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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Libertarian values are better for America

When people don't think, they do bad things.

People do make bad choices, or morally different choices.  Entire families can make opposite choices one from the other.  One can choose bible, another could choose to care for the poor, another could choose to be an alcoholic, another could be entirely perverted from truth.  In this sense, a family member does not want to diminish the value of the other family members.  In truth, they want the other family member to have and maintain liberty.

Liberty and rights are important.

Believing that everything your neighbor has is good, is to be foolish.  Neighbors can have nasty things going on, so in order to protect one's self from wickedness, one needs a sense that religious freedom is possible.  Religious respect is essential.  One doesn't want to destroy the neighbor, but one also doesn't want to join in the neighbor's mess and live with such disrespect..... perhaps to reality  and truth.

Many wise Jewish people are leaving the democratic party they once supported.  Why?  well the Syrian neighbors just don't have the best of intentions in mind, at all times and in all places.  The morality has been corrupted.  When your neighbor has no moral sense, you need to protect yourself, before you can even begin to help your neighbor.

Furthermore, believing in building a wall (as some far right folks believe), and never helping a neighbor, can cause people to become unwise.  Essentially, walls are what kept people in darkness and slavery.  Knowledge and wisdom helps eliminate such deep seated darkness.

here is an example where knowledge can be used for good and will help eliminate evil.


Simple activities.   To be at liberty is to cherish the simple things in life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Good bible study denominations

Is bible study essential for Christian faith?  yes, especially if a person can read and write.

Do you need denomination to find hope in Christ?  no.

A couple of denominations that are dedicated to bible study and living the word in this wicked world:

https://www.adventist.org/en/.  do a search for a local church near your area.

http://www.fundamental.org/fundamental/churches/. Do a search for a local church in your area.

Of course, you do not have to be a member to appreciate the strengths in these denominations or church groups.  Each group has different strengths.

These denominations are dedicated to helping people overcome bondage and burden in life. 

The far left hates bible study, so you may find websites directing you away from these denominations....  study with the people.... anyway.

Yes, there are other good church groups available.  Messianic, Mennonite and so forth..... but for the general person, these two denominations can be a good start in walk of faith.  Right now I only list these two denominations for this particular blog posting.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Isaiah 58

How do we reduce the wickedness in this world?

The news is filled with it.   How can we get rid of it?

Clue.  Read ISaiah 58.  It condemns men for doing outward religious works and having no goodness or compassion for the weak.  The Muslim religious beliefs as well as modern 'secular man' hates the words of Isaiah 58.  Hence bad character brews in mans heart and mind.

Read in KJV for best resource on how to rid world of wickedness.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christians and Judaism

Ok.  What can Christians do with Judaism?

Number one.  Consider the writings of Corrie Ten Boom if you are NOT of Jewish heritage.  Read what she wrote and consider humanity in need for a savior in this world.

Yes, in Nazi Germany, Christians were tormented and abused by their own govt' for supporting the Jewish people and for not partaking in violent extreme unbiblical ideas.  Even women would torment their own children and husband....disabled and not disabled!

Its a TERRIBLE world to believe that one can go without biblical belief.

What can Christians do with Judaism, even if the Jewish do not believe in their messiah?

1. You can and should be meditating on bible.  Particularly old testament torah laws.  Why?  Because the laws that orthodox Jewish people follow are the same laws Christians should be applying to their life in some way or another.  Do you need to grow a "beard" or other things of 'minor' need?  No not necessarily....but it is ok if you do attach yourself to cultural conditions.  Should you join the LGBT cowardly crowd and say it is now ok for a couple of sisters to get "married" even though they would be committing act of incest?  Obviously, if you are serious about Christian beliefs you would never admire women who act this way and would confront them of their sin.  So hence, meditation on Judaism's 613 commandments they are to follow will help you and strengthen you in Christian beliefs.

2. You can talk to actual Jewish people and be actual friends.  In fact, sometimes Jewish people may blend in with "white people" or with other community of different nationality.  Simply because Jewish people have married different races, nations, tribes and tongues around the world.  They want your love and compassion, just like all other people in this world.

3. You could visit a synagogue.  Yes, when Jewish people are allowed to practice their faith in the country, then there is religious freedom.  As born again Christians, you know that some things are not "right" like alcohol or smoking or other such things that some people are in bondage to. That doesn't mean they are "bad" people like anyone else....it means they have not chosen to follow the messiah.....Jesus, Yeshua.  They have not filled the reality that Christ Jesus Messiah truly does set people free from our sins.....they simply go through routines and traditions and LOVE the people they fellowship with each week, just like everyone else seeks love.

4. You could read the books that they read on how to improve Judaism lifestyle.  Books on how women should behave in the home and around other men.  Reading such literature will not harm your Christian faith unless it encourages you to "drink, smoke, fornicate and so forth."  Many books published by Jewish people even in orthodox judaism can be applied to Christian reality and give better understanding of the bible.  Particularly, amplified bible story books are WONDERFUL for building up Christian faith.

So, there you go.  Love thy neighbor as thyself can go a long way.

Particularly, meditation on BIBLE is what enhances Christians life and exposes the reality that destructive sin does to humanity.  Jewish people fully love to meditate on bible and messianic Jewish REALLY express this reality.

Of course there is MORE to this story.  My cousins won't say much about their armenian heritage or admire such a "blessing"......but it has its unique similarities to Jewish people and their ways.

Check out the link to learn more:


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Topic Title: Flakey False Christian abuse websites.....

When we get dandruff, we have flakes from out scalps fall into our laps in out hats and on everything that our head touches.   We don't like the site of dandruff.   Neither should we like the noise of claiming that conservative Christian beliefs mean that people in those beliefs are abusive...... at all times and in all places.

Yes, people get dandruff, even disabled people.  Are you or the ministries I present to you representative of 'nonforgiveness' websites or organizations.   Do they seek to destroy a disabled person with a bit of dandruff on their shoulders and was caught gambling, cursing, eating pork or fellowshipping at a table with a Muslim homophobe.  Because the disabled person had dandruff, and did these bad things.... we need to cut off ALL the person's hair.   They are believing that feminism, progressivism, ecumenism and so forth can solve the problems of this world by eliminating the Jewish people and fundamental Christian beliefs and biblical values.   Beware of these websites as they promote the human curse of gossip.  They do not promote women's rights to end 'child marriage'.... instead they rejoice when a boyfriend supports abortion while still attending 'church.'


This article clearly explains why these values of 'unforgiveness' are meaningless and a hindrance to Christian beliefs: https://nogreaterjoy.org/articles/two-front-war-on-christianity/

Do not spend a lot of your time and energy arguing with these 'false abuse reporting' ministry.  They go beyond just reporting pedophiles, they report that a woman is clearly in an abusive marriage if a husband leaves behind nine children and dies of cancer, thereby leaving the mother to raise those children by her self as well as paying for the hospital bill for those two still born babies that did not live.   Because the husband left...... and died.... he is thereby ......abusive.    Ok.  far left feminism.    GIVE ME A BREAK!

The odd......flakey false abuse website is clearly anti-complementarian.  Hence they do not "agree" with any religious group that takes seriously the matter of meditation on scripture.  Whether its orthodox jews or baptists or messianic or anything in between.  They oddly do not consider that WOMEN can be just as abusive and conniving as men.  Committing acts of pedophilia, incest towards younger siblings and so forth.  Seriously.  The website is a scam against John 3:16 which clearly says Christ died for the sins of all the world...... not just for men and not just for women.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Christian Library -- For churches, ministries etc.

What better way to keep people occupied with good things than to help them understand that good literature is available for their curiosity.  God gave us imaginations.  God doesn't like 'wicked' imaginations.   Imagine transforming a liberalized community over to a bible reading community that LOVE and WORSHIP Jesus.... from the heart with wisdom and truth.   Not with vain babblings, but with sincere effort to secure eternity.   These books should SUPPORT and encourage bible study and meditation as well as godly clean holy living.

The aspects of provision for a Christian library can transform churches and lives.

Topics to include in a specific church library:

-Music - Hymn or classical nature.  Easy for the 'poor' to sing from a kitchen sink....
-Nature (Astronomy, Plants, Animals, Rocks, Water, Land etc..)

- Health (Natural, Midwifery (pro-life issues), Mental, Bondage, Heart, Kidneys, Bladder etc)
-Prophesy (end-times issues, survival skills, Lord's Return (avoid the date setting... just events to take place)

-Character (stories, overcome 'anger/bitter' 'scorn'.... more kindness etch)

-Math (1-12 quick fact reference (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division is plenty and associate with nature.... three leaves on clover 2 wings on bird... four chamber heart )

-Marriage and family issues... include how to do positive Christian homemaking...

-Amplified Bible Stories

-Self-sustainable living -nature living -frugal crafts

-Health based recipes books (classical traditional, vegetarian(daniel), frugal, wild foods, native American, Hebrew diet......)

-Helping disabled, disadvantaged etch. (nick vujicic, etc)

-Devotional /Bible Studies

-History.... focus on bible reading persecution events... or issues about non-resistance in Christian life...


-Similar Denomination stories.... Anabaptist, messianic, Hebrew roots, seventh day Adventist....)

-Hebrew culture

-Cultures (middle east, Africa, Asia americas etc)

-Classic Christian

-Educational assistance and teaching methods

-Early readers.... up to 8th grade level...

-Childress selection to keep children occupied

-Skills.... auto mechanic, technology, home repair....(text books to introduce)

One can use various resources to accumulate these books.  Many people have books in their home that they do not read..... but need to allow someone else to read.  Possible resources https://www.clp.org/. http://lamplighter.net/c/


Note: Your church should include aspects of books or notes in the front of certain books for which your values to not necessarily apply, but the book will encourage godly aspects, biblical beliefs, and more godly lives in some way....

Former patriarchy women are spiritually dangerous....

First of all, they believe that pedophiles cannot affect their feminist daughters.   That their sons will never rape other future daughters.   They believe divorce and remarriage improves the quality of a woman's life, so on and so forth.  These are woman who were once a part of the same organizations as "The Duggars" or were involved with "Above Rubies" magazine. So on and so forth.


This website has no understanding that CHRIST and the gospel needs to come first.  When women know the gospel, but seek to destroy other women with it.... they are essentially.... no longer Christian.

Note: bad things can happen to women who are expecting children.   Even to those who are not Christian.   Non-Christian women or peganized Christian women have been quiverful, so to assume that the only thing Christian women do is be 'quiverful' is a denial of truth.

the biggest danger with these women is that they will build burdens on non-Christian women who have large family.   Their jealousy spews out with hatred.   They formerly knew the gospel, were exposed to bible teachings and so forth, but they hate that it does mention, 'be fruitful and multiply'.....

These types of women will 'block' your comments, they will assume they are not filled with flaws, they will put away bible study, if they even claim they have spiritual knowledge...... these types of mocking will possibly be passed on to their daughters and sons.

Some of it can get so bad, it can become racist.   Native American woman with six children living In a home with two aunts and an uncle are 'unclean' in her eyes.....  A Jewish woman with 15 children......well of course these former patriarchy woman would detest the existence of "more Jewish people."  Very dangerous to believe and follow these far-left beliefs.

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