious soulless conquering of the earth prooves they are HELL bound. CHristians do not want other Humans to end up in HELL forever.....Jesus said it best, "Matthew 16:26
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

My heart crys for these lost MUSLIM people..... THEY must repent. FInd Christ. Their ONLY redeemer. Or they WILL NEVER enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN.

Monday, November 16, 2015

syrian refugees are not horses YOU can adopt

Ok, so there are places where neglected, abused animals may go for therapy.  Specifically some are designed to take care of horses, cats or wild animals.

Ok, when a horse will not function to your voice, it will destroy your property.  It will purposefully run in front of a semi and destroy itself and your hard work of carrying your family on a hayride.   Your family can be destroyed by a 'crazy horse.'

The man with the skills to care for damaged horses can see wisely that the character of some of the refugee's is so distorted, the men will not even look at you and smile, especially if you are a woman, or of native american heritage.  He will not learn your national heritage or care for you.

True....most of us are immigrants of terrible character.  Many ancestor moved to this country.  Some have move to english speaking america and have not yet picked up a 'holy bible'.... so religious freedom is not their value.  Some are NOT immigrants to this country.  They were the first people.  Looked over, ignored, and distorted by their value of understanding character and respect for elders.  Name people by their nature...... CRAZY WOLF.....  only a crazy wolf...... would kill himself.... to promote his religion..... and a crazy horse.... cannot be adopted by a great nation..... even of immigrants.

A person who can be valued as a refugee.... is of no value to their society.  A disabled, an elderly or a child.

If you support immigration of 'crazy wolf' you are 'crazy horse' and do not see people through the eyes of wisdom.

So what can you do if you must deal with 'crazy wolf.'  You can share gospel with those who will hear.  Those who will not hear, have no heart and have let evils brew.  You cannot break the stone cold heart they possess, only prayer and faith in christ can send water of life through their hardened heart.   Only christ has the power to 'break' their hard heart.....and give them a new one.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The delusional mind of a 'pro-choice' woman

Ok.  So on the internet, we have access to social networking.  As a result, people share articles left and right.  Unfortunately we see the true colors of who people really are on the inside.   When a christian shares any kind of bible verse, especially "holy bible" KJV bible verse.....the wheat and chaff get separated and it is very clear who loves JESUS and who does not.

Sometimes I respond to the backbiters, sometimes I do not.  I stand in somewhat neutral as far as "family planning" is concerned.  Rather leaning most highly towards "choose life"  yet understanding that "biology" happens.  Most if not all biology problems in woman, can and should be resolved with natural or herbal methods.

I did post frequently warning them of coming judgment for ruining their body, their soul and forfeiting their life to demonic pharmaceutical choices.  They could have instead trusted biblical standards of raising and dealing with the design of their body and natural methods through being wise.  But they shockingly seem to choose the WIDE ROAD.....the EASY WAY OUT.....

Here are a few of the nasty, bitter, scornful comments I received.  Names were changed to suit their comment.

This particular article that praises the work of the birth-control pill has since been blocked or no longer available to view these comments.

**(greenhousegassesrus): "We do not want to produce children we cannot provide with life's essentials. Childfree adults are heroes. They conserve more resources than any recycling ever will. Look out for a generation of empowered women and men who will only become parents if and when they decide they can afford to do so. What a better world for all. Happenstance pregnancy has short-circuited many ambition women."

**(menlivefakelivesnfakewives): "It's also improved men's lives. There are plenty of men who have benefited from birth control too. Not every guy wants to have kids and not every guy wants to be the guy to ditch his kids."

**(lovesmoney-hatesnaturalmedicine): "#6 - fewer women being sickened/killed by pregnancy- and menstruation-related conditions so they can work and enjoy those earnings!"

**(sheworshipsmoney-self): "For me financially because birth control used properly = no kids. Ah, I sure do enjoy sleeping through the night and spending my money on me."

**(thinksreuplicansinventedGOD): "Better stock up ladies - the republicans are coming for your birth control pills - but you can keep your guns WTF"

**(carsn'wigwamsaren'tgood-homes): "Christine Sholl Financial is probably the biggest reason. If I had anymore kids, my current kids would be sleeping in the car."

**(thinksimmaginaryGodhatesRepulicanparty): "#RAISESASSYGIRLS #FeVoteRising #Hillary2016 #VOTE The Republican #PARTYOFHATE out of local state and Federal Government #ENOUGH #WitchHunt #BroomsUp #Hillary2016"

**(anothervoteconfused): "To keep this right, Vote Democrat!"

**(shecreatesnewreligionn): "Actually, real women are free thinkers NOT religious zealots who push their personal agenda."

**(createdmoronagenda): "Only morons relegate women to just bein baby makers"

**(hatesclassicbiblestories): "Telling us to reference a book written by men is selfish. smile emoticon"

**(hatesclassicbiblestories): "Facebook was invented by a REAL man, not by a mythological character in a made up book."

**(hatesclassicbiblestories): "This country needs to stop stigmatizing mental health especially when we have people walking around thinking a man in the sky is in control of everything we do."

**(treatswomenworsethananimals): "Enjoy your uterine prolapse, stepford sow."

**(believeseveryoneneedsradiation): "If you're not getting exams from a physician, you run the risk of undiagnosed breast and cervical cancer."

**(createdmoronagenda): "ANY god who would relegate women to just bein baby makers is an evil god with morons for followers"

**(createdmoronagenda): "Women are far more than just baby makin machines..."

**(createdslaverytothepillinstead): "Real women aren't so insecure that they seek gestational slavery and subjugation for their sisters."

**(createdslaverytothepillinstead): note:she is definitely a slave.....to her self and her state...."and do not forget for a moment that i am constitutionally protected from your vindictive, petty, limp-dicked god."

**(createdmoronagenda): note: she definitely doesn't understand where western thought and human-rights came from.  "Keep spewn your idiocy... More folks need to leave fundietarded christianity"

**(sheputsdrugsinwatersupplies): "I'm talking about preventing maternity and maintaining my independence. Prescriptions are the most effective way to do so - and impurities are more likely to be in your herbal concoctions than in safe drugs produced under the oversight of the FDA."

**(createdmoronagenda): "Nahhh sweety...They just hate bein controlled by wimpy wannabe men and their idiot female flunkys"

Keep in mind.  These comments are being moderated by our heavenly father as we speak: "Proverbs 3:34
Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly."


An ungodly witness scorneth judgment: and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Problematic 'abuse reporting' websites.

Now I do appreciate that there are such thing as abuse reporting websites.  It is good that we can speak freely about these matters and the govt' will not shut a person or ministry voice down.  However, we need to double check these websites to see if they are biased or misleading the reader to support a corrupt agenda or corrupt spiritual approach to the problems of life (leading people away from support they truly need in a good church or ministry).  A few examples are natural organic resources websites or medical fraud websites.  These are common information that many people need to read in fast paced era.

The spiritual abuse websites can be the most 'fraudulent' even tough they are trying to uncover the latest JIM JONES SCANDAL.....  they may actually be promoting the spiritual abuse OF THE GOVT' in effect attempting to destroy decent ministry.    A way to identify if it is legitimate or false abuse is MONEY involvement.  1. Is the victim proposing an abuse that an average person would not consider true abuse?  For example, a victim is claiming she or he was sexually harassed verbally.  She or he can only recall ONE foul statement by the perpetrator, and cannot make any further remarks reguarding this instance.  2. The victim is seeking excessively large amounts of money, which an average person cannot accumulate in a living wage year.  3. The victim is seeking emotional attention.  For example: an authority refused to offer the victim a piece of cake, for a special birthday party.  4. No biblical foundation is used in determining the nature of abuse.... the psalms and proverbs clearly describe true vs. false abuse cases.  Even secular and atheistic people can attribute to this condition.  5. The victim is seeking to create his or her own perfect utopia while creating a true victim.  Example: Fining a homeless person for sleeping on the doorsteps of a mansion because it distracts from the landscape on the property.  Another example is use of planned parenthood to abort unborn children because it would distract a woman from her lifestyle choices.  6. The abuse reporting website promotes a certain race or gender as victims, ignoring other races genders and situations.... Most of these cases, money is more of a priority than true justice and forgiveness.

If a website is reporting abuse cases but they DO NOT acknowledge that GOVT's AND COURTS can be abusive.... the website is a fraud, gossipy and attention seeking.  Victims turn into further victims..... some end up victimized by media or govt'.  A proper website will look at ALL possible abuse and victimization scenarios....

The first website to avoid in the discussion of abuse is: http://thewartburgwatch.com/  the second to avoid in the discussion of abuse scenarios is http://spiritualsoundingboard.com/ . Both fail to determine if the victim is true or false, and both do not acknowledge abuse of power by govt' structures.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Educational chaff.... warning to put truth in education first....

So I was reading today, about the concept of educational chaff.  Such conditions do not make sense to those who are not students of 'the bible.'  Some have gone all the way through seminary, yet, they lack spiritual endurance.

What is going on, with the talented men and women of today?  The answer lies in the 'school' of thought and wisdom.

Godly wisdom is FREE.  Godly wisdom endures.

The bible is free on the internet.  The dollar store holds the cheapest dollar store bible.....the 'holy bible' or kjv bible.  There are some who look extra deeply to make sure they are getting the absolute correct scripture in their child's hands.  Such people are not fools, but very wise.

A good man has spent a good portion of his day, meditating upon scripture.

A man who has been taught to read and meditate upon scripture is greater than the reformers of the past.  The reformers lit a candle.  But the winds of change, time, culture shift and so on, easily blew out such candles.  Such candles may be re-lit, but with some errors intheir interpretations, such as anti-semitism, the reformers lost the wick to keep their candle lit.

A better reliance, is directly upon the 'holy bible.'  To rely on the raw data, is to understand the power and strength of energy that comes from the sun.  Such a sun, was not created nor lit by man, it was directly lit by the creator, redeemer, chirst himself.

So keep the true light burning in our hearts and minds.  Keep his promises alive.  The additional flavors and candles brought forth by education substances may light a dark corner where the sun cannot reach, keep darkened homes where moonbeams are not visible nor the knowledge of the stars and planets movements available, but truly, we need the 'holy bible' to keep our hearts ablaze with the light of truth.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Sunflower Wigwam T-P

This is our wigwam T-P fort or what you may call it.    It is made out of sunflower stalks.  They were perfect for building this contraption.  As you can see in the top image, I made a mat out of the sun flower stalks by weaving twine at three locations on the mat. (an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3yTExd_DmQ ... ) Now normally, a cat-tail mat is made to cover the outside of a normal wigwam. This is made to adjust to our agricultural landscape, yet taking into account america's natural heritage.

In order to construct a wigwam that would fit two sleeping people, you will need to plant a thirty by thirty plot of sunflowers.  In this case, I did NOT fill an entire thirty by thirty plot (I filled the inside of the plot with other garden goodies), rather I planted about eight closely planted rows on the outside perimeter of a thirty by thirty foot garden.  This tight spacing caused the stalks to grow quite thin, rather than thick and woody.  

When the sunflower heads produced seed and started to dry, I proceeded to saw down all of the sun flower stalks.  I made a total of two large mats that are as tall as a six or seven foot door, with the stalks I had available.  If I would have been wiser and more understanding of the nature of sunflower stalks, I probably would have mastered the ability to make three large mats or even greater size structure.  But this will do for now.  

This is a perfect opportunity for homeless people to build their own structures to live within, during cold winter months..    The entire contraption from the stalks to hold up the wigwam T-P is very light weight, so that a single woman with a bad back may carry the entire structure, minus additional weights (to hold down the structure in strong winds), and coverings.

By the way, it does NOT take a lot of time to make a sunflower stalk mat.  It takes about one afternoon to harvest all the sunflower stalks, and one full afternoon to construct a good set of sunflower mats.  Of course if you do not live in the same area as your sunflower stalks, it may take some time to transport all the material, but this can actually be done by tieing all the sunflower-stalks onto the top of a two door sadan.....or just borrow a friends truck for a day or two.

This is also perfect for other people who are interested in building fun outdoor structures. Some ideas include: 
*Play house or fort for children
*A hunting cabin.  Just use wooden frame and then put mats on outside of a wooden frame.
*A camping Contraption....use this instead of a store bought tent.  It is actually easier to set up.. 
* A summer reading nook
*A home for pets
*A way to celebrate the feast of tabernacles
*A fun little home-school project.
*A place for your college drop out to crash..... the list could go on.  Think of using the sunflower stalk mats in other ways too..... fencing, boxes, animal traps, flower planting arrangements, you name it.

In the image given, blankets from our house are used as outside coverings and a few clothespins, to hold the blankets in place.  I am sure tarps would do, or if interested, try cat-tail, grass or other natural mats.  The inside of such a wigwam will stay just as warm as an automobile, in negative fourty degree weather, so long as heating source is adjusted properly, and lower edges of the structure are kept from allowing cold air to enter the structure through the bottom.

The cost?  If you do not have a large supply of sunflower seeds (Try bird seed supply), you may usually buy a bulk order through seed savers seed company for about thirteen dollars a bag.  The plot to garden was about twenty dollars plus twenty dollars deposit.... or was it fourty dollars and fourty dollars....I cannot remember.  Twine, cost about three dollars for a good size roll of it.  Scissors and saw to cut down the stalks and cut off the sunflower heads.... one dollar.  Total cost, minus the cost of using the garden plot, was easily under twenty dollars.

Try building this with cornstalks or other tall thick stalk plants...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Yes you CAN educate your OWN children!

First of all, I would not recommend you home-educate your children if you have severe safety issues that could put you or your child in danger.  Such issues like domestic violence and out of control anger, severe alcoholism, severe mental handicaps that limit basic reading and writing skills, an inability to keep your children in obedience to your voice, severe financial issues that put your family in danger..... and so on.  However, if you are well aware, accepting of your child for who he or she is, home education is a good choice for you and your family.  It saves your community 6000$ or more per child per year, if your child is up to par academically.  I recommend you regularly read, meditate and speak liturgically from KJV bible (as an adult up to seven chapters a day) to help you keep your sanity and confidence.....but you do not have to do this.

Here are some resources I would recommend to help you get started with home education.  You do not have to be 'teachery' to help your child decide to learn:


Most of the above resources are not 'common core' based learning resources.  Some unschooling families have determined that early reading can put too much strain on a child's eyes, so reading academically is best after the age of eight and closer to the age of twelve...instead, focus on spelling and phonics (a kjv bible can be used to generate fifteen word lists)

To help organize the chaos, http://www.flylady.net/ has some good recommendations....

You can do this!   If you know how to play an instrument and enjoy singing hymns.... you will be even more equipped!

Oh yes, also I have listed on my side bar, an easy to use 200 day curriculum that includes classical titles.  Feel free to purchase at your convenience.  Only 10$.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

workmanship churches

I have titled this post, 'workmanship' churches because special emphasis is given to understand and return to the methods of working through the scripture and coming closer to our saviour within these churches.

Some churches have returned to old pagan ways and have fogotten the roots and foundation of our hope in Christ alone (they embrace old pagan ways and practices rather than scripture for hope and redemption).  Key elements of christianity are SIMPLICITY and GRACE.  The more complex and far apart from the human heart a message becomes, the less likely it seeks to bring peace and truth to the individual.  If one of these churches are in your area and you would like fellowship with a few people (some have ten and under people gather for fellowship, some have over fifty).  You may find these churches will work for you and your family.  You do not need to be a member at any of these churches to be a christian, but you DO need to repent, love jesus, and 'study scripture.'  If you have young children, you may find that these types of churches offer good fellowship with wisdom from older ladies, who can help younger women raise your children up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD....

 KEY FEATURES- 'choose life' (human heart beats should be loved and preserved before conception to after stop of beating heart), 'repent of sin with salvation through christ alone' 'born again yes and no' ' beliefs in marriage is between one man one woman(occasionally conditions for poly marriages as necessary)  with adultery or sexual relationship outside of marriage as sinful'

I will list these churches, some special features and you may determine if these types of churches will be helpful in your faith walk.  You may look them up on the internet, to find local congregations in your area, or visit them personally.

Independent Fundamental Baptist -Hymns are encouraged, Use of KJV bible, 'independent' thought with no head quarters, encourage 'church school' (dispose of humanistic evolutionary theories), 'born again,' woman choose the home life

Evangelical Lutheran Synod (norwegian origins) Becareful as some lutheran churches have embraced excessive liberal or humanistic doctrines which are contrary to scripture.  This particular congregation embraces scripture. Hymns are sung, encourages 'church school,' congregants must have good behaviour, does not participate in eccumenical community activities, dispose of humanistic evolutionary theory, expressive preachers are encouraged,

Messianic Jewish Fellowship - careful study of scripture, encourage 'church school,' encourage women to dress modestly, dispose of bad behaviours, encourages jewish origins of faith, some have belief in faith healing like Sid Roth...

Apostolic Christian Fellowship - Does not participate in eccumenical community activities, Accapella Hymns are sung, Use of KJV bible, Women dress modestly, women wear same color head covering, Full water adult baptism, must repent and be born again is emphasized, holy kiss, some use 'church school' others do not, independent thinking with no established head quarters, elders are not paid but are volunteers to preach from randomly selected bible portions, members may not view evil, listen to evil or embrace excessive idolatry (such as sports events), no gambling or drinking aloud even in marriage ceremony, simple marriage and betrothals (man calls for woman through an elderin dream or vision), no chirstmas tree or emphasis on pagan holidays, always feature a congregational meal each sunday

Certain Mennonite Fellowships - Does not participate in eccumenical community activities, accapella hymns are sung, use of KJV bible, women dress modestly, women wear same color head covering, full water adult baptism, must repent and be born again is emphasized, holy kiss, encourage 'church school,' members may not view evils or listen to evils, some are well capable of avoiding idolatry such as excessive sport competition, same as lutheran (some have embraced excessive liberal and humanistic beliefs...some have not), education can be completed by eighth grade

Amish -Accapella hymns, women dress modestly, repent is emphasized, no worldliness, encourage 'church school,' non-electrical lifestyles, education can be completed by eighth grade, children are trained to serve others, elders are given most health treatments from home remedy

Orthodox Jewish - encourage 'church school', women dress modestly, live close to congregation, embrace one day to rest on Sabbath, larger family is blessing,   food and dietary assistance, hebrew and jewish origins and language, biblical and jewish calendar holiday structure. (Does not recognize Jesus/Messiah as Messiah, but encourages biblical old-paths lifestyle Jer 6:16)

Seventh Day Adventist - hymns are encouraged, careful study of old testament, use of kjv bible, encourage natural health and healing, encourage 'church school,' fellowship on 'seventh day,'

Quaker or puritan - 'friends'.... maybe hymns.... I do not know a lot on how these congregations have shifted since sixteen - eighteen hundreds....... but the original men and women were very faithful, the quakers were peace makers and gave us featured women like Susan B. Anthony, some have altered into baptist or independent baptist congregations...others into more liberal methodist congregations

Other congregations that have basic beliefs but may have more contemporary upbeat music...

Assemblies of God - Full Water Baptism, belief in faith healings, encourage 'church school,' Pastor only attends two year 'bible college' with no additional theology,  encourage sharing of gospel through technology and 'hearing bible' in own language, speaking in tongues, some congregations can grow very large....

Various Baptist Churches - good baptist churches encourage members and visitors to flee from bondage to sin such as drinking, fornication, pharmaceutical dependency, gluttony, family problems, anger and so on..... more poor congregations are more eccumenical and celebrate pagan holidays.... or are 'social gospel' based....not 'only gospel' based, Full Water Baptism

Great Commission Churches - emphasis on feeding the poor during a meal fellowship about once a month, encourage 'church school,' encourage diligent bible study, often attract outcasts and people of poor conditions, Full Water Baptism

Four Square Churches - similar to assemblies of God and baptist or great commission church... the church may feature hymns.  I do not know a lot about this style of church.

North American Lutheran - Feature many Hymns, but may include fellowship with eccumenical environments, emphasize suffering for righteousness, here too, some congregations or members may not be 'saved' but show very good hospitality to strangers...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

When is the blood moon? What does it mean?

My birthday is 9-11.....1984.  When I look at stelarium, the full moon occurs around the time of my birthday.  It appears in the stars off to the right below piesces constelation.  Now it is 31 years later.  This year on September 27, 2015..... the moon turns to blood.  The location of the full moon is off to the right below piesces constelation.  This tells me that there are patterns in our universe designed by a powerful creator...... we need to pay attention.  So my 'biblical calendar' birthday would be at the sighting of the full moon and of the constelation pleadies.  It happens to be Sept, 27, 2015....

Now study the qumran calendar and there is the 360 day year.  Every twenty eight years another week needs to be added to make up for missing days on the calendar.  The qumran calendar is more accurate than the gregorian calendar!  It matches the 'heavenly signs'  or the sun....the moon....and....the stars....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

summarized fellowship and gathering (5-2)


Read psalms and proverbs for '2' day of the month.

Songs and hymns.......

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Monday, August 3, 2015

7 Key things that cause your friendships, family relationships, and community relations to fail

SIN.  ok.  I put that word first in this article and many a liberal or zealous selfishly righteous conservative will immediately turn away from reading this article.  However, not recognizing the problem that lurks within and is truly destroying their own spiritual appeal.  Some people who attend church have these problems, some people who do not attend a church have these problems, some people who claim to follow Christ have these problems and some people who claim they do not follow Christ have these problems.  The 'unliberated' can fit in with any social crowd, it does not matter.  It is more a matter of the heart.  You may have once fit in to one of these crowds!  You may feel rejected unless you try to fit in to one of these crowds.  Do not feel ashamed to avoid these crowds or people.  Do not feel ashamed if you would like to 'heal' or love these groups of people, despite their sin.

1. Gambling.  Money is the root of all kinds of evils in human life.  If more people would recognize that 'agricultural marketing', toying with appealing to the stock market, voting in favor of one political party over another, believing the pharmaceutical industry 'heals' rather than profits and just general gambling all produces 'chaff' in the human life.  Money doesn't solve problems.  In fact, many natural remedies are found without even spending a dime.  You know you are a gambler if you believe that you must have more than you already possess.  You know your friend, spouse, loved one or community member has a gambling problem if they believe they must own more territory than they already possess.

2. Gluttony.  Poor eating habits, lurk in the mind and heart first.  Did you know that there are thousands of edible wild foods that humans do not even need to grow?  Dandelion, sage, lambs ear and more.  A good zucchini is sure satisfying and simple to grow.  The sunflower leaf can be safely eaten by humans.  We are caterpillars by design, the problem lurks when a person is not mindful of what they put into their mouth.  They sit outside the pizza parlor, waiting to consume an entire pizza to fulfill the desires of the stomach, rather than enjoying a 'fast' from all foods, for a day.  Water, doesn't seem to cleanse their soul, much less praying for others, or picking up a good book to read.  The belly feels that it must be filled.

3. Sexual impurity.  This is a core devalued topic.  Human life has been devalued.  Not just by the rapist and the pedophile.  Not just by the abortionist, midwife, or pharmaceutical salesman. It is not solid gold as it should be.  Even molestors could be that doctor who does 'cervical checks' on healthy woman, for pre-natals.  Of course, many have heard about the nasty condition of ISIS.  The forms of sexual impurity can be anything from divorcing several times, to never getting married but having multiple lovers.  It could be same-sex attraction, it could be out side of current marriage attraction.  It could be attraction to a stranger on a computer or tv screen.  So what about that fancy looking guitar player, playing a tune on drums and guitar at your local church group?  The form or color of it does not matter.  It could be loving the woman on tv, more than your current wife, thinking that an actress has something better.  What about that lifeguard at the swimming pool?  Really, what about them, they are athleticly built, so what will you do with that?  It could be placing value of a beautiful face, over the face of the scared and unbeautiful.  We really don't know the color of the peacock feather, only that, the principle of the heart has not been weighed in the balance.  Pride, believing that this (his sexual appeal) is a core value in life, causes the fool to go unchecked in how he can handle the ups and downs of life.  Ask questions and investigate heart and motives.  Culture shock may show you that color of the skin does not matter, it is the color of the heart that does matter.

4. Alcohol.  Young and old.  Some have destroyed livers, some have destroyed family life.  Some have destroyed unborn children.  If you drive too fast, something gets destroyed.  Of course the bible speaks about using a little alcohol to heal pains in the stomach.  But what if those pains could be healed without alcohol.  Of course fermentation has been going on since egypt, so why do the highly religious get nasty towards those who even drink it?  They become the pharisee's rather than the friends of sinners.   Couldn't even water cause a person to act goofy, drunken and say all sorts of appealing things?  Jesus turned water into whine, so why whine about it anymore?  Destroyed liver, destroyed communication with a family, isn't much fun at all, in the long run.  Even after one has watched friends hang out at the bars and watched the goofy, fun looking advertisement on tv.  We feel as if we are truly loving 'sinners' when we serve them alcohol, but are we really?  Prohibition, the alternative to feeling compelled to it as being overly religious, is death in general.  Death to self. If Noah had been truly wise, he would have destroyed this lie.

5. Undereating to create an outward image.  Magazine advertisements, social gatherings.  Even the unfed in poverty countries, who show skin and bone seem to have it better.  Feeling the desire NOT to eat, can drive a person to wish to be skin and bones.  Sure it is appealing to eat lettuce, every day, but think of the missed tastes, of even fruits and nuts and berries that are also freely available.  The mouth, can boast that it will make itself beautiful by its own actions, but what about, being concerned with desiring fellowship with good and bad young and old.  Eating or rather the lack thereof to gain social status.  These things can destroy a star from afar.  Best thing is to stick with cornmeal and oatmeal, until health and well being and proper emotional conditions return.  Best finding good recipe books to read, to rejuice that appetite.

6. Conquering emotions with pharmaceuticals.  Depressions, angers, rages and more.  Did you not know there was a star?  We are created to be creative it is true, but filling lusts of creativity with a new drug, will only leave you blue.  Time and space and not created by man, nor is the robin so free.  Can't you see?  We are blind to the truth, until we feel the conquering forces of love.  Until then, that pharmaceutical drug, will not stop haters from hating.  They will remain, it is up to those who decide to accept, that we cannot gain the whole world, we must accept what is true.....so that we do not feel so blue.  Do you not know that there is a battle going on? It is in the mind.  We are 'brainwashed' by our world to believe lies, so beware.  Intelligent and fool, can get pulled by the lure of pharmaceutical.  Natural remedies have been available since the beginning of time, so calculate your time, money and resources wisely.  You may find that some people who claim to heal really do nothing but pat their picket and pocket.

7. Angers, rages, genocidal lusts, racial tensions, political appeal, scornfully bitter old women, seductive lures and more.  Yes.  all these things, destroyed your community.  It was NOT a nuclear weapon, or outside force of a specific religion.  It was selfishness.  It was you.  Do you know how to conquer these problems on your own strength. probably NOT. Check into the hotel of 'christ' the living and eternal water, read the resource manual called 'holy bible' it will show you what to do.  Love those who do not have access to the truth, study people and cultures out side of your own.  Find that old power in prayer.  If you do not, find that power, beware, eternal judge awaits your coming home.  Your coming home to him, or coming home to apart and depart from me, ye who call yourselves followers of me.

Can you build anything in this world without truth?  No.  Can your build anything in this world without faith? No.  Can you build anything in this world without true love? No. Can you build anything in this world without loyalty? No. Do you need to be a 'christian'.... well you need to know him more than just call yourself one.  You can hang around the sinner, but do not be ashamed to call on his name.  For this life will soon be past, and communities man-made will not last.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wise Woman's Guide to Buy a 'Godly Husband'

(This is for the young single females.  Those age 13 and above who have reached age when a girl starts feeling like she has a 'crush' on a possible future husband.  Print or write these things on a note-card and put them in your purse or backpack when you are going about your day as a student, or in your career and encountering various marriageable boys turned to men.  A good possible man will leave ALL positive answers on the questions below....)

Wise Woman's Guide to Buy a 'Godly Husband'

*Be aware while shopping->looks can deceive. Wear 'unattractive outwardly' modest clothing.  Clean clothing<-attraction-> Clean Man (Dressed to love Christ within) A headcovering to hide long hair can help make better judgment.
*Gambling, Smoking, Drinking, Pornography, Food Addictions/Aversions, Fornication and sexual impurity, Pharmaceutical dependent depressive (may have HAD these bondage) Ensure your husband potential DOES NOT have issues or love for these things.  If he does, walk away, pray for him until he comes clean for three months or more.  Note: Pornography addictions should NEVER be found in a potential husband.  He should never have had a history of addiction to it either. The effects of pornography destroy the lives of future children and has the same effect as infidelity, only with more lure to commit evil and hate women.  Sex Addictions are VERY difficult to correct in a potential spouse. http://www.drdougweiss.com/ to ensure that this is not an issue you must deal with in the possible spouse.
*'Independent' housing, self-sustainable capability.  Make sure he is free from excessive attachment to parents, family or previous relationship. (this ensures healthy sexual relationship)
* love to study 'the word' and 'love jesus'
* health-care ready (1 child per year....). God controls pregnancy & family size. 16-40 years could be 10-20 children or pregnancy in good health and joyful blessing.  Family plan health-care services, knowledge about medical things, financially provide for possible home-education.  Can he avoid reliance on govt' services to raise a family?  Does he have enough skills to make an income and/or self-sustain?
* feel 'chemistry' with out 'touching' your skin.  Do you feel like you have chemistry with this man, when you are not near him?
* Go through 'biblical behaviour tests' 1 Cor 13( 'bob' suffer's long, 'bob' is kind...envies not, seeketh not his own, not easily provoked...) Psalm 37 ('bob' fret's not because of evildoers, 'bob' ceased from anger, abundance of peace.... ) Exodus 20... fill in his name and if he is described in negative or false sense, drop the man as 'not prepared'.....
* Is he keeping relationships 'in the light' not 'hidden in corners'? Will he meet your father, brother, mother and women in family....will he introduce you to  father, brother, mother and women in his family?  All BEFORE he even touches your skin?
* Does he protect what goes into 'eyes,' 'ears,' 'nose,' 'mouth.'. Does he enjoy good or bad things of these nature?  Is he wise or foolish about things of these natures? movies, books, music, friends, cleanly, dirty, healthy foods, holidays, traditions etc.  Do the research if the traditions have wicked history.
* Does he 'like' your cooking, artwork, gardening, cleaning? Does his past, his family, his community 'like' your skills? Is there potential for insult?

Make sure you love to serve Jesus first, Pray for this possible man second, and pray that you may be more godly third....  It is better to be safe in relationship, ready to be strong in the LORD alone, if the man is not strong in the Lord, than to build your house on a foolish man who has no reguard for his eternal destination.....

A potential betrothal, should go through your father, pastor or other elder man to ensure safety in relationship.  If there is chemistry, and you have vision that God would like you in this relationship (dreams, signs etc), you've said 'yes,' the marriage should take place quickly within three to six months, before the 'chemistry' fades.  Some have even enough trust to get married within two weeks!  Many blessings and continue study of 'the word' to get the best in life.  Remember you BOTH will have rocks of bad character in your garden.... all you need to do is take out the rocks, but don't give up.  Bible is guide.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Update your home-education library; increase your knowledge and wisdom

Here are a couple of things I have listed in online-sales.  Sorry I am so poor at updating my websites.  I do not try to make 'big profit' at this time.  Feel free to check out these resources.  These resources are for any person who would like to increase knowledge and wisdom......not just for the 'home-education' crowd.  love knowledge.....not money!

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Also you may find links to these items on the side bar of this website.  Hopefully you will find something useful and fulfilling for your life!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some Good websites for wisdom, truth and understanding

www.ifcj.org (jewish people continue to be persecuted) *shows bible is truth and spiritual food
www.thecreatorscalendar.com *shows bible is truth and spiritual food
www.kingscalendar.com *shows bible is truth and spiritual food
www.unhindered-living.com (encourage increase in wisdom before engaging in support of some topics on this website)
www.truthforfree.com (down-loads .... e-books.... sugg. Pilgrim Church by Broadbent)
www.polyamorysociety.org ( no phalic worship, inclusive of 'holy kiss,' learn about personhood(family history, where grew up, culture herritage) B4 relations, no abortion of healthy heartbeat, no sodomy)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honest Purity -- Dealing with an emotional affair --

OK.  If you have been visiting this planet of ours for at least twenty years or more..... you have heard of the term 'affair.'  This is NOT a new terms and it has been going on since the ancient days.  Read stories about Potiphar, Tamar, Bathsheba and Sarah(Abraham dropped her off at another man's house).   Some people claim they would NEVER have an affair, yet they married a divorced person, or they divorced their previous spouse, leaving that spouse open for more entanglements and affairs.  Others have not admitted that throughout their life they have had multiple 'lovers' or crushes.  When one crush decides not to give into the lures and control of the pursuer, he or she moves on with life, or commits vicious acts like stalking.

We know by burden of proof through religious superiors that women can get raped any where.  Guess what.  Women can also get entangled in an emotional affair anywhere.  Some women are wise about these strange sensations, and some women are fools, giving themselves over to the lusts.  Others have simply called it love and romance, seeking permission to add an additional man to her already conditioned husband who loves her.

How long does it take to get 'catch' the cold and flu of an emotional affair?  Probably less than three days and a visit with the same man for around an hour a day.  He never even needs to touch her skin!  All he may do is speak!  She could be any where, taking her children to lessons, a carnival or a store!

How is a woman to let off a man, who may not truly love her body for what it truly is......a temple.  She would be wise to consider speaking to her husband, if she is currently married, and ask HIM what she should do to approach the man with kindness and not act as if she has venomn stored up to spew feminism and hatred of labeling the man as 'scum' or other foul term.  In fact, he probably truly has a good side to him that would have caused emotions to elevate in the first place.  He also may not feel as if he is getting a good submissive wife at home, so he approaches the more vulnerable or aware women on the planet, to fuel his pride by a woman who will encourage rather than berate him.

If a woman finds herself in these types of situations, should she immediately run out the door!  Escaping from the possibility of a truly good honest friend, or should she give into the lusts and let him touch even a hair on her skin, or should she rather do the best thing, and ask him appropriately what his intentions may be.  The wisest thing, in this situation is to ASK him what his intentions may be.  You as a woman need to know your body, and know his.  Thus nothing foolish or inconsiderate would occur between this 'emotional affair' relationship.

He, being a decent gentleman, will ask to see you again.  If he is escorting you out of the public eye, into a dark location, you and your children need to seek an alternative method of speaking with such a man.  You should NOT speak with him again if at all possible.  He may have a criminal record.  You, speak to your husband, or father or brother on how best to approach a man who has a current relationship, and approach him safely.  Next, consider your body.  It is a temple.  Many women have resolve to trash their body with abortion practices.  This hurts unborn children as well as men in general.  They never seem to find out what self-control truly means, when their own conceptions are covered up in hidden locations.  They continue on with affairs and this leads men to be judged by God himself for their ungodly and wicked practices.  Ask him if he would like more children(with his wife or otherwise), and if his answer is 'no' then a youthful women should not entangle her with such a man or she commits lewd whoardom.  He will answer in kind answer if he is kind hearted and aware.

Second, if he starts to mention issues or problems with his current spouse, continue to have a listening ear.  He may not realize that you too, have equally as vicious reactions to life difficulties.  Perhaps you have found God's graciousness and are now able to control such tensions in life.  Do NOT mention that he should come to you for these problems, or offer him a solution for these issues.  He is a man, you don't want to be his solution, only his listening ear.

Third, consider meeting his wife and or children.  They do not have to like you.  You cannot help that this 'emotional affair' occurred.  It is like a flu virus, and naturally occurred.  If is how a woman handles such an issue that reveals who she is and intends to be.  If you have information on how his wife may attract her husband again, offer that information.  Do not assume that you can and should be an opinion for her.  She knows how her husband is good and how her husband is bad.  She only needs to find the good in him, despite human weakness.

Fourth, do not be afraid to allow other community members in on the relationship the man would like to have with you.  This way, you are always in the light of other people's eyes and ears.  They cannot pass judgment if they know the truth of the situation.

Fifth, do not dress attractively or intentionally 'hot.'  If you already have a beautiful figure and body shape or personality, do not go out of your way to entice more entanglements into your life.

Sixth, keep boredom at bay.  Have activities to do with your family and friends besides 'thinking about him' all the time.  The thinking phase will pass, and before long you will simply see that he is truly just like any other man.  Give or take three to six months, and the heat will wear off.  He will either decide he would like to continue with a gentlemen-style friendship, or he will find a flaw in your character and move on by that time.  Usually if a man can win a woman within three to six months and get her to do adult things, his desires for such things will wear out.  Be strong.  Have integrity.  You can hold good character in this.  Put your body on the cross with Christ.  Do not bow to the desires of the flesh or satan or even the world.

Seventh.  Pray for him and his family.  He may or may not be a believer.  He may or may not have goodness in his heart.  When you pray for him, you are destroying Satan's plan to destroy his life as well as your future.

Eighth.  Do NOT look at an 'emotional affair' as if it is wicked and evil.  God created sex and he created it to be pleasurable and good. You may need to pick up a book like 'intended for pleasure' by Ed Wheat.  Women who are not wise about sexuality are more likely to end up being a cheater or be cheated upon.  Be aware that even an 'emotional affair' can reignite pleasures and sensations that can restore your current marriage!  As strange as that sounds, fueling more love rather than just religion can help human life heal from hurts and pains from the past and restore, true and meaningful relationship.  The emotional affair does just that, you must be honest with your spouse that it has occurred, and you must take the time to question the intentions of the man pursuing you.

Beware beware beware! GOD DOES JUDGE SIN OF ADULTERY.  If you find your self or the man pursuing you to be bitter toward former spouse......run!  God can and does spew judgment on adulterers and adultresses!  Sometimes he can use power to take the life of such a wicked person from planet earth.  Know the difference (adultery = dishonesty about sensations) (emotional affair = honesty with pure motives and respect for body the temple)

ps.  this is written by a woman who has been around a lot of 'men' in college days.  one woman in classroom full of guys.  It is a part of part of our human heart to want such purity and not to be taken advantage of by the adversary.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Loving outside your fence

Recently I took our children to swimming lessons.  Yeah, my children love to swim.  We are not 100% Amish, though I know what life in such a world of eternal love between the brethren and the sisters is like.  It is peaceful.  Many churches in the local area do not express this type of divine love.  They can spew out forms of jealousy or judgment, even if they claim that they support 'homomarriages'..... no, the love in the churches isn't quite on target.  One can find social life in the churches, but one has to look to the scriptures and personal life to make sure you are truly caught up in his love.

So, I sat down at the picnic table.  Then a man with two children sat near me.  I didn't think anything of it.  He was just generally nice.  I wanted to be kind in return. After swimming lessons, my children went to play in the sand.  His children went to play in the sand as well.  He started talking with me.  Kindly talking with me.  We talked about each other's spouses.  We talked about trials and problems in world, society, ourselves.

I started feeling as if I would never want to leave this man because he would love and be kind no matter what your life was like before.  He didn't try to play 'religious' and street preacher, he just accepts everything.  Is this just his God-given strength? A strength that can only be created by God and not by man? Is he like an angel?

I do not feel like I would do 'adult things' with him because I just love him so much more.

We continue to talk.  He tells me he is a proffessor.  He is not like other proffessor's because he doesn't have this glass-wall of false judgment surrounding the human heart.

The next time we planed a 'play date' his wife brought their two children.  She is kind as well.  I feel that I love her too, though with such love to maintain an understanding heart that we are all fallen and need God, but we can find God by finding his love.......outside the fence.  We can find truth.....outside church walls.

I hope to meet them again during a 'play date.'  They do not express belief in biblical things per-say, but they show kindness despite our secular world.  This allows acceptance for our failure to meet up to the standards that God laid before us, we can charrish and be human.

Note: I did not find love like this except I dressed modestly.  I did not find love like this except I behave like my own self without being slave to selfishness.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Absalom had pride.... he died.... David wept for Jonathan

We the people of the United States can read english.  The framers of the constitution, used a basic English KJV 'holy bible' to formulate words and phrases that would design a religiously free nation.  Europe itself was filled with people who were beheaded over and over because they proclaimed the gospel to fallen man-kind.

Some men claim that the bible is not true stories.  These men either do not know someone personally who is of middle eastern descent (like a family member or close friend) or they were betrayed as children, defiled or something else that causes them not to love God's word and his truth.  The dead sea scrolls are now available, revealing the calendar structure and the relationship of the bible as being 'holy bible'......pure and undefiled by religious ideas of man.

In the story of Absolom, he woooooed a multitude in-joining him to overtake the kingdom of Israel.  His pride in wooing many a stranger angered the heavenly father.  The heavenly father had to get out his sword, Absolom died hanging from a tree.  This is the direction our nation is going.  We, the David's who do have love for the Jonathan's just need to sit it out, until the truth of God's word comes into the people's minds and hearts.  They just need to recognize its simplicity and its complexity at the same time.

Many a wooing man, dies an early death, not recognizing his pride......

Luk 6:24  But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.

Mary loved two men; Jesus had two dads.....

Ok, so we are in phase 'new ideas' in the USA.  Actually these are not new ideas, they are old ideas and it takes clever understanding to know where people fail and where people survive.  It is the phase where man needs to take a look at his life and see if he is truly in the faith of following and loving Jesus as he is or NOT.  During the supreme court ruling there was a sign that one individual was holding up with colorful letters.  It read, 'Jesus had two dad's.'  Now think about this for a moment in time.  One dad would be who conceived his body (the heavenly father) and the other dad would be there to be the income provider and lover to Mary.  Now did Joseph love the 'heavenly father'? sure.

Can these examples of Jesus had two dad's exist even today?  What if a woman is kinda confused and conceived children out of wedlock.  She gave birth to the child but during her pregnancy the father of the child died.  Now along came another 'squirrel' father who wanted to love the woman as she was.  He had the money, the means and the talent to love the woman and care for the child.  All talents and provision were provided by the heavenly father after all.....  Did the first man hate belittle or scorn the second man? No he love him as he was because they were both men.  Men know that they need food, shelter, clothing, adoration from heavenly father to raise children.  They have just as much, if not more understanding of this divine process than women.

So did Mary love two men?  One man the heavenly father conceived the first child in her womb.  She was sheep of sheep at the teenage years.  She had some exposure to the scripture, but not an understanding of fulfillment.  Her betrothed husband to be who would provide food, shelter, clothing, nourishment and hopefully a godly type of love. The first heavenly father knew how to get her body 'ripened' and such ripening creates nourishment to the woman's body.  The betrothed man, Jospeh, was to be the completer of relationship with Mary.  Did she love two men?  Well, to be honest, she needed her son, Jesus, to love her and die for her......so that she could love Joseph appropriately.  She needed to LOVE her first son Jesus in order to be free from sin problems like any other human.  Without love for the first son, she could never love her husband.....nor could she even love her heavenly father.

So getting back to the unusual looking sign that said that Jesus had two dad's.  Sure he did have two dad's, but Mary had to love the son of the first dad in-order to cherish the love of the second dad.  In this formula of Jesus had two dad's there is a 'Mary' involved and a 'son' who died and rose again.

speaking of which, some women do not love their first and potentially only child.  They forget that christ was there already for her sin.  Without this understanding that her skin, belongs to the father of the child's skin, she is sure to misinterpret scripture by outward appearances.  God does observe every touch on the human body as well as every action of the human heart.  Love for Jesus is NOT based on white wedding dress, wedding cakes and other formal arrangements.  It is based on putting God's word in our hearts and minds and obeying it, loving it and sharing it with others.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Positive vs. Negative Feminism

Good etiquette is a blessing.  Good moral sense is even better.  A love for truth and obedience to it, is even better yet.

There is positive feminism.  Feminism that says that all women deserve to be equally as educated as men.  Women deserve quality food, shelter, clothing and wisdom about herbs and substances to help her body grow strong.  Women deserve to know all that history has to offer as well as knowledge about different cultures.  Studies that show that breastfeeding and natural foods are a source of goodness to the human body.  Studies that show that women are the heart of the community and home birth is possible even despite the fears that people may hold.  Even in the workplace, women that are not 'seductive' and create bother deserve equal pay to men if they are focused only on their job.(this is actually very difficult in reality for real women to balance, especially if she must balance children).  Furthermore, the feminism that says I deserve to wear modest clothes, a headcovering and be treated as an equal human being to you.  This is all positive feminism.

Then there is negative feminism.  This type of feminism says all men are evil beasts.  They deserve to be put down, let go from jobs, disqualified from positions that require working with children and elderly vulnerable people.  The type of feminism that gangs off people who are not like this certain group of people and believes that they all must worship 'allah' or 'a christmas tree' or some 'buddist deity' in a certain way.  The type of feminism that says abortion of a beating heartbeat with no health problems in the mother is 'ok' and 'normal.'  Never-the-less a combination of pride and superiority to the homeless is a bad recipe in reguards to feminism.   The type of feminism that drops the child off at day -care and public education centers not recognizing the effects of stimulation by other mothers....distances the child from the parent.  Yeah, that kind of feminism has some issues and creates not just some problems, but a lot of problems.  The most horrendous wickedness supplied by cps workers who steal multiple children away from loving homes and places the children in abuse-driven anti-godly households, this is corruption.  The dance around with no clothes on and expected to ne treated as 'human' by other men.... um pornography never amounted to humane treatment type of feminism.

ok.  I hope that explains that there is positive and there is negative feminism.  I do believe all women should be encouraged to life liberty and pursuit of happiness, especially for the future women of our planet.

Study the life of 'Susan B' Anthony'  she knew that men have wickedness in their hearts.  She did not support furtherance of wickedness, she stood against it....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Right-wing extremism or Left-wing extremism who is to blame???

Right Wing Extremism: if your neighbor has 30 more freckles than you, you should punish him for such a crime.

Left Wing Extremism: if your neighbor won't give you 30 freckles because its cooler to look and behave differently than him, he needs to be punished for not accepting such desires.  If needed remove his defence mechanisms, his culture,  cloud up his understanding with lies so he cannot tell or desire the truth, attempting to create an immitation social environment of peace.  Allow him to think as he wants, just don't remind him that he is a 'wicked' man, a general sinner.  Remember to blame the right wing, when things don't go right for the 'man' and his family even though he expressed such creative ideals.  Of course, all manner of foul language and angry language tones are perfectly allowable to justify one's case of needing equal numbers of freckles as thy neighbor.

Anyhow, left wing extremism or right wing whom are we to blame when the dragon strikes???

The issue at hand is that the rightwing-strikes and think he is innocent all together, the leftwing-strikes and a solution is never solved because information is so clouded with lies....so he expresses no 'guilt' in the behaviors of man.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Great Idea to help new mother's give their new pregnancy a great start to life....


Perhaps one could include the items to promote more 'natural-biblical' based parenting.....

-Towel with homemade mattress cover(doubles as bath towel and mattress pad)
-Large enough box to hide a 'baby moses'
-Snow suit (size depends on due date)
-knitted mittens and booties
-Nice summer time suit
-socks, hat
-bath time-medical care accessory
-mother goose and toy
-bra pads and natural family planning guide
-baby sling
-foradix herbs for anemia
-garlic bulb
-garden seeds
-copy of 'lies women believe,' 'kjv holy bible' and how to study, home-education layout plan, copy of 'created to be his helpmete,' basic gospel tract, copy of 'unassisted childbirth,' copy of 'hearts and hands,' copy of 'to train up a child' and 'parent effectiveness training,' copy of 'how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor,' astronomy and biblical months guide,
-lists: natural healing herbs and methods, pantry and two week menu, home-birth kit list, patterns for natural based baby supply, US constitution and bill of rights, how to sew guide, pattern for women's modest clothing, one boy and one girl child size pattern(works for swimming gear), checklist of nature things to identify with child, home-birth kit list

Sometimes it is frustrating to write on 'christian' blogs

First off, some families of 'christian' blogs celebrate old pagan holidays.  They love the bible and have good organization, perhaps even live very christian life(no television in their home, sing hymns etc), but the minute I bring up ideas from other cultures that are not 'sinful' in God's eyes, my comment is ignored and or seen as offensive.  This is why I do not 'gather' with other believers some times because they prefer old traditions to the actual truth.  The gospel is for the poor.....  This is also why I post an alternative place to gather and understand God's word.....you may click on FELLOWSHIP GATHERING.  I pray these pridefilled would come humbled......to God's truth not their own traditions.

www.aroodawakening.com has good instructions on biblical truth.  www.charityministries.com is also another good source of information.....finally www.truthforfree.com is for anyone to read.  I see my self as more of a 'spiritual person' than a religious one.....  I love people....but I hate to see them believe traditions get them to heavenly victory.....

Saturday, June 13, 2015

'Marriage' is a term, adjectives need not be added to it, to 'redefine' it.

The general word 'marriage' is ancient.  It has nothing to do with 'christians' and their strict definitions of 'marriage'.
The general word is not redefine-able in general.
Since ancient time, marriage has been implied joining of that which is opposite.
It it not defined by human conditions or actions.  As a verb, it is defined of actions in nature itself.
A goose and a gander were married.  The bee spread the pollen to the stigma to a marriage of unity between the cells.  The poor and rich are married with distress and misunderstandings.

If we redefine 'addition' we are implying that we can replace an action of combination such to confuse a person to believe he has not added two objects.

There are variations in 'marriage,' but only with the addition of an adjective.  Forced marriage, Young marriage, new marriage, re-marriage, unhappy marriage, and the popular argumented term homosexual marriage.  The term marriage does not change even if men follow the works of Satan, the liar, the deceiver.  All men are truly doing is trying to force the general word 'marriage' with alternative to eternal sustainable definitions..... which they believe are eternally stable.  Are animately stable.   No, a change to the word 'marriage' will not change the verbal nature of the general word.  Marriage is a combination of opposites.....perhaps opposite living organisms.

How can we ensure that definitions are accurate and true to the conditions of reality?  Check nature.  How does nature define this term.  Men make the CHOICE to go against nature.....women do this too.  There is no need to redefine 'marriage'..... an adjective offers plenty of accuracy of the conditions of the heart at hand.

Overall... a good kjv bible is perfect for helping understand proper terms in the English language.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stop Labeling Anti-Vaccine Parents as 'idiots' or hippies....

1. Some of us have Native American Heritage.  You are racist and care not about the herbal remedies we know in our culture that have worked for longer than Obamacare.
2. Some of us are medical professionals already.  We have a 'license' to practice medicine in some way or another.  Did you know that you too could practice medicine if you desired that wisdom?  You won't have to pay an arm and a leg.
3. Some of us would rather not spend 150$ a year on a flu vaccine if we have over 5 children in our household.  We could buy a hoe, a rake, a sewing machine so we can have a better life as a family for that amount of money.  Nor do we want to rob your tax dollars if we are poor.  The flu is natural part of life and so is the chickenpox.
4. Some of us have children with weakened immune systems.  Do you want to watch a child have seizures every day for the rest of their life?  If you haven't taken care of a seizure patient before.....  shut thy mouth and let it not speak.
5. Yes, garlic and evergreen needle tea could save the child from getting more man-made garbage in their body.  Do we need to shove mercury thermometers into our child's blood every month??  Such diseases vaccines are supposed to cure, are so simple to cure with chicken noodle soup and result in child who is stronger in the long run.
6. No, we do not all drink Kumbacha.  We do eat pizza and heavy processed mac-n'cheese.  If you haven't tried body cleansing and eating wild dandelion greens salad, then you probably don't understand that our ancestors were not all given a green thumb....  God was the green thumb maker and creator.
7. Many of us have college degrees in mathematics and science.  We see the statistics.  Vaccines are not the cure-all.  We know how to garden our children's body.  We trust our children know how to garden theirs.
8. Some of us have religious convictions.  We believe in divine healing.  That doesn't mean we are foolish and not take a child to the doctor if they have 105' fever.  We just believe that prayer and love between child's mother and father cure the childhood fever before it would ever get to a dangerous level.
9. You may not realize it, but our children never got the flu last flu-season.
10. Only criminals create man-made items that don't really work and poison human body.  Vaccines are falsely labeled.  Since when should our daughters become brain-dead STD carriers by something called guardasil vaccine.  Daughters are given a brain to know how to conduct her body, as are boys who should turn into men and fathers......not perverted molesters.  We're surprised they have not taken some vaccines off of the shelf.

Lastly, yes, we know some children who ended up with cancer.  Was that caused by the vaccine industry?  We don't want our children and their friends to die at the age of thirty.

You want to be an elder one day?  Do you want your children to be 'elders'?  Learn Native American medicine.  It's 100% free.  Have some tea and be free for once from trying to needle into some else needle work.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Websites that claim they are reporting 'spiritual abuse'

There is one thing we need to be aware of these days.  Whom do you trust.  If you trust men, you will fail.  If you trust the LORD, as in not the religious man-made version, you will succeed.  There are websites that claim that they are carefully reporting victims of 'church style' abuse.  When in actuality they are leading people away from the truth and into further darkness.  I can recognize this 'cover up' behavior by posting the racial abuses that Native American's suffered under the 'patriotic' superiority society. (Gregorian calendar, the pope, and Christmas trees are inanimately perfect and divine styles of christianity).... all the while ignoring the original culture of the Native American peoples.   When I inform them that this website exists to expose truth www.underamericasrug.com or a book like 'pilgrim church' by Broadbent' are not allowed on such websites.  Due to the fact that the progressive ecclesiastical orders are 'sin-less' and scientific findings of men 'never' fail.  They also do not inform people about websites that expose the 'lies' and bring about the truth to set people free..... websites like www.thetruthforfree.com and www.settingcaptivesfree.com or even a secular version to restore general human understanding www.unhinderedliving.com.  These websites are not viable to these 'spiritual abuse' websites.  I believe these websites exist only to get 'spiritual abuse amused'......

Um furthermore, these websites are NOT informing people of spiritual abuse but caving into social pressures like giving over to LGBT agendas (yes these types of people have higher domestic violence, pedophilia advancements than normal couples and saved people).... evidence that domestic violence increases in such homes.  Here is one clearly written example, and Iowa was the first state that wanted to legalize such a thing and create more workload in the courts: http://www.kwwl.com/story/29176976/2015/05/28/iowa-woman-arrested-on-suspicion-of-pouring-bleach-on-wife

websites to be aware of and NOT to rely on for truth and information of actual abuse in our society at large, from the 'church' to the 'political white-house'. These websites have been known to block comments I post, base their understanding of scripture on their own traditions and/or seriously gossip, scorn and mock problems that have been occurring in the 'church.'


Monday, May 25, 2015

It's childish to compare apples to oranges and claim one is useless....

Ok, rumour's fly.  Things get twisted. (Duggar family scenario) Adults make false judgments about what is good vs. what is bad in life.  When adults assume that an entire load of apples are bad because they saw one bad orange......something is skewed in judgment.  An entire graduating class of children was aborted simply because the parents assumed no God was watching....and their poverty couldn't be handled.....

Here is the point.  I worked at a nursing home as a CNA.  I saw old guy's do some pretty strange things.  Crooked, unbiblical, fornication types of things.  And if I would have confronted these weird old guys about their continuation in their sin, my job as a CNA would never have been completed for the day because I would sit there and debate all day with them why such sin is wrong!  I was working for pay at that time and not there to hand out gospel tracts as a volunteer.

When adults make assumptions that all apples are bad because they saw one bad orange, they have fooled themselves.  Education for most adults only lasts up to 18 years..... but in reality it needs to last a lifetime!  If we were a child and poorly educated in xyz type of schooling, it is pointless to go back to the oranges and debate that the apples are just as bad.  Rottenness inside one orange doesn't mean that all are rotten...... the orange grower knows that.  The king of the human race knows that.

I went to a college that was 'liberal feminist' in nature.  Women whom I knew in college went on to get seminary degrees.  One such college friend, still appears very 'feminine' in her nature and such without putting out an anger nature towards men.  Other's though, still entirely reject the gospel message, though I am not in a position to help them resolve these issues at this time.

Now, some teachings were slightly skewed in judgment so as to always point out that the bible is always right and men and their minds are always wrong.... or vice versa.  Can I say that a man who has 'no-self-control' will not always go towards the woman who is dressed 'immodestly.'  He will hunt down the 'innocent life.'   The vulnerable life.  The life that is not attractive in outward appearance.

Get the point????

The lack of self-control is a fleshy topic and it is not anything to do with outward appearance.  It has everything to do with his lack of aknowledging the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ.  The redeemer of souls.....

so should women then give up and go without clothes entirely seeing that men already by nature 'hunt' the innocent life?  Does it matter?  well, put it lightly, it is about one's heart and how that heart meditates.  If one's mind is focused on being connected to a man whom that woman is not married to, modesty is only an act.  However, modesty is a simple way to remind a woman, beware, be on the lookout, if this clothing is in this position at this time, I have greater knowledge in knowing that I should 'flee fornication.'  And to put it clearly, modesty is an expression of culture, no written words are needed to express general human culture.

I have yet to see an entire institution close it's doors because the leader or administrator was a 'bad cook,'  The workers just change position, continue to help those in need and move forward.  No point in letting an entire ship of people sink into the low nature of the bad driver......take one step forward in life.....  We would need to stop driving cars and drive cats instead....to get things 'just right.'

All in all, you cannot know if the inside of your fruit is bad, unless you have wisdom, experience and understanding.  If you do not have these pieces of gold in your hand, it is best not to tell the cattle how to move or tell the apple how to grow on a tree.  Your words are empty and meaningless, infact, such words are annoying at best.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Discussion of the social network accusations of 'the Duggar Family' and similar ministries.....

Now I do not watch the Duggar family on TLC.
I do not use the same curriculum as the Duggar family used to assist them in their home education experiences.
Accusations of this family and the ministries they have supported (ATI, vision-forum, no-greater-joy and so on) have come under critical pressure to perform in a more 'culturally acceptable' way.
The Duggar family has admitted to the world that their oldest child had a sin problem.....  now stop here.

Human's cannot mock the creative powers of God.

God created the Jewish nose that is identifiable.

God created the ability for a woman to have more than two children to survive well into old age.

God created the native americans to have passion about the wilderness (their language and culture exemplifies this)..... now they were persecuted and murdered to stop home educate and assimilate to roman cultures....

Planned Parenthood was a 'solution' to woman problems that occur in pregnancy.  A solution to the unwanted beating hearts???? hmmmmm now do you really know how many child molestors have used that organized financial 'coverup'....to cover up the fact that they were sinners and did not want to take responsibility to raise children into the future.....

How many women have died at the hands of planned parenthood because they do not require themselves to hold  resuccitation devices..?..

certain individuals have found fault with the 'amish' and so they dismiss all the gospel as irrelevant because they found a 'flaw' in a tree trunk and now they assume all of human life must be destroyed at the hands of 'planned parenthood'.....

certain individuals have found fault with the way the native american language as a whole appears useless.....so they dismiss an entire culture and seek to destroy it.

There is nothing wrong with being exceptionally careful to find problems with your drink in case there is a drop of poison within.....  however, if you choose not to jump in to the water because it is 'too cold' you will never learn how to swim in life.  you will never find joy. everything invented by sinful men..... from the car that you drive, to the sandwich that was made out of whole grain wheat will not satisfy your merciless version of the gospel.

 from what I understand.....multitudes of unrepentant child molesting teenagers are wandering the highschool and college hallways.... trying to find the truth.  trying to figure out how to raise a future generation without resolving to 'planned parenthood'....

 solution?  pick up a kjv bible.  organize your life around it. solve your life dillemas.  Let the merciless remain merciless.  let the scornful delight in their folly.  God will judge them one day.  let it be.

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