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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Verse to ponder and grandmothers

Luk 7:35 But wisdom is justified of all her children.

Before this verse, the word speaks about Jesus eating with publicans and sinners. If I was to apply this verse to my life and the life of those who came before me, I can say that a wise woman truly has a lot of children.

My grandmother on my father's side was a school teacher in a small one-room public school. She had 10 children and 26 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. All 8 of her children stayed in steady relationships with one spouse. The other two were single. Some children/spouses have fallen for evangelical feminism but have not let it ruin their lives. She lived her last days listening to the bible on tape as she lost her sight in the end.

My grandmother on my mother's side grew up in a catholic environment. She had nine children. 15 grandchildren and thus far my children are the only great-grandchildren. One died early in a car accident. 3 of the nine remained in stable marriages. 4 had unstable/divorced or non-religious marriages and 1 had children out of wed-lock. She died in her own home but surrounded by catholic rituals. I loved to watch her work on the farm, but I did not like the religious routines.

My husband's side:
His grandmother on his mother's side fell for evangelical feminism. She had her tube's tied after only 3 children. Had 6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren First child is single, gambles, smokes, drinks and lives in a garage. She is lovable and listens to bible teachers but sometimes the feminist sarcasm is spiritually dangerous. Second child, divorced and lost oldest child through drowning accident and died while involved in an affair out of marriage. Third child, husband's mother, had three children out of wedlock. Grandmother is not fond of in-laws but constantly suspicious of them and not very relational to the community. Although, she reads her bible every day and fell for "worldly" things herself, she has hope for the future generations.

His grandmother on his father's side, I do not know. But I would like to know more about in the near future. Perhaps as a project in Micah's school curriculum.

If we can learn from the past and make better choices for the future, let it be so, and let God be our guide.

Can you guess which woman inspires me the most??? Can you guess which woman is easy to understand where things went wrong especially for those who have knowledge of God's word??

Monday, September 13, 2010

Teaching Music

Here is a link to an old book which is designed as separate lessons to help students recieve an introduction to the world of music. I thoroughly enjoy the structure of this book because it directly exposes the student to the structure of musical cords and such. These are often difficult concepts to grasp and many never attain the ability to discern between cords and such their entire life.


Although I do not suggest early music study for youngsters under the age of 6 because many youth can become disinterested and burnt-out by constant musical study. It seems that self-made child prodigies are the result of over-pressuring parents and guardians who really don't consider the need for child-hood play. Rather, musical study should wait until the child shares a definite interest and desire in learning music. When the child is interested, it is so much easier to ensure that the child would like to learn the material at hand and continue with it or perhaps make a career out of it for the rest of his or her life.

However, as a disclaimer, I DO NOT consider the use of musical instruments to be a vital and necessary part while worshiping our LORD. The reasoning is basically because as Christians we are heavenly minded and we really can't take our musical instruments with us to heaven, nor is the pride of knowing certain selections of music vital in our walk with Christ. Music through the ages has been used to worship pagan gods in the past and in modern times musical works are sometimes used to curse God. We must be careful in the study of music to ensure that our spirits aren't entwined in the masses of unnecessary rituals and routines rather than devoting a daily walk in bible study and prayer fellowship with our savior.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Baby Supply List

Continuing on with the proverbs 31 series I would like to speak about homebirth and baby today.

Homebirth/Natural birth
-girdeth her loins with strength

New mothers often worry that supplying for their new born baby will be too expensive. But this is simply not true, especially if the mother has much creative ability and sewing expertise as well as many friends and relatives who are eager to give baby much needed love and cute little outfits. I have comprised a simple list of resources where a new baby's supply can easily be obtained with a few resources from around the home, from garage sales, dollar stores, craft supply stores and household goods supply stores.

Here is the supply list for a home birth without a midwife. The cost for all items can be under 200$ if purchased wisely.

The total cost for new baby supply according to the list below is between 150-200$ depending on the location where supplies are purchased and items that are given to the new couple.

Happy shopping for the new baby ;)

The basic baby supply list is below:


Simplicity Baby Patterns
4.29$ + 2-5$/yd fabric and 2$ sewing supply
Turn old stuff into baby clothes
scraps free 10$ if buy used clothing
Knitting Patterns for Baby
booties,mittens, blankets, clothing, hats, socks, toys, washclothes 5$ for yarn

Lots of used clothing at garage sales. Often find all that is needed for under 25$

Crib and sleeping:

Co-sleeper bed used in the bed
a co-sleeper bed is really all that is needed 50$
at times we have also simply used a wedge
Flannel Fabric for receiving blankets sewn around the edges 5$
Knitted Blankets Patterns
Knitted blankets work as well 2$ for yarn


Diaper Free Baby
A site for those who would like to try diaper free baby. We do this occasionally but not full time. A portable potty is under 10$

Frugal Diapering Patterns
Sew all the diapers and covers you will ever need for under 50$

Wipes: I bought a package of washcloths, cut them in quarters and sewed around the edges to make a large supply 3.50$

Diaper pail: use a five gallon bucket with lid to keep the smell contained. Free buckets can sometimes be found at local grocery stores. I also use an icecream bucket with lid. If a person chooses to wash diapers every day on a small load this size is often the best size.

Ointment, Powder, wipes spray etc:
Can be found very cheap at a local dollar tree store for 1$ each or homemade solutions work as well total 2$

Baby Wipes Recipes
contains many various diaper wipes recipes 1$ per batch plus 1$ for a spray bottle

Breast feeding is best...There really is not need for bottles and supply especially for Christian homemakers.

Baby led introduction to solid foods
A baby who can feed his/herself is much easier to manage. A supply of baby spoons and bowls can be found under 5$ at a dollar store.

Leaking happens quite often for some women and I have made breastfeeding pads with several layers of felt in a five inch circle. 2$

Grooming and Bathing:
Lotion, baby shampoo, cotten swabs and such are easily purchased for under 10$ especially if purchased at a dollar store

Baby bathtub is not needed as baby may simply recieve a bath in the sink.

Hooded towels can sometimes be found at garage sales as well but a regular towel works just as well. 5$

I would also recommend purchasing baby tylenol, medicine or other remedy supply as needed before the event of baby illness during cold/flu season. 10$

Here is a typical supply list found from online organizing.com. Of course, for the frugal mother this list can be adjusted.


* outfit to wear home from hospital
* 6 to 7 "onesies"
* 6 one-piece pajamas
* 2 to 3 sweaters, mittens, and hats (if cold season)
* 4-5 pairs of booties or cotton socks
* miscellaneous other newborn outfits


* 4 receiving blankets
* 3 contoured crib sheets
* 2 to 3 absorbent rubber crib lining pads
* 2 quilted mattress pads
* blanket
* wedge for sleeping baby
* mobile or other musical crib toy
* night light


* diaper pail
* 2 packages diaper pail liners
* 1 to 2 dozen disposable newborn diapers
* 2 to 4 dozen cloth diapers and diaper pins (if not using disposable)
* nail scissors with a blunt edge
* diaper rash ointment
* 2 packages of wet wipes
* rubber pants


* 6 to 7 bibs
* 10 to 12 bottles with nipples (if not breast feeding)
* bottle warmer
* breast pump
* bottle washing brush / dishwasher rack
* breast feeding pillow
* 5 to 6 burp cloths


* 4 towels and 4 washcloths
* cotton balls and cotton swabs
* baby shampoo
* baby lotion
* baby soap
* baby comb and brush
* infant bath tub
* bath water thermometer

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gnosticism in the Church

It has been a while since I have posted. I plan to continue posting on the proverbs 31 series very soon again.

An interesting article that puts the church back in perspective. Accurate history clears the smoke quite a bit.


Without accurate history the church suffers.

Songs of Love and Hope