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Monday, September 13, 2010

Teaching Music

Here is a link to an old book which is designed as separate lessons to help students recieve an introduction to the world of music. I thoroughly enjoy the structure of this book because it directly exposes the student to the structure of musical cords and such. These are often difficult concepts to grasp and many never attain the ability to discern between cords and such their entire life.


Although I do not suggest early music study for youngsters under the age of 6 because many youth can become disinterested and burnt-out by constant musical study. It seems that self-made child prodigies are the result of over-pressuring parents and guardians who really don't consider the need for child-hood play. Rather, musical study should wait until the child shares a definite interest and desire in learning music. When the child is interested, it is so much easier to ensure that the child would like to learn the material at hand and continue with it or perhaps make a career out of it for the rest of his or her life.

However, as a disclaimer, I DO NOT consider the use of musical instruments to be a vital and necessary part while worshiping our LORD. The reasoning is basically because as Christians we are heavenly minded and we really can't take our musical instruments with us to heaven, nor is the pride of knowing certain selections of music vital in our walk with Christ. Music through the ages has been used to worship pagan gods in the past and in modern times musical works are sometimes used to curse God. We must be careful in the study of music to ensure that our spirits aren't entwined in the masses of unnecessary rituals and routines rather than devoting a daily walk in bible study and prayer fellowship with our savior.
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