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Monday, June 8, 2015

Stop Labeling Anti-Vaccine Parents as 'idiots' or hippies....

1. Some of us have Native American Heritage.  You are racist and care not about the herbal remedies we know in our culture that have worked for longer than Obamacare.
2. Some of us are medical professionals already.  We have a 'license' to practice medicine in some way or another.  Did you know that you too could practice medicine if you desired that wisdom?  You won't have to pay an arm and a leg.
3. Some of us would rather not spend 150$ a year on a flu vaccine if we have over 5 children in our household.  We could buy a hoe, a rake, a sewing machine so we can have a better life as a family for that amount of money.  Nor do we want to rob your tax dollars if we are poor.  The flu is natural part of life and so is the chickenpox.
4. Some of us have children with weakened immune systems.  Do you want to watch a child have seizures every day for the rest of their life?  If you haven't taken care of a seizure patient before.....  shut thy mouth and let it not speak.
5. Yes, garlic and evergreen needle tea could save the child from getting more man-made garbage in their body.  Do we need to shove mercury thermometers into our child's blood every month??  Such diseases vaccines are supposed to cure, are so simple to cure with chicken noodle soup and result in child who is stronger in the long run.
6. No, we do not all drink Kumbacha.  We do eat pizza and heavy processed mac-n'cheese.  If you haven't tried body cleansing and eating wild dandelion greens salad, then you probably don't understand that our ancestors were not all given a green thumb....  God was the green thumb maker and creator.
7. Many of us have college degrees in mathematics and science.  We see the statistics.  Vaccines are not the cure-all.  We know how to garden our children's body.  We trust our children know how to garden theirs.
8. Some of us have religious convictions.  We believe in divine healing.  That doesn't mean we are foolish and not take a child to the doctor if they have 105' fever.  We just believe that prayer and love between child's mother and father cure the childhood fever before it would ever get to a dangerous level.
9. You may not realize it, but our children never got the flu last flu-season.
10. Only criminals create man-made items that don't really work and poison human body.  Vaccines are falsely labeled.  Since when should our daughters become brain-dead STD carriers by something called guardasil vaccine.  Daughters are given a brain to know how to conduct her body, as are boys who should turn into men and fathers......not perverted molesters.  We're surprised they have not taken some vaccines off of the shelf.

Lastly, yes, we know some children who ended up with cancer.  Was that caused by the vaccine industry?  We don't want our children and their friends to die at the age of thirty.

You want to be an elder one day?  Do you want your children to be 'elders'?  Learn Native American medicine.  It's 100% free.  Have some tea and be free for once from trying to needle into some else needle work.
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