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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GIVING: Ways a maiden can serve while waiting for prince charming.

-gives a protion of meat unto her maidens
-stretcheth out her hand to the poor and reacheth forth her hands to the needy

 This is a proverb's 31 series post

201 ways a maiden can SERVE while waiting for prince charming

(more may be added to this list simply by picking up a book entitled 365 things to do etc.)

1. Create a crossword puzzle out of a 100 word segment of scripture.
2. Write a children's book
3. Crochet in the presence of Christ
4. Learn new jump rope skills
5. Experiment with long hair styles and headcoverings
6. Sew a modest dress
7. Window shop for a parent that needs help with children in public (redirrect child back to parent)
8. Visit abortion clinic or family planning clinic and talk with a young woman seeking an abortion, pray for her, share gospel with her
9. Play a musical instrument in a coffee shop, share message of Christ's love
10. Visit an older single woman
11. Study and practice survival skills
12. Play a game of checkers, chess or other game with brother, sister, parent.
13. Research child training skills, including spank and non-spank methods
14. Research and write a mini-book on housekeeping methods
15. Plant some seedlings indoors
16. Learn how to change oil and tire on car.
17. Compliment your father on 5 differnt masculine qualities.  Write a letter to him or tell him personally.
18. Improve your ability to bake hommade bread from scratch.  Try sourdough bread from scratch.
19. Compile a monthy reading list consisting of 10 or more books per month.  Include classics and christain writings from those martyred or persecuted for the faith.
20. Study home remedies.  Start trying some remedies or preventative measures.
21. Compile a prayer list of those in bondage to (sexual impurity, alcohol, drugs, mental illness, cigarettes, anger, gambling, gluttony, eating disorders)
22. Memorize or make 15 bible verses into  a picture, song or other method to trigger the verse to mind.
23. Start a journal to keep track of the weather.
24. Study apologetics in bible vs. evolution
25. Study unassisted childbirth
26. Go on a date with Christ.
27. Learn how to do a new craft (embroidery skill etc)
28. Write a small song from bible verses
29. Write  about an issue to the opinions of your local paper
30. Design a bible themed game.  Try to make it for those who have never read the bible before.
31. Organize something
32. Create a home evening-entertainment plan for the next two weeks not including electronics.  Entertain family and friends.
33. Make a special desert.
34. Study home design
35. Learn how to overcome and live an unhindered life from various "proffesional" positions.  Doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors etc.
36. Donate Christian homemaking books to the local library.
37. Set up a small farmers market or yard sale
38. Pray for your future husband according to the words written in the bible.
39. Design a special bible reading plan that covers 1 week, 1 month, 40 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year (proverbs, special readings)
40. Research a local natural problem (trees with disseases, pollution in rivers, extinction of certain species)
41. Study and write down 25 different ways to be more frugal and reuse items
42. Learn how to make cheese.
43. Make homemade laundry detergent
44. Pray for leaders, parents, teachers, police and protective services
45. Seek ways to over come anger and improve character.
46. Try weaving
47. Pick up local ditches
48. Pray for those who attend large alcoholic gatherings
49. Sweep outside of a bar.
50. Hand out tracts particularly focusing on helping those in bondage (alcohol, drugs etc)
51. Research KJV vs Hebrew-greek vs. other bible versions
52. Hand sew and mend something
53. Make a marketable craft (gift baskets, wooden toys etc)
54. Create multiple differnt things out of old cereal boxes, cardboard boxes and other commonly thrown items (homemade cards, toys, learning materials)
55. Record some music
56. Study how women of the past lived and prepared their daily work
57. Give your parents a hug.
58. Make "baseball cards" of multiple characters of the bible.  Include whether they were good or evil for stats.
59. Visit a local nursing home and make a card for a resident.  Perhaps adopt a grandparent.
60. Send bibles to a country where they are forbidden.
61. Learn some psychology and sociolgy.  Determine how scripture can only solve the problems found in both fields.  Write a list of 25 differnt ways biblical principles can be applied to both fields to improve both.
62. Study the book of proverbs in depth including definitions and such.
63. Read material written by women who raised 5 or more children (teri maxwell, michelle duggar, large family mothering)
64. Develop and read material for your own homeschool curriculum.
65. Write a list of 30 different things you will do to bless your husband.
66. Study differnt flowers found in back yards
67. Read a household fix-it manual.
68. Donate items to local thrift store
69. Run one mile or more as able.
70. Preserve and can something from the grocer store, locally grown or own garden.
71. Design a modest femininine dress that fits in the ettiquitte of proper style.
72. Press some flowers
73. Rake leaves for an elderly person.
74. Write to local churches and encourage them to stop abortion as it is equal to murder (of jewish persons for example)
75. Research and/or serving at a food bank or shelter
76. Study how Sabbath and jewish traditions affect and can be a part of Christian practices without compromising Christian values.
77. Go on a walk in the woods.
78. Spring clean something.
79. Draw a picture of each of your family members and keep a scrap book.
80. Write a card to close relatives.
81. MAke some homemade cards.
82. Learn 50 new vocabulary words.
83. LEarn a new language.
84. LEarn hebrew
85. Paint a picture.
86. Make something with clay.
87. Knit a man's sweater.
88. Study how to improve laundry skills
89. Research the negative effects of TV on family life.
90. Take a picture of local residents and write a short biography of each.
91. Start highlighting your bible according to this fashion: yellow: salvation etc. etc.
92. Go camping.
93. Study smokescreens and learn to discern false or "puffed up" christian teachings.
94. Take care of your feet.
95. Study how to give someone a massage.
96. Participate in a local choir.
97. Film birds or animals
98. Create a list of Christian marriage help books and read all 5.
99. Study teaching styles and learning patterns of children.  Discern myth from reality.
100. Read a cook book.
101. LEarn basic CNA / nursing skills.
102. Create a doll house with paper dolls.
103. Create homemaker style toys and books for girls. (aprons, spoons, dolls and houses)
104. Create a child's chore chart and activity cards.
105. Create a file box of homeschool material.  Start printing now to save time later.
106. Try oragami.
107. Learn good ettiquitte practices.
108. Filter out wardrobe to only include 7 differnt feminine looking outfits.  Donate rest to good will.
109. Learn about and/or start raising chickens.
110. Visit a local farm and perhaps offer to volunteer a couple hours a couple times a month.
111. Study ways to write and create website.
112. Study computer programming.
113. Give out yell and tell printouts to children and/or daycares.
114. Give "Above rubies" magazines to local daycares.
115. Read material from Christians in communist countries.
116. Do some beauty routine practices.
117. Make a weekly breakfast menu.
118. Go sledding or swing on a swing
119. Restore an old piece of furniture.
120. Wash some windows and glass.
121. Start writting a daily devotional for single women
122. LEarn how to or plan to develop a home church from scratch (select certain bible readings, songs, attire etc)
123. Study female sexuality from a godly standpoint.
124. Make some garland.
125. Go for a walk.
126. organize your desk space.
127. Study how to improve your communication skills
128. Visit a different congregation or denomination.
130. Learn and write a list of 25 different characteristics of cults and -isms.
132. Study actual dates of Christ's birth, death on cross etc. based on scriptural account and jewish calendar.
133. Study Mary the mother of Christ from scriptural standpoint alone not religious twists and turns. (ie. how many children did she actually have)
134. Host a small tea-party for local neighbors.
135. Bake some cupcakes
136. Study cob houses, renewable energy and resources.  Make some plans to develop.
137. Write down 40 different ways to spend (cost of bread * 40) $ in 40 days.  Be as frugal and wise as possible.
138. Practice accounting.  Watch how your parents spend their money on a money management program.
139. Sew some curtains out of scrap material.
140. Write a list of people you can forgive in your life, especially males and men.
141. Write a list of 100 things to do and ways you can use the bible.
142. Play a bible trivia game on the computer.
143. Read a child's classic story book.  Devlop puppets to accompany the story you just read.
144. Improve your reading skills.  Learn how to power read 1000 words per minute.
145. Improve your writing skills.
146. Develop a plan to write a magazine for unmarried maidens from a Godly perspective.
147. Write to local teen women magazines and ask them to stop showing immodest girls.  Set up an online petition.
148. Write to major women's magazines and ask them to stop promoting relationships outside of marriage.  Set up an online petition.
149. Go fishing.
150. Write a letter to grandma.  Pick a 100 word segment from the bible.  List the 100 words and try to use all the words minus extra names and places.
151. Make a homemade rug out of scrap material.
152. Make homemade oil lanterns.
153. Make homemade candles.
154. Create things useful for the home out of old newspapers.
155. Use a jigsaw.
156. Draw pictures of flowers.
157. Illustrate and design a child's board book.
158. Sew a homemade doll and design her as a homemaker with lots of children.
159. Make homemade toys out of things from nature.
160. Study heirloom seeds.  Plant some.
161. Design hopscotch games using various words from the bible.
162. Learn some latin and word begginings and endings.
163. Smile while cleaning up something really disgusting.
164. Pick out a 100 word protion from the bible.  Defend the bible on an internet forum.  Use all 100 words minus extra names and places while writing in the debate.  Do that to prevent personal anger.
165. Study a strange animal in a differnt location on planet earth.  Write a small journal about the animal.  Ignore evolutionary jargon.
166. Create a calendar. 12 month or 365 day calendar or 360 jewish calendar.
167. Write a list of things to bring on a 2 week vacation.
168. Visit a relative if they live within 30 miles of your current location.
169. Write to a relative if they live over 30 miles away.
170. Develop a plan (specific time each week to study and recite) to memorize ALL of the psalms.
171. Bake bread from a different culture.
172. Study a culture unhindered by modern technology or city lifestyle.
173. Keep records of the weather.
174. Crochet something.
175. Study ways women can make men happier.
176. Try out a science kit.
177. Try out a new recipe.
178. Read a classic novel by  a well known author.
179. Visit a woman's shelter and encourage the women to forgive and pray for the men whom they left.
180. Study feminist women in history.  Determine if their lives were influenced by biblical principles.
181. Go swimming in modest swimwear.  Thighs, shoulders and hair covered.....
182. Study how to improve teaching methods.
183. Design montesorri style toys.
184. Draw 25 coloring pages.
185. Sew a quilt.
186. Paint with oil paints.
187. Write a 40 day plan to improve feminine characteristics in marriage.
188. Read a book about history.
189. If a parent is willing, take a child to the park.
190. Volunteer at a local daycare.  Encourage the women who leave their children at the daycare to find ways to stay home with their children.
191. Print out a classic book from e-book.  Start reading.
192. Read the local court records.  Pray for the people involved in the current court battles.
193. Develop and write a plan of what to do when your mind starts to lust after a man to whom you are not married.
194. Create a homebirth checklist.
195. Study Robert's Rules of Order.
196. Research a common dissease that affects people.
197. Study how to care for horses.
198. Visit a sheep farm.
199. Learn and play an uncommon sport.
200. Study Kitchen safety.
201. Attend a city coucil meeting
202. Attend or volunteer at a local child's club
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