Friday, June 23, 2017

A possible way to start a godly themed consignment store....

Bridges to Zion - Title of the Store

*****Hire anyone who wants to create items.....well, create items from home as a person is able to turn trash into treasure.  Perfect opportunity for the disabled and others with difficulty in work or low on income to make some cash*******

-Basic household items (kitchen, living-room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, Wall decoration, storage, yard/farm, garage/hardware, outdoors/hunting/camping, other supplies)

-Home-sewn clothing (modest woman's dresses, modest girl's dresses, plain sweat pants, snow clothing, plain head-scarves, knitted socks, knitted winter items, baby clothing, work uniforms)

-Acceptable toys (homemade clean toys, imitation of chores toys, nature study(plants, animals, astronomy, rocks, water, light), godly music study, Montessori learning, History Study, Classic Book study, nature made toys

-Shelving for individual sales items

-Other things may be sold as well: antiques, herb remedies, baking mixes, pantry items

-Never accept: Things that promote alcohol, gambling, pornography or sexual impurity, Sodomite Lifestyles, laziness, greed, political trends, offensive to culture or nation/tribal heritage, excessive patriotic, holidays that are not listed in the bible, cartoon or fad items, depression or psychological thriller, excessive big-pharma dependency, movies or video games (exception is for movies that teach biblical and education themes), religion items that promote terrorism, domestic violence promotion items, items that promote child-marriage, violence and murder, gluttony or eating lots of meats, foods that are excessive processed or sugary, smoking or addiction to drugs.....

-Rewards 1. Consignment 50%.  You give us the items we price and get the items ready to sell.  This is the best way to make easy money on simple recycled objects.
2. Consignment 25%.  You price the item you made, we get 25%.  Items must be homemade.  You put it on the shelf.
3. You get a shelf for selling items.  Any items that qualify as acceptable may be placed on the shelf for Free.  We get 2% of the profits.

-Patterns on how to turn recycled items are available so people can turn their recycling into profit.

Maybe in the near future I will start up a shop like this.

The goal is to promote local people to use their creative skills and create items from close to home, rather than buy cheap stuff that needs to come from far away and is only plastic un-natural items.

Here is a website that would promote designs: or or

Thursday, June 22, 2017

His love radiates from Mt. Zion.

When his eyes look at you, instead of hatred for your past, he looks at you with flame of love.

His love is enduring.  It can stand in the test of time.

From Mt. Zion, though I have not visited, his love radiates and cleans the heart from afar, to draw people near to his hands.

His love wants you to dance around Mt. Zion.

Appeal to the people to seek his love which radiates from Mt. Zion.

When a sinner feels his love, instead of scorn and division in the heart, redemption and hymns spring forth.

Please dear people, do study a bible about his love from Mt. Zion.

All abominable sins which people sin by choice as in the case of Sodom and Gommorah are eliminated by his divine love.

Seek such love, how could on not want such appeal to the senses to overcome lies and anger in this world.

Sing unto Zion in a heart of praise to the creator and redeemer of man-kind so he may be kind again.

Dear Media. Stop labeling everyone as Islamophobic.

Dear Media.

It should be no surprise of the origin of the extreme beliefs which fueled the Finsbury Park Massacre terrorist.

Stop labeling people who speak about their suffering under Muslim persecution as being "Islamophobic" and fearful of the poor immigrants from Hondourus.  Such accusation is wrong.  Stop labeling people who love sin-less-Jesus more than sin-full-Muhammed as anti-arab and would never want to speak Arabic.  Such accusation is false as there are many Arab speaking Christians in Israel.  Stop labeling people who are concerned and do not want to help the suffering Muslims in Syria as Islamophobic.  People do want to help other people, they want to make sure they won't get attacked in return.  Even Jesus knew whom he could and couldn't help.  So vetting is necessary.

It creates a discord and division and hatred towards actual Arab-middle-eastern people.  It creates a hatred towards women who wear head-scarves.  It creates a hatred towards people who fast.  It creates a hatred towards people who are simply Jewish and want to follow the biblical seven feasts and don't care for Christmas trees.  It creates a phobia in woman towards childbearing and being a housewife.  It also falsely associates people who practice polygny, patriarchy and bearded men as being abusive.  It also creates a fear of people who are poor in the middle east who use a branch from a tree to sweep their mud-floors.

So stop censoring people who speak about the problems of "jihad."  Stop censoring the people who speak about the problems of "child marriage" and "child-slavery" by Muslim employees.  Stop censoring people who speak about the problems of christian churches getting burned in Pakistan.

Is a poet who writes a poem expressing dislike about Muhammad and Jihad needful of sitting in a prison and getting multiple whippings?  Is a gospel preaching man who expresses a love for Jesus and his sin-lessness, needful of getting his children taken away and raped?

Be real folks.  The world needs truth.  Not Fake Media.

Think about the biblical story of Joseph before you act on behalf against someone who is telling the truth about his or her suffering.  The truth is needed in this world. Hatred is hatred. Stop labeling hate with a gift of love.....when it is actually hatred of the truth.

John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eastern or Western. The bible is truth....but can it work for all?

Eastern or Western.  Is the Holy Bible only for Western Thinkers or is it for Eastern Thinkers too?

1. When can people remember Purim?
a. In the month of Abib.
b. They should forget about Purim.
c. When ever they feel like it.
d. In the month of Adar.

2. How many people did the Good Samaritain rescue?
a. 3
b. No one because he was not Jewish.
c. 2 people cought in Sodom and Gomorrah.
d. 1 person of a different nationality.

3. The followers of Jesus fasted....
a. never.
b. foutry days along with Jesus.
c. a multitude fasted 3 days and then he fed them so they would not faint
d. the disciples fasted often.

4. Respect is neccesary towards....
a. only the followers of Jesus.
b. only the people in a certain denomination.
c. Hindu's, Buddist's and Arab's who reject Muhammed only.
d. Jew's and Gentiles alike including Muslims, Atheists, Secular Jewish, people with Sodomite issues, Widows, Orphans, Veterans, poor, those of another type of Christian faith and more.

5. Where did the Holy Spirit come to the 120 people in Acts? (2 are true)
a. They were in the upper room
b. They voted for a new member in the upper room to replace Judas among 120 people.
c. The place was not listed, but it was Pentecost (feast of weeks) so it was at the Temple Mount.  The number of people unknown.
d. Randomly when ever the people look towards Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia and do good works then the people feel the Holy Spirit.

6. Are women encouraged to bear children if they are Christian?
a. No, that is just an old way of bringing children in the world.
b. Yes, women should bear children and guide the house.
c. No, women should divorce husband and evangelize so she doesn't bear the burden of raising children.
d. Yes, women should divorce men and find men who want her to have as many children as possible.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enhance spiritual exercise......

Evidence is there.....when you walk, you are gasping for breath.  Such lack of exercise is evident.  The symptoms are there.

Same too with spirituality.  When you go about your daily life, such lack of exercising of faith is evident.

Most people think that ONLY physical exercise is important for health....but the reality is that SPIRITUAL EXERCISE is a part of life and is important to develop (think of the relationship abuse problems that happen and the nasty stuff that shows up in the news from time to time). Without spiritual exercise, tribes fail in development and proper care for humanity according to God's desire for humanity and nature.

What are symptoms of lack in spiritual development?

-No Empathy
-Dislike of a nation or group of people
-Ignoring friends
-Relationships in disrepair
-Breaking one of God's commandments and laws.
-Not knowing when the biblical holiday's are celebrated.
-Lack of biblical knowledge
-Hiding behind the curtain, when it comes to "bed-room" issues, including not wanting children.
-Mocking the poor/disabled/disadvantaged
-addictions to gambling, alcohol, eating disorders, mood disorders etc etc.

Etc etc.

The diagnosis can be made by a. read through psalms and proverbs and identify character flaws in self not in others b.  read through the biblical laws and see if you are disobeying any of them (including the lack of Holiday respect) especially paying attention to how the people should care for the poor c. Go through a bible quiz and see if you are unknowledgable in some area d. see if there are any poor in your local area, within walking distance whom you have ignored. etc etc.

How to bring spirituality back up to par:

Like running, start out slowly.

-Start with 15 minutes a day......grow into 40 minutes to an hour or more of spiritual development.

-Give yourself about 12-20 weeks to get in the good habit of spiritual development.

Week 1: 2 minutes /1 minute of activity: 2 minutes (bible study/verse memorization), 1 minute (prayer and reflection).  Do this for at least a total of 15 minutes in one day.  Back and forth within one 15 minute span of time or scattered throughout the day.
Week 2: 1 1/2 minutes /1 1/2 minute of activity: 1 1/2 minutes (bible study/verse memorization), 1 1/2 minute (prayer and reflection).  Do this for at least a total of 15 minutes in one day.  Back and forth within one 15 minute span of time or scattered throughout the day.
Week 3: 1 minutes /2 minute of activity: 2 minutes (bible study/verse memorization/ prayer and reflection), 1 minute (prayer and reflection).  Do this for at least a total of 15 minutes in one day.  Back and forth within one 15 minute span of time or scattered throughout the day.
Week 4: 1 min (*prayer and reflection) 2 min (**bible study/verse memorizationn/prayer ad relfection): 20 minutes
Week 5: 1 min(*like week 4) 3 min (**like week 4): 20 minutes
Week 6: 1 min(*) 4 min(**): 20 minutes
Week 7: 1 min (*)4 min(**): 30 minutes (continue pattern)
Week 8: 1 min 4 min: 30 minutes focus on verse memorization and ability to teach children and others about gospel
Week 9: 1 min 5 min: 30 minutes
Week 10: 1 min 5 min: 35 minutes
Week 11: 1 min 10 min: 35 minutes
Week 12: 1 min 10 min: 40 minutes
Week 13: 1 min 10 min: 45 minutes focus on bible study skills and understanding of entire bible as it relates to Moses and the law
Week 14: 2 min 10 min: 45 minutes focus on bible study skills and prayer for people who don't follow bible truths
Week 15: 2 min 10 min: 50 minutes
Week 16: 2 min 10 min: 55 minutes
Week 17: 2 min 10 min: 55 minutes focus on ways you may serve others and encouragement towards others to join in prayer and hymn singing (without need for technology)
Week 18: 2 min 10 min: 55 minutes focus on overcoming deceptions and prejudices in self (judge not and judge righteous judgment), what can you subtract from your life?  What can you add into your life?  What can you divide or multiply in your life?
Week 19: 2 min 10 min: 60 minutes focus on practicing what God wants you to do.  Could it be fasting?  Do you as woman need to submit to husband? Do you need to share gospel in areas with perversion or persecution?
Week 20: 2 min 10 min: 60 minutes and more..... keep going in spiritual development.  5 times a day it is possible to study if study by section of the bible (psalms/proverbs in the morning, law (torah 600 + laws as well) in fore-noon, old-testament and prophets in after-noon, gospel before supper, New Testament (acts to Rev) in the evening).

Use this resource to help guide through the bible:

Use this resource as a way to develop greater understanding of the bible in bases of time:

Develop these skills based on understanding of astronomy (times and seasons) or as a basis of when you are able to develop spiritual understanding.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Should Christians use "Muslims" as doctors?

Well, once upon a time, white man showed up on Native American land.

Medicine man was a reliable resource in the Native American culture.

His spirituality and healing powers came to the whole tribe as a means to rid the body of its infirmities.

Are medicine men still around?

Yes.  Any man who decides to do medical things by spiritual means becomes a medical person.  The creator himself calls men by this mechanism of healing power.

Do the Native Americans follow a bible for their culture?  No, not really, but many do believe in Jesus as saviour, though some do not.  When they believe in JEsus as saviour they CAN incorporate supernatural healing like and with Jesus into healing power.

So do people run to the "Medicine Man" to get healing if they are not Native American?  No, they do not.  They assume that the medical system is flawless but Medicine Man could never "cure" that disease.  Well, they are actually wrong.  Medicine Men know how to cure more diseases than the medical system because they rely on supernatural spiritual forces.

Should a Christian run to a Muslim healthcare worker to get healing?  It is the same as saying should a Christian run to Buddhism or Humanism to get spiritual healing.  There is "nothing" fulfilling in Buddhism and there is "nothing" fulfilling in Humanism.  They are a "machine" if you will, not a force of unconditional love.

When you go to a healthcare clinic, you are giving the healthcare worker "money."  Medicine Men never asked for money.....simply respect for the tribe and culture.  The bible itself even declares how to manage money and whom to "trust" with it.  The path of money use is described in Psalm 35.  The chapter states: "11 False witnesses did rise up; they laid to my charge things that I knew not.
12 They rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul.
13 But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom.
14 I behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother: I bowed down heavily, as one that mourneth for his mother.
15 But in mine adversity they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together: yea, the abjects gathered themselves together against me, and I knew it not; they did tear me, and ceased not:"  Is the money that a healthcare worker uses from their career going to support terrorism?  What about abortion which is destroying beating-heart and not true about value of family life?  What about anti-semetism?  What about building a wall/road/something big on indigenous person's land?

1. Ask the healthcare worker(s) their religion preference, particularly if you are planing to do something major with the money, even if that money is coming from "state-funded" sources.

2. Ask them if they ever read about a "sin free" man named Jesus who was born of a virgin and died for their sin.

3. If their response is in "anger" like that NEEEEEED to heal you or they will "loose their job," then you should NOT use them as a healthcare provider.  They will never understand how Jesus heals internally and externally from the wickedness in heart and gives power to overcome even sickness and disease.

4. If their response is in "kindness" and there is a serious medical need where severe bleeding is occurring or other issue, then it is "possible" in that particular moment to use the MUSLIM doctor or healthcare worker, but the same would apply to any healthcare worker who seems wishy-washy towards Christian beliefs.  You will need to pray about how to respond towards God and man in those situations, as God is the one who knows all and sees all.....even wickedness in health-care worker's minds.

5. Do not commit the act of not wanting Arab doctor or a doctor from India with a dot between the eye, simply because of their nationality.  That would be a type of discrimination on the patient's part.  Even acts of discrimination against Jewish people could be an issue, if one is not careful.  But the question number "2 and 3" should be asked and double checked before using the doctor as a "major" resource in healthcare needs.

6. So if a woman walks in the door of a patient's room and she wears a headscarf.....she could either be following the Catholic belief as a nun, she could be following the Mennonite Belief, she could be following the Hinduism belief, she could be following the First-Century-Christian belief, or she could simply be a Messianic Jewish person.  A woman wearing braids and a colorful bandana of sorts may simply decide to practice "man-made medicine" rather than Native Natural Medicine for a while.  If that woman walks in the door and wears a "hijab" and she promotes and encourages FGM, for obvious reasons, NEVER use such a woman as a doctor at any given time.  Humanity does not need deception, it needs truth.

So there you go, healthcare is actually simple.  BUT it requires wisdom to know what to do, when wickedness tries to invade spiritual realms.

For further information about religion issues

Note: Please do research and LEARN how to do emergency care for you, and other loved ones.  It COULD save your life or your loved ones life.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Should Christian WOMAN teach men?

I am a woman.  I KNOW that I know some things that some men don't know.  I KNOW that I am more intelligent than some men in some areas of dealing with life.....whether it be how to read and write or how to solve a rub-ix cube.  Never the less, there are cases where teaching "men" is not right thing to do.

This is in the matter of spiritual development.  I know I need to understand what submission means from time to time......but it means what it means, doing what is good in the light of the LORD.  It is not in the light of intelligence.  Intelligence is fickle, unstable and has no moral compass.

There are both good and bad women described in the bible.  So to assume that all liberal women are good, is not truth.  To assume that all conservative women are good, is not truth.  Political services, especially when established by women, have a tendency to share a cult-like trend.....rather than empirical all encompassing truth.

Listen to the following teachings:

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Should saved Christian's Fast?


- As a natural method of learning self-control, yes fasting can and should be practiced.  Some have even fasted twice in a week historically and in modern times.
-To help gain understanding and empathy towards those who suffer famine in this world
-As a healing method.  Allowing the body to rest from digestion.  The time will come where the body temple which we use will no longer be needed as a digestive function.
-To pray over those in bondage to sin and those who do not listen to warnings.  Jesus mentioned that a demon possesed would not listen so he mentioned to fast and pray.
-To reserve money for others.  Save money for others who suffer so they can rebuild their life.  Refuse a few meals and instead use the money for others who are suffering for the word and the gospel.
-To check your spiritual condition.  If you fast and have anger towards others, especially those close to you, then there is something out of tune in spiritual life.  JEsus resisted temptations.
-Yes, if it helps to build and save money for a local church community building project or ministry needs.
-As a way to be "in the wilderness" and simply listen to the words of scripture.  The people who wanted to hear Jesus teach, went three days without food before JEsus turned loaves and fishes into enough to feed many. Matt 15:32


-As a element of pride in religion or a routine that must be enforced.
-To suffer for the causes of evil such as terrorism
-To look as if one is suffering by fasting.  Jesus mentioned not to do this.
-Not for those who still have major eating disorders and feel as if only being a certain weight leads to good life.
-Not as a method of weight loss.
-If you don't want to check your spiritual conditionn with the bible first.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Do Christians need to "Buy" a marriage license?

This is the question.

The state system does not recognize marriage the way Abe and Sarah determined God defined their marriage.  They did not buy a marriage license.

Render unto Caesar the things which are Cesar.  Marriage is NOT Ceasar's.

I have heard of Christians who do not get marriage license.  1. They are in severe persecution country.  2. They see no need to pay Ceasar extra money.  3. They believe in covenant marriages (meaning a marriage lasts for life even in separation) 4. The people are under slave conditions and forced to marry 5. The people are under slave conditions and they simply have a broom stick wedding (nothing is signed only witnesses attend).

All that would be needed to pay the state system is the name change.  A termination of a marriage would only need a cheaper "name change" rather than expensive divorce routines.

The state does not define marriage the way the bible defines marriage.

However, the bible DOES define that a marriage does not make a person good.  Ahab and Jezabel were married, but they were wicked people.

How to define and live a life of marriage?

1. Regular commitment to bible study.

2. Regular prayer for spouse.

3. Regular acts of doing good towards God's people.

4. Regular acts of doing good towards one's spouse.

Those are things that define a marriage.  Plain and simple.  A wedding ring does not make a marriage work.  A "certificate" doesn't make a marriage.  A special dress does not make a marriage.

What makes a marriage?

God's word and people's willingness to listen to it.

So when a person says they are "Christian" and they support destroying polygyny or patriarchy or anything that the bible doesn't forbid, then they are not truly "Christian" they are statists who support the rules and laws of the state, they do not support the rules and laws of the bible.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is the "American Gospel" the true Gospel?

-If the message given, is to repent, turn from sin and to live in freedom apart from sin.
-Focus is on the word, not on the preservation of religion or denomination.
-Serve others including one's enemies.
-Pray for the lost
-Assemble together
-Work diligently
-For some obedience to the law is "good" and is joy filled. (not legalistic)
-Fasting and healthy food choices bring blessing.
-Give the gospel to the world.
-Brotherly Sisterly love, Husband cherish wives, Wives love husband.

-Live as you wish.
-Never skip a meal.
-Dress as you want.
-Mingle with whom ever you want in whatever way you want.
-Dress as you want.
-Tell lies.  Support liars including those in professional positions.
-Seek ungodly counsel
-evangelize to get more church members
-Worship the pastor
-Drop children off at xyz
-Skip assembly
-Use and abuse govt'
-Love people's sin more than God's word
-Treat fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters with mockery and scorn (even the movements that strengthen such ties and roles).
-Legalistic towards their approach to the Bible.  Without unconditional love.

If there is a group or individual that fits into the bottom, then they are not true followers of Christ, they are self-driven.  They are following the "American Gospel" that is not the gospel.

If there is a group or individual that fits into the top list, then they are closer to the leading of the word, and followers of Jesus. They are following the "American Gospel" that is the gospel.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

10 simple ways to improve your life.

1. Read the book: "The Nature Fix" by Florence Williams.  Spend time in nature.

2. Read the bible daily.  It gives warmth, advice, guidance, wisdom and more to help you understand the positive and negative aspects of being "human"

3. Spend less time on a "phone."  A little time digesting some posts on facebook per day won't hammer your emotional intelligence, but much time on a phone/texting/googling will keep you away from inner peace.  Hence, do not "own" a smartphone.

4. Live more like the 1930's.  Buy a wringer.  Do laundry by hand.  Do dishes by hand.  Talk with people face to face.

5. Use the local library.  Read books that matter.

6. Teach your children practical life skills.  How to cook, clean, and be polite just to name a few.

7. Never allow your children to "own" themselves or their things.  Friendships with each other matters.  Self- belongs to creator.

8. Hope in eternity.  Visit people who are closer to death and cherish last moments.

9. Share gospel.  People still need to hear the truth.

10. Don't cater to gossips, liars and other people the bible warned about.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Biblical Heavenly Signs

Click on the link above to gain greater understanding of the coordination between the bible and heavenly signs.

This is the book which summarizes much of the things I post on my astronomy studies, in coordination with the bible.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


some may focus so heavily on the "Bad" in patriarchy....they miss the bad in the overall picture.

What about the bad in matriarchy homes.  You know the ones where the matriarch is so insured by her self-driven life that she gambles off of her husband's money, she insults her disabled in-laws, she tells the men in the house what to do all the time with consistent anger, she drowns her-self in alcohol each night after picking her children up after day-care, she never visits her neighbor who needed a helping hand after the neighbor's boyfriend left.......

If one focus so heavily on the bad in "one group" and never see that the insult of that particular "bad" group will never fix the overall redemption for all of man-kind.

BOTH patriarchy AND Matriarchy......and overall brotherly and sisterly love NEEEEEED redemption.  They in and of-them-selves are not evil (some Christian women do get abandoned to raise 5+ children on her own)......  The evil is in condemning the right ability for men and women to avoid their own internal angers which would have never been set-free had it not been for the work on the cross.


A hint. To be anti-patriarchy is to deny reality of what the scripture says.

The reason men (and women too) believe in the "muslim" religion is because it has moments of "Patriarchy." To be anti-patriarch is to create more followers of "allah".....a very close name to allahim which is close to the name Elohim(hebrew God)

.....however, as proof of the condition of their religion, the men are never asked to "repent" of their evil actions.....

Do not focus on the EVIL in men. Be a wise virgin and focus on the GOOD in Christ.

Matthew 25King James Version (KJV)

25 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:

4 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

5 While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.

8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.

12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

From War to Spirit Victory

Poem: From War to Spirit Victory.

Once upon a time,

I was in favor of war.

I favored ignoring the people who stood up for the fatherless.

Once upon as time,

I was in favor of war,

I favored the people who lived a pure marriage.

Once upon a time,

I was in favor of war,

I favored the people who hated the stranger.

Once upon a time,

I was in favor of war,

I ignored the widow in my community.

I did not know that I as a person, born in-wedlock was selfish.

I did not know that I as a person, born with intelligence was selfish.

I did not know that I as a person, who believed in eternity was selfish.

I did not know that I as a person, who knew people of different nationality and cultures was selfish.

He knew that I was that way.

He saw my anger.

He saw my depressions.

He saw my pride.

He saw my gossip.

He saw all of it.

But he continued to have unconditional love.

He would not give up.

He died and rose again.

So that I can understand.

How to stop favoring.


Jud_1:23 "And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."

(the garment of the flesh is a false favors war against unconditional love of God.)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Prayer Ideas

Holy Spirit
Life and Death
Curses and Plagues
Financial Help

Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't be cornered by anti-patriarchy groups and writers....

The bible mentions three patriarchs  most clearly resourcefully and effectively.  Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  All three MEN had something "wrong" with them.  Were they outright "evil" no, but it came down to Levi as being a murderer of other tribe men because of daughter Dinah.  So Levi was pretty brutal.

There are anti-patriarchy groups.  They may say they are "pro-woman" but in their hue and tone, they are actually ANGRY at men.  Men like Levi.  It turns into anger vs. anger.  Which doesn't amount to unconditional love.

Pro-woman is actually termed through Christ as the mediator of women.  Herod's daughter demanded the head of another man, John the Baptist.  Jesus didn't confront her evil desires, but he did weep over another man and woman's sin.

Pro-woman is actually termed through Christ as the mediator of women.  The adulterous woman caught in the act, is not forced by Christ to have stones thrown at her.  No, he bent down in the sand and drew a line in the sand.  She is asked who should throw the first stone, he that was without sin.  The stones were left behind and Jesus said to her, sin no more.

The anti-patriarchy groups and writers are willing to "throw stones" at innocent men.  They enjoy the thrill of seeing a man accused of being a rapist when he wanted to remain married, a pedophile (when man was 18 and tried dating) and removed from the privilege of pastoring a church because he was caught describing to a young girl how to read the bible in a "lust-like" way.

It is ok to be a strong women.  To stand up for your tribe.  But in reality you are a stronger women when you forgive those who wrong you.  To be anti-patriarchy also means to be anti-matriarchy.  It is to be opposed to women who want to give birth in their own home and for women to do her own maternity care as she knows is best for her.  When stooping to the low level of anti-patriarchy and anti-matriarchy, the heart is seared with unforgiveness of 'conditions" that happen in nature.

Conditions that happen in nature involve lusts, lures, temptations, losses and gains.  It was that way before legal systems put 'stickers" on men's back.

Perhaps if one truly thinks about the mode of deception and false accusation driving the anti-patriarchy group and or writer, one will find in the darkest corner a rejection of brotherly love.  Meaning to them they hate seeing the words in the bible which describe that Jesus said to lay life down for friends.  The deceptive lure also drives in the hatred of sisterly love as well.  A hatred to see women bearing one another's burdens of caring for widows and orphans.

Besides these matters, the anti-patriarchy groups also lingure in the dark view that all men are "not created equal in the eyes of creator" so they see the view of "sin" as a "light" when in fact it is complete darkness.  Filled with void.  Filled with hate.  Filled with scorn.  Filled with sadistic behavior that leads to earlier death.  They may disguise it and say it is a "Culture" practice to encourage men and women to behave as prostitute of themselves, which in fact this is not a guide for holy life.

How to escape the anti-patriarch view of life?  1. Don't comment on their articles in favor of their false accusations against men.  2. Read scripture as a means to overcome personal selfish gain 3. Love your husband if you are married.  Love your brother if you are not married.  Love disabled and weak rejected men if your family is not Christ-focused. 4. Visit the stranger and the fatherless. 5. Speak out against the false-accuser-of-the-brethren.  5. Point out QUALITIES in men, both the faith and out of the faith through salvation in Jesus.

In summary, to be anti-patriarch is to be careless with accusation.  To be careless, is to lack self-control and discernment of good vs. evil in one's OWN heart.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Number of times the planets rotate the sun per calendric cycle (qumran calendar)

Times planets rotate the sun:

in full calendric sign = 294 years

107016 + 294 = 107310 days per calendric sign

Jubilee = 49 years

Mercury: 1219.43 times (less accurate)
(Jubilee repetition not calculated due to proximity to sun)

Venus: 477 times
(Jubilee repetition not calculated due to proximity to sun)

Mars: 157? year or 156.216 times
Repeats in a pattern every 20 Jubilee.  Find the planet Mars in same or close location among constellations.

3.3333 times in Calendric sign before repetition = 520.199 rotations per Jubilee pattern repetition

Jupiter: 25 times

Repeats in a pattern every 7 Jubilee.  Find the planet Jupiter in same or close location among the constellations.

1.1667 times in Calendric sign before repetition = 29.1667 rotations per Jubilee pattern repetition

Saturn: 10 times

Repeats in a pattern every three Jubilee.  Find the planet Saturn in the same or close location among the constellations.

.5 times in Calendric sign before repetition = 5 rotations per Jubilee pattern repetition

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My posts may or may not be interesting today, but tomorrow.....

I hope they will be interesting.

If I write about something that I discovered, with divine guidance, it means that the existence is real.

People write me off as a nutty Copernicus or Galileo or worse "flat earth theory gooroo", then that is what they will do.

For example, I write that the planet Saturn (representing eternal covenant) continues to have a pattern of showing up in the same location in the sky every three Jubilee's.  Like, for example, the "ringed planet" shows up from human eye view every three Jubilee's (49 year cycle) which is equivalent to 147 years (qumran calendar pattern repeats) in the constellation Betulah.  The "ringed planet" happens to rotate around the sun almost every thirty years.  The scripture itself does indicate that Jesus did ministry work when he was thirty.

Now this may not make much difference to a person who is not a student of the bible or of astronomy, but to those who do have an interest in the patterns of "nature" then it is of importance as well as the patterns in the bible, then these things are interesting.

Today, people ignore these little details.  Tomorrow, they will say, ohhhhhh now I understand why God says the things he says about this and that because it relates to HIM as the creator of the universe.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Definition of "Decades"

conservative definition of the word "decades": 7*7 years which is equivalent to 49 years at the minimum. (short sweet and concise with changes, no alterations, always a true and perfect pattern)
liberal definition of the word "decades": 10 years is supposed to be equivalent to one decade, but we have determined that the number "0" in the number "10" has no definition, so we don't determine that there is such a thing as a decade. There may be a deck-of-spades which is an unusual deck of cards when teaching the meaning of "Random selection." So it means a "deck of spades."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A little miracle

A couple of days ago I was talking about a friend that passed away on the internet.  We were discussing how it was good that she could find bible truth to help her overcome internal pain and trials of life.

The very next day, I went to a shopping run.  I was in line to check out and there, was someone discussing the wonderful blessing the Lord was in the life of the friend before she passed away.  I didn't even discuss to talk about the friend that passed away, he was talking about her anyhow.

How often does that happen?  Rarely for sure!

The earth is truly God's footstool......HEAVEN is the THRONE.

Acts 7:49: Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord: or what is the place of my rest?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Metonic Cycles chart conversion to Qumran Calendar.

If you want to determine the date to use in the Qumran calendar, try converting it to metonic cycles.

Every 57 years, there are exactly 705 moons per 3 metonic cycles in both the Qumran Calendric sign and the calculations of metonic cycles.

There is a "gap" in the calculations where the full moon no longer exists immediately below the virgo constellation but jumps to another location after the spring equinox.  Hence the switch to the April dates instead.  This "gap" can be coordinated with true time anyhow despite the change.

Here is the link for the outline version of the Qumran calendar.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

New to Christian faith? Where do you turn?

"Luke 4:18 [Full Chapter]
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,"

Are you new to the Christian faith?

Maybe you grew up as a Christian, and heard many bible stories as a child, but somehow the relationship with Jesus thing never clicked.  Maybe you went through the religious ceremony like a first communion,  baptism or confirmation, but never really encountered a heart change.

Maybe you grew away from the Christian believers and decided to just be popular among the crowds, pleasing the people of this world.

There are ways to identify a "new" believer.  If you mark any of the following, you are a new believer if you have done any of the following in the past three years.

1. You decided to read through the bible by reading at least three chapters a day or more. (possible resources:, commentaryAdventist Commentary)

2. Your past life was in depression, pride, anger, jealousy, scorn, division, sexual impurity (including the belief that people are born with LGBT conditions), gambling, food addictions and aversions, lack of self-control, hatred, dislike of patriarchal biblical topics, fear, anxiety, abortions, impure words, unclean or immodest dress, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, social attentions and so forth. (polygny is not considered to be sexual impurity in biblical terms)

3. You never liked the idea of prayer until within the last three years.

4. You recognize the idea that some holidays are in fact commercialized, and have little to do with the gospel.

5. You are now concerned about the moral decay.  You would rather do God's will for your life and fulfill it that to do your own things.

6. You now feel love for Jewish believers in Messiah, which before you did not.

7. You were once uncomfortable sharing bible with strangers, family, and friends.  You now want to read bible stories to your own children.

8. You are concerned about the different changes in the bible versions available to the poor.

9. You love the idea of prayer with other believers.

10. You may think about Sabbath fellowship or fellowship at any biblical holiday time as being "ok."

11. You now enjoy listening to God's warnings for you in dreams and visions.

12. You see the disabled as friends, the poor as a companion, and the blind as a wise man.  You are ok with suffering along with the weak people of this world.

You may not be a "new" believer if you mark any of the following.

1. You continue to provide flowers to your local church building.  Your church building has the best resources to educate your children in the bible and you do not believe you could do so.  Membership with church group is essential for faith.  (though Christians an use these as a means to provide spiritual strength)

2. You continue to mock bible thumpers, and believe they are always conservative voters in the elections.

3. You continue to hold grudges in your local synagogue or church fellowship if people don't perform "your way"

4. Your education means everything to you.  Only smart people are good people.

5. You think it is strange when people try to read the bible 5 or more times a day.  Constantly memorizing bible verses.

6. You continue to have depression, anger, bitterness and so forth.

7. Prayer seems like a discouragement rather than an encouragement

8. Popularity and cheating on the tests to make a grade are important to get ahead in this world.

9. You believe abortions and using money from wealthy widows is ok in God's eyes in your community.

10. You don't see the purpose of loving Jewish people or middle eastern people.

11. Sexual impurity is anything that the false Christians do, but you continue to lust after other women, or men never discussing the issue with the current spouse.  If single, you sense that only marriage can solve your desires.  You continue to believe that once a fornicator, a gay person or an adulterer, rapist, always an addict to sexual impurity.

12. You do not desire to understand Passover, the feast of tabernacles, the meaning of the psalms and proverbs or other little details of the bible.

So if you have marked the upper 12 and can say for sure that you have been through a "born again" experience (, and perhaps also an "anointing of the holy spirit" (Acts 2:4 - speaking in tongues, visions etc. isn't bad, it is a representation of the spirit, where some are more attuned than others), then you are on the road to victory in Christ alone.

Bondage is the biggest issue.  Christ can to set people FREE from their sin.

So when you stopped playing along with the pattern of the world and found the transformation of your mind to the heart of Christ, then you can find true fellowship with the body of Christ and with other believers around the world.  Preaching of orphans in Afganistan seems like a good goal in mind for the strong and the mighty in Christ.

Where can you turn for strength?

1. The word.  Always pick up the bible and read it.  Try the Parashah method of reading.  It works perfectly to transform mind and heart to Christ.  If other believers are not near your home, this is possible to find strength in the middle of the wilderness even through bible study.  Try reading the bible by following this Parashah method:

2. Prayer.  Pray for all sorts of things.  Write down prayers according to the words, stories, and verses in the bible and ask God for things that are according to his word.  Try a prayer group like this:

3. A gathering fellowship can help strengthen your faith in Jesus/Messiah:

4. Continue to put away bad books, music, movies and so forth that do not lead to right living.  Seek fellowship with widows, strangers, orphans, the poor and more to help give THEM comfort and strength in trials of life.  Try reading books from or instead.

5. Live a more natural life instead of greedy life.  Christians are "not of this world."  Plan to clean your small basic home and vehicle often enough to feel comfort in this life.  Learn the pattern of suffering in the people that surround you.  Pick up a book about the suffering of the people,,

6. If you once were labeled, or labeled your self as "a gambler," "a sex porn star," "a homosexual,"  "bipolar," "anxiety condition" and so forth, these things are actually a sort of bondage labeling program.  If the hospital system or criminal system, educational system or any other system labels you with various things, be sure to either pray for escape from the false labeling, as a person who is NEW in Christ is a NEW person.  (Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new.) Seek to understand that you WILL have enemies in this world, who may even be of your own family, so seek independent living from allowing them to label you falsely (read psalms and proverbs daily to help understand social struggles).  Forgive any family who falsely labels you as anyone but a Christ follower or a general person who desires the "abundant life" Christ offers.

If you are in the process of getting a degree or furthering education, check out the resources in the upper right hand corner of this website to help you develop faith in the middle of the education process.  It is possible to have lots of strength in faith even if the education you received was only until you were 12-14 years old.

For more information check out: