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Friday, May 29, 2015

Websites that claim they are reporting 'spiritual abuse'

There is one thing we need to be aware of these days.  Whom do you trust.  If you trust men, you will fail.  If you trust the LORD, as in not the religious man-made version, you will succeed.  There are websites that claim that they are carefully reporting victims of 'church style' abuse.  When in actuality they are leading people away from the truth and into further darkness.  I can recognize this 'cover up' behavior by posting the racial abuses that Native American's suffered under the 'patriotic' superiority society. (Gregorian calendar, the pope, and Christmas trees are inanimately perfect and divine styles of christianity).... all the while ignoring the original culture of the Native American peoples.   When I inform them that this website exists to expose truth www.underamericasrug.com or a book like 'pilgrim church' by Broadbent' are not allowed on such websites.  Due to the fact that the progressive ecclesiastical orders are 'sin-less' and scientific findings of men 'never' fail.  They also do not inform people about websites that expose the 'lies' and bring about the truth to set people free..... websites like www.thetruthforfree.com and www.settingcaptivesfree.com or even a secular version to restore general human understanding www.unhinderedliving.com.  These websites are not viable to these 'spiritual abuse' websites.  I believe these websites exist only to get 'spiritual abuse amused'......

Um furthermore, these websites are NOT informing people of spiritual abuse but caving into social pressures like giving over to LGBT agendas (yes these types of people have higher domestic violence, pedophilia advancements than normal couples and saved people).... evidence that domestic violence increases in such homes.  Here is one clearly written example, and Iowa was the first state that wanted to legalize such a thing and create more workload in the courts: http://www.kwwl.com/story/29176976/2015/05/28/iowa-woman-arrested-on-suspicion-of-pouring-bleach-on-wife

websites to be aware of and NOT to rely on for truth and information of actual abuse in our society at large, from the 'church' to the 'political white-house'. These websites have been known to block comments I post, base their understanding of scripture on their own traditions and/or seriously gossip, scorn and mock problems that have been occurring in the 'church.'

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