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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Former patriarchy women are spiritually dangerous....

First of all, they believe that pedophiles cannot affect their feminist daughters.   That their sons will never rape other future daughters.   They believe divorce and remarriage improves the quality of a woman's life, so on and so forth.  These are woman who were once a part of the same organizations as "The Duggars" or were involved with "Above Rubies" magazine. So on and so forth.


This website has no understanding that CHRIST and the gospel needs to come first.  When women know the gospel, but seek to destroy other women with it.... they are essentially.... no longer Christian.

Note: bad things can happen to women who are expecting children.   Even to those who are not Christian.   Non-Christian women or peganized Christian women have been quiverful, so to assume that the only thing Christian women do is be 'quiverful' is a denial of truth.

the biggest danger with these women is that they will build burdens on non-Christian women who have large family.   Their jealousy spews out with hatred.   They formerly knew the gospel, were exposed to bible teachings and so forth, but they hate that it does mention, 'be fruitful and multiply'.....

These types of women will 'block' your comments, they will assume they are not filled with flaws, they will put away bible study, if they even claim they have spiritual knowledge...... these types of mocking will possibly be passed on to their daughters and sons.

Some of it can get so bad, it can become racist.   Native American woman with six children living In a home with two aunts and an uncle are 'unclean' in her eyes.....  A Jewish woman with 15 children......well of course these former patriarchy woman would detest the existence of "more Jewish people."  Very dangerous to believe and follow these far-left beliefs.
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