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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Discussion of the social network accusations of 'the Duggar Family' and similar ministries.....

Now I do not watch the Duggar family on TLC.
I do not use the same curriculum as the Duggar family used to assist them in their home education experiences.
Accusations of this family and the ministries they have supported (ATI, vision-forum, no-greater-joy and so on) have come under critical pressure to perform in a more 'culturally acceptable' way.
The Duggar family has admitted to the world that their oldest child had a sin problem.....  now stop here.

Human's cannot mock the creative powers of God.

God created the Jewish nose that is identifiable.

God created the ability for a woman to have more than two children to survive well into old age.

God created the native americans to have passion about the wilderness (their language and culture exemplifies this)..... now they were persecuted and murdered to stop home educate and assimilate to roman cultures....

Planned Parenthood was a 'solution' to woman problems that occur in pregnancy.  A solution to the unwanted beating hearts???? hmmmmm now do you really know how many child molestors have used that organized financial 'coverup'....to cover up the fact that they were sinners and did not want to take responsibility to raise children into the future.....

How many women have died at the hands of planned parenthood because they do not require themselves to hold  resuccitation devices..?..

certain individuals have found fault with the 'amish' and so they dismiss all the gospel as irrelevant because they found a 'flaw' in a tree trunk and now they assume all of human life must be destroyed at the hands of 'planned parenthood'.....

certain individuals have found fault with the way the native american language as a whole appears useless.....so they dismiss an entire culture and seek to destroy it.

There is nothing wrong with being exceptionally careful to find problems with your drink in case there is a drop of poison within.....  however, if you choose not to jump in to the water because it is 'too cold' you will never learn how to swim in life.  you will never find joy. everything invented by sinful men..... from the car that you drive, to the sandwich that was made out of whole grain wheat will not satisfy your merciless version of the gospel.

 from what I understand.....multitudes of unrepentant child molesting teenagers are wandering the highschool and college hallways.... trying to find the truth.  trying to figure out how to raise a future generation without resolving to 'planned parenthood'....

 solution?  pick up a kjv bible.  organize your life around it. solve your life dillemas.  Let the merciless remain merciless.  let the scornful delight in their folly.  God will judge them one day.  let it be.

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