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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The syrian refugee may be possessed by demons....

Now do not take this as a joke or horror movie.  But as reality.  Many Christians know the bible story about Jesus dealing with the man locked in a cave who was so fierce no one would go near him.  Finally Jesus came along and rebuked the demons to go into a herd of swine.  The swine died while the man was saved.
What is the evidence some of the Syrians are demon possessed? Ask a Lakota wise woman who knows that pure heart means one chooses to live in the country.  She has heard the wicked stories from across the ocean and seen and heard their evil works from afar.

Now animals are important in their culture and language structure.  No animal in its right mind rapes.  No animal murders its own species (except a few canibalism cases) especially herbivore.  And certainly no female among a species dutifully murders herself to promote her own destructive kingdom.  Such irrational behaviours definitely show evidence of demon possession.

Medically speaking they have wicked hearts and imaginations and are clearly demon possessed.

Stop the line... oh give them food, give them clothing, invite them in.  No .... this will not work.  Demons are smarter than you, and can hunt you down like ware-wolf if you do not bow down to his requests.  It will leave a feeling of neglect in their heart and they will not repent of their evil imaginations.

The word is needed.  In our heart and in theirs.  Their religion for the most part says they should not read the bible.  But that is where words of life are found.

Truth is needed.  In our heart and in theirs.  They need to know that they are no more powerful person on this earth than anyone else and cannot own the sun moon and stars.  No country owns the sun, no country owns the moon, and no country owns the stars.....neither does any religious practice.

The word Gen-Rev is all the truth they truly need.  They reject the word.  Read clearly '25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;
26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.'  yes it says they need to aknowledge the truth.  The truth that Jesus christ the son of the living God came to earth and took place for our sin.  He rose again so that we have life.  That truth and so much more.  Even truths about nature (human heart beat has seventy beats a minute etc) and more truths about bible from the story of Cain and Able(victims of terrorism and religious oppression) to Jesus being the alpha and omega.  

The 'diversity' idea will NOT get the demons out of the wicked man.  Acknowledging the truth WILL ....

Angels guard and protect us.  Angels also warn us of wicked men who seek to deny truth.

To reflect upon the tragic eternal life of the MUSLIM.....

Christians (those that love God's word and do not distort truth to the best of their capability) do NOT have muslim Phobia..... They are like INFANTS.....held by the arms of the middle east conflict. The infant does not know if it will trust the woman or man that holds the infant. The infant does not know who is good or who is evil. Who has little sins and who has big sins. In fact the infant does not know the timing of rising of the moon, the rising of the spring or the rising of the summer. The infant does not know if they will drink good or bad water. Pure or impure. The impure religion of MUSLIM indoctrination....creates its own reflection of wickedness in the heart.....The dead souls of their wanting to conquer the entire earth are irrational. An infant has not yet encountered a camel....and does not know if it is safe to ride upon. Nor has it encountered a moose. Neither a moose nor a camel desire to suicide nor kill other types of their species. Christians have pain in their heart.....because they KNOW their MUSLIM relatives.....their MUSLIM friends.....their MUSLIM teachers.....their MUSLIM politicians.....their MUSLIM PARENTS..... WILLLLL GO TO HELL for all of ETERNITY. THE irrationality of their religious soulless conquering of the earth prooves they are HELL bound. CHristians do not want other Humans to end up in HELL forever.....Jesus said it best, "Matthew 16:26
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

My heart crys for these lost MUSLIM people..... THEY must repent. FInd Christ. Their ONLY redeemer. Or they WILL NEVER enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN.

Monday, November 16, 2015

syrian refugees are not horses YOU can adopt

Ok, so there are places where neglected, abused animals may go for therapy.  Specifically some are designed to take care of horses, cats or wild animals.

Ok, when a horse will not function to your voice, it will destroy your property.  It will purposefully run in front of a semi and destroy itself and your hard work of carrying your family on a hayride.   Your family can be destroyed by a 'crazy horse.'

The man with the skills to care for damaged horses can see wisely that the character of some of the refugee's is so distorted, the men will not even look at you and smile, especially if you are a woman, or of native american heritage.  He will not learn your national heritage or care for you.

True....most of us are immigrants of terrible character.  Many ancestor moved to this country.  Some have move to english speaking america and have not yet picked up a 'holy bible'.... so religious freedom is not their value.  Some are NOT immigrants to this country.  They were the first people.  Looked over, ignored, and distorted by their value of understanding character and respect for elders.  Name people by their nature...... CRAZY WOLF.....  only a crazy wolf...... would kill himself.... to promote his religion..... and a crazy horse.... cannot be adopted by a great nation..... even of immigrants.

A person who can be valued as a refugee.... is of no value to their society.  A disabled, an elderly or a child.

If you support immigration of 'crazy wolf' you are 'crazy horse' and do not see people through the eyes of wisdom.

So what can you do if you must deal with 'crazy wolf.'  You can share gospel with those who will hear.  Those who will not hear, have no heart and have let evils brew.  You cannot break the stone cold heart they possess, only prayer and faith in christ can send water of life through their hardened heart.   Only christ has the power to 'break' their hard heart.....and give them a new one.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The delusional mind of a 'pro-choice' woman

Ok.  So on the internet, we have access to social networking.  As a result, people share articles left and right.  Unfortunately we see the true colors of who people really are on the inside.   When a christian shares any kind of bible verse, especially "holy bible" KJV bible verse.....the wheat and chaff get separated and it is very clear who loves JESUS and who does not.

Sometimes I respond to the backbiters, sometimes I do not.  I stand in somewhat neutral as far as "family planning" is concerned.  Rather leaning most highly towards "choose life"  yet understanding that "biology" happens.  Most if not all biology problems in woman, can and should be resolved with natural or herbal methods.

I did post frequently warning them of coming judgment for ruining their body, their soul and forfeiting their life to demonic pharmaceutical choices.  They could have instead trusted biblical standards of raising and dealing with the design of their body and natural methods through being wise.  But they shockingly seem to choose the WIDE ROAD.....the EASY WAY OUT.....

Here are a few of the nasty, bitter, scornful comments I received.  Names were changed to suit their comment.

This particular article that praises the work of the birth-control pill has since been blocked or no longer available to view these comments.

**(greenhousegassesrus): "We do not want to produce children we cannot provide with life's essentials. Childfree adults are heroes. They conserve more resources than any recycling ever will. Look out for a generation of empowered women and men who will only become parents if and when they decide they can afford to do so. What a better world for all. Happenstance pregnancy has short-circuited many ambition women."

**(menlivefakelivesnfakewives): "It's also improved men's lives. There are plenty of men who have benefited from birth control too. Not every guy wants to have kids and not every guy wants to be the guy to ditch his kids."

**(lovesmoney-hatesnaturalmedicine): "#6 - fewer women being sickened/killed by pregnancy- and menstruation-related conditions so they can work and enjoy those earnings!"

**(sheworshipsmoney-self): "For me financially because birth control used properly = no kids. Ah, I sure do enjoy sleeping through the night and spending my money on me."

**(thinksreuplicansinventedGOD): "Better stock up ladies - the republicans are coming for your birth control pills - but you can keep your guns WTF"

**(carsn'wigwamsaren'tgood-homes): "Christine Sholl Financial is probably the biggest reason. If I had anymore kids, my current kids would be sleeping in the car."

**(thinksimmaginaryGodhatesRepulicanparty): "#RAISESASSYGIRLS #FeVoteRising #Hillary2016 #VOTE The Republican #PARTYOFHATE out of local state and Federal Government #ENOUGH #WitchHunt #BroomsUp #Hillary2016"

**(anothervoteconfused): "To keep this right, Vote Democrat!"

**(shecreatesnewreligionn): "Actually, real women are free thinkers NOT religious zealots who push their personal agenda."

**(createdmoronagenda): "Only morons relegate women to just bein baby makers"

**(hatesclassicbiblestories): "Telling us to reference a book written by men is selfish. smile emoticon"

**(hatesclassicbiblestories): "Facebook was invented by a REAL man, not by a mythological character in a made up book."

**(hatesclassicbiblestories): "This country needs to stop stigmatizing mental health especially when we have people walking around thinking a man in the sky is in control of everything we do."

**(treatswomenworsethananimals): "Enjoy your uterine prolapse, stepford sow."

**(believeseveryoneneedsradiation): "If you're not getting exams from a physician, you run the risk of undiagnosed breast and cervical cancer."

**(createdmoronagenda): "ANY god who would relegate women to just bein baby makers is an evil god with morons for followers"

**(createdmoronagenda): "Women are far more than just baby makin machines..."

**(createdslaverytothepillinstead): "Real women aren't so insecure that they seek gestational slavery and subjugation for their sisters."

**(createdslaverytothepillinstead): note:she is definitely a slave.....to her self and her state...."and do not forget for a moment that i am constitutionally protected from your vindictive, petty, limp-dicked god."

**(createdmoronagenda): note: she definitely doesn't understand where western thought and human-rights came from.  "Keep spewn your idiocy... More folks need to leave fundietarded christianity"

**(sheputsdrugsinwatersupplies): "I'm talking about preventing maternity and maintaining my independence. Prescriptions are the most effective way to do so - and impurities are more likely to be in your herbal concoctions than in safe drugs produced under the oversight of the FDA."

**(createdmoronagenda): "Nahhh sweety...They just hate bein controlled by wimpy wannabe men and their idiot female flunkys"

Keep in mind.  These comments are being moderated by our heavenly father as we speak: "Proverbs 3:34
Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly."


An ungodly witness scorneth judgment: and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity.

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