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Friday, May 29, 2015

Websites that claim they are reporting 'spiritual abuse'

There is one thing we need to be aware of these days.  Whom do you trust.  If you trust men, you will fail.  If you trust the LORD, as in not the religious man-made version, you will succeed.  There are websites that claim that they are carefully reporting victims of 'church style' abuse.  When in actuality they are leading people away from the truth and into further darkness.  I can recognize this 'cover up' behavior by posting the racial abuses that Native American's suffered under the 'patriotic' superiority society. (Gregorian calendar, the pope, and Christmas trees are inanimately perfect and divine styles of christianity).... all the while ignoring the original culture of the Native American peoples.   When I inform them that this website exists to expose truth www.underamericasrug.com or a book like 'pilgrim church' by Broadbent' are not allowed on such websites.  Due to the fact that the progressive ecclesiastical orders are 'sin-less' and scientific findings of men 'never' fail.  They also do not inform people about websites that expose the 'lies' and bring about the truth to set people free..... websites like www.thetruthforfree.com and www.settingcaptivesfree.com or even a secular version to restore general human understanding www.unhinderedliving.com.  These websites are not viable to these 'spiritual abuse' websites.  I believe these websites exist only to get 'spiritual abuse amused'......

Um furthermore, these websites are NOT informing people of spiritual abuse but caving into social pressures like giving over to LGBT agendas (yes these types of people have higher domestic violence, pedophilia advancements than normal couples and saved people).... evidence that domestic violence increases in such homes.  Here is one clearly written example, and Iowa was the first state that wanted to legalize such a thing and create more workload in the courts: http://www.kwwl.com/story/29176976/2015/05/28/iowa-woman-arrested-on-suspicion-of-pouring-bleach-on-wife

websites to be aware of and NOT to rely on for truth and information of actual abuse in our society at large, from the 'church' to the 'political white-house'. These websites have been known to block comments I post, base their understanding of scripture on their own traditions and/or seriously gossip, scorn and mock problems that have been occurring in the 'church.'


Monday, May 25, 2015

It's childish to compare apples to oranges and claim one is useless....

Ok, rumour's fly.  Things get twisted. (Duggar family scenario) Adults make false judgments about what is good vs. what is bad in life.  When adults assume that an entire load of apples are bad because they saw one bad orange......something is skewed in judgment.  An entire graduating class of children was aborted simply because the parents assumed no God was watching....and their poverty couldn't be handled.....

Here is the point.  I worked at a nursing home as a CNA.  I saw old guy's do some pretty strange things.  Crooked, unbiblical, fornication types of things.  And if I would have confronted these weird old guys about their continuation in their sin, my job as a CNA would never have been completed for the day because I would sit there and debate all day with them why such sin is wrong!  I was working for pay at that time and not there to hand out gospel tracts as a volunteer.

When adults make assumptions that all apples are bad because they saw one bad orange, they have fooled themselves.  Education for most adults only lasts up to 18 years..... but in reality it needs to last a lifetime!  If we were a child and poorly educated in xyz type of schooling, it is pointless to go back to the oranges and debate that the apples are just as bad.  Rottenness inside one orange doesn't mean that all are rotten...... the orange grower knows that.  The king of the human race knows that.

I went to a college that was 'liberal feminist' in nature.  Women whom I knew in college went on to get seminary degrees.  One such college friend, still appears very 'feminine' in her nature and such without putting out an anger nature towards men.  Other's though, still entirely reject the gospel message, though I am not in a position to help them resolve these issues at this time.

Now, some teachings were slightly skewed in judgment so as to always point out that the bible is always right and men and their minds are always wrong.... or vice versa.  Can I say that a man who has 'no-self-control' will not always go towards the woman who is dressed 'immodestly.'  He will hunt down the 'innocent life.'   The vulnerable life.  The life that is not attractive in outward appearance.

Get the point????

The lack of self-control is a fleshy topic and it is not anything to do with outward appearance.  It has everything to do with his lack of aknowledging the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ.  The redeemer of souls.....

so should women then give up and go without clothes entirely seeing that men already by nature 'hunt' the innocent life?  Does it matter?  well, put it lightly, it is about one's heart and how that heart meditates.  If one's mind is focused on being connected to a man whom that woman is not married to, modesty is only an act.  However, modesty is a simple way to remind a woman, beware, be on the lookout, if this clothing is in this position at this time, I have greater knowledge in knowing that I should 'flee fornication.'  And to put it clearly, modesty is an expression of culture, no written words are needed to express general human culture.

I have yet to see an entire institution close it's doors because the leader or administrator was a 'bad cook,'  The workers just change position, continue to help those in need and move forward.  No point in letting an entire ship of people sink into the low nature of the bad driver......take one step forward in life.....  We would need to stop driving cars and drive cats instead....to get things 'just right.'

All in all, you cannot know if the inside of your fruit is bad, unless you have wisdom, experience and understanding.  If you do not have these pieces of gold in your hand, it is best not to tell the cattle how to move or tell the apple how to grow on a tree.  Your words are empty and meaningless, infact, such words are annoying at best.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Discussion of the social network accusations of 'the Duggar Family' and similar ministries.....

Now I do not watch the Duggar family on TLC.
I do not use the same curriculum as the Duggar family used to assist them in their home education experiences.
Accusations of this family and the ministries they have supported (ATI, vision-forum, no-greater-joy and so on) have come under critical pressure to perform in a more 'culturally acceptable' way.
The Duggar family has admitted to the world that their oldest child had a sin problem.....  now stop here.

Human's cannot mock the creative powers of God.

God created the Jewish nose that is identifiable.

God created the ability for a woman to have more than two children to survive well into old age.

God created the native americans to have passion about the wilderness (their language and culture exemplifies this)..... now they were persecuted and murdered to stop home educate and assimilate to roman cultures....

Planned Parenthood was a 'solution' to woman problems that occur in pregnancy.  A solution to the unwanted beating hearts???? hmmmmm now do you really know how many child molestors have used that organized financial 'coverup'....to cover up the fact that they were sinners and did not want to take responsibility to raise children into the future.....

How many women have died at the hands of planned parenthood because they do not require themselves to hold  resuccitation devices..?..

certain individuals have found fault with the 'amish' and so they dismiss all the gospel as irrelevant because they found a 'flaw' in a tree trunk and now they assume all of human life must be destroyed at the hands of 'planned parenthood'.....

certain individuals have found fault with the way the native american language as a whole appears useless.....so they dismiss an entire culture and seek to destroy it.

There is nothing wrong with being exceptionally careful to find problems with your drink in case there is a drop of poison within.....  however, if you choose not to jump in to the water because it is 'too cold' you will never learn how to swim in life.  you will never find joy. everything invented by sinful men..... from the car that you drive, to the sandwich that was made out of whole grain wheat will not satisfy your merciless version of the gospel.

 from what I understand.....multitudes of unrepentant child molesting teenagers are wandering the highschool and college hallways.... trying to find the truth.  trying to figure out how to raise a future generation without resolving to 'planned parenthood'....

 solution?  pick up a kjv bible.  organize your life around it. solve your life dillemas.  Let the merciless remain merciless.  let the scornful delight in their folly.  God will judge them one day.  let it be.

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