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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Homemade Recipe for Tempera Paint

The feminist energy does get drained

When a woman tries to please one man at work and another man at home, her affections become divided, and her feminine beauty becomes hardened. Helen Andelin, in her book, Fascinating Womanhood, poetically reveals what a wife relinquishes if she works outside her home: “The moon, when it moves from its sphere of night into day, loses its luster, its charm, its very poetry.”[138] When a woman’s employments, delights, and ministries are based from her home, she radiates God’s glory as no one else could in her stead. But when a woman invests her energy in a career outside of her home, she loses her feminine luster. In addition, she takes on a double curse—the man’s curse in addition to the woman’s (see Genesis 3:16-19). Andelin continues, “devotion to your household, family, and charity enhances feminine charm, whereas employment outside the home does little or nothing for it.”[139] So, apart from the implication of divided loyalty with two different authorities, even the practical fruit of a woman choosing a career outside her home fails to equal the satisfying glory of homemaking. If you desire to work because you find yourself bored at home, Andelin states, “the problem is that you are buying happiness at the expense of your family. You are putting your desires ahead of their needs. This is never justified.”[140] She goes on to say, “Your child … doesn’t want you to be bright, talented, chic, or smart. … He just wants you to love him. He will be the one who pays the price for your wanting to have it all.”[141] So it is evident that not only does working for another man put a woman in relational compromise, but a career outside the home also does not allow a woman or her family to fully thrive—contrary to what feminists claim.

Ellison, Melanie (2012-03-02). Chucking College: Achieving Success Without Corruption (Kindle Locations 2413-2421). Devoted Maidenhood. Kindle Edition.
Ellison, Melanie (2012-03-02). Chucking College: Achieving Success Without Corruption (Kindle Locations 2402-2413). Devoted Maidenhood. Kindle Edition.

I've read the book by Helen Andelin as well.  Very good and inspiring book to just be better women not to compete with men.

Link between parents child and parents

The link between parent and child is very strong, and a baby or child easily picks up a parent's feelings. If you feel grumpy, so too will your child. When tension between parents runs high, the emotional effect on the child can be so strong as to disturb energy flow and cause illness. Many cases of asthma in children have been traced back to great tension between the parents. In some instances, parents have been considering a separation, but have not told their children. However, the children have subconsciously detected the tension, which then manifested itself as asthma.
Children may even pick up or "borrow" diseases from their parents. For example, one child with asthma did not respond to any treatments. After some time it was discovered that the mother had a severe lung condition, which she had not revealed. She decided to take treatment herself, and as her condition improved, so did her child's asthma. in the words of an old Chinese saying: "Treat the mother to treat the child."

If the mother needs some repair in the relationship I suggest for medical purposes to invest time in reading "fascinating womanhood pdf" and completing the assignments. I also suggest reading "created to be his helpmete" by Debi Pearl as she explains the difference and balance between the burlesque side of a woman and the faith side of a woman towards a husband quite well.

Information from Natural Medicine for Children

And They Crucified Him - Art Katz

I want all to listen to this. The tragedy of not wanting to suffer but giving over to self-indugence is destructive to the human spirit.  All things social or psychological have one solution and it isn't by living in humanistic pleasure or attending church for social benefit.  There is joy in suffering and that alone.  Need we suffer in studying truth more written in scripture?.  Psalms proverbs and more.  We do and that is the solution.  Christ said "study the scriptures"  We can only receive joy in this suffering.  SCorners and mockers have their penalty and it strikes like a ware-wolf when no one expects it.  If I've given over to the scorn then I will have to take the penalty for such.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Faith or Burlesque which one??

The burlesque of life will always "pop" up out the middle of nowhere it seems.  I have family members and in-laws some close cousins others at a distance who give in to the burlesque completely without marriage.  I'm now at the age of getting closer to 30 and I still see girls fall for the burlesque lifestyle rather than finding strength in God's word.  I'm married and have three children.  When I attended college I was friends with girls who attended hollywood runways and party life.  I studied mathematics while being surrounded in an entire classroom with guys so my father never encouraged me to be a wall-flower.
So how do you balance this faith in scripture (of any language) and not getting to the point where a person becomes religious and scornful??
As a point that I like to emphasize is that the psalms and proverbs are still useful for today.  Psalm 119 is designed to help a person cope with the pressures of life and joyfully choose the blessings of God and study his word rather than the fleshly ways of temptation.  Psalm 119 is an acrostic (complete) poem for the love of God's law.  Successful and influential people in history have memorized Psalm 119 (slavery abolished in Europe without weapons of war thanks to a man who memorized).  In Jesus' day, the first portion of scripture children were taught to memorize was Psalm 119!.  Reading 5 psalms, 1 proverb each day according to day of month can challenge psychological and social understanding.
We live in a day where the church gives in-to the burlesque too easily and rely's on it for strength.  This is a deception.  It is ONLY for within the walls of marriage and thats it.  Anything else leads to slavery of the body and destruction of the next generation.
Keep in mind I have also met a homeschool mother who denied the "need" for the burlesque and ended up divorced and very religious yet with many children.  I spoke with her for a while but then she called police officers and started yelling as if mentally ill so I had to leave her presence as I wasn't "clean" enough to be around her supposedly.
As a side note I grew up in a Norwegian American household and as such Norwegian Scandinavian Christians went through persecution in the early days.  Norwegian's don't necessarily support or emphasize the need for the American constitution or laws even today yet at times they still do.  I'd like my kids to have knowledge of Norwegian stories as well as the biblical ones.  Some neighbor norwegian relative guys attended public school but still come back "dumb" and unable to read.  Their intelligence is in farming and thats it.

So my question as a whole like I said before......how does a woman balance faith and the burlesque??

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Resolution for Women

1. I do solemnly resolve to embrace my current season of life and will maximize my time in it.  I will resist the urge to hurry through or circumvent any portion of my journey but will live with a spirit of contentment.

2. I will champion God's model for womanhood in the face of a profeminist culture.  I will teach it to my daughters and encourage its support by my sons.

3. I will accept and celebrate my uniqueness and will esteem and encourage the distinctions I admire in others.

4. I will live as a woman answerable to God and faithfully committed to His word.

5. I will seek to devote the best of myself, my time, and my talents to the primary roles the Lord has entrusted to me in this phase of my life.

6. I will be a woman who is quick to listen and slow to speak.  I will care about the concerns of others and esteem them more highly than myself.

7. I will forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.

8. I will not tollerate evil influences even in the most justifiable form, in myself or my home, but will embrace and encourage a life of purity.

9. I will pursue justice, love mercy, and extend compassion toward others.

10. I will be faithful to my husand and honor him in my conduct and conversation in order to bring glory to the name of the LOrd.  I will aspire to be a suitable partner for him to help him reach his God-given potential.

11. I will demonstrate to my children how to love God with all their hearts, minds, and strength, and will train them to respect authority and live responsibly.

12. I will cultivate a peaceful home where everyone can sense God's presence not only through acts of love and service but also through the pleasant and grateful attitude with which I perform them.

13. I will fully resolve to make today's decisions with tomorrow's impact in mind.  I will consider my current choices in light of those who will come after me.

From: The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer

Applesauce Needs Sugar

With the single exception of the Great Depression of the 1930's, no other financial depression America has ever experienced was worse than the Panic of 1896. It started when far-off India switched its coinage of silver to gold, an act that sent Westen mining stocks and silver, especially, plunging. Within six months,t eh silver dollar was worth only sixty cents, Treasury gold reserves had dropped to a paltry 80 million dollars, over six hundred banks were forced to close their doors, seventy four railroads collapsed and declared bankruptcy, and thousands of businesses failed.
It was in that bleak economic setting that this poignant story was born. Papa with no job, Moma with no food for their growing family, no government or state aide or food stamps-- what was a mother to do?

The Hammonds were living in Texas when they had the sugar shortage back in '96. It was their own personal shortage, and they were short of every thing, so they lived three weeks on cornmeal mush, but it was the sugar the children remembered best, because Mama prayed for sugar. She would never pray for anything she could get any other way, and she didn't mention bacon or fresh meat or milk or even a job for Papa, because the sugar meant something special. If angels up in heaven didn't know what sugar was, they certainly must have been curious by the time Mama got through.

The family was really Canadian, but the panic had hit Papa while he was doing some building in Nebraska, and there weren't any relief offices then and no way to turn. He too to selling books and some how got down to Texas with the children and couldn't get back. The he got the Texas fever, and it hung on for almost a year, so he was simply beat and discouraged at the end, and no use talking to him.

The house they lived in was somewhere around Dallas. It wasn't in the city but outside where a man could get a shack for most nothing, and nobody would bother to put him out when he couldn't pay rent. Mama had grown a big garden, but it was all gone by fall, and she'd made crayon portraits and done some dressmaking. Mostly the neghbors were as bad off as she was, so all they gave her for pay was cornmeal. She didn't go away from the house any more bcause of her condition. The children didn't know what that meant, but they supposed it was the same reason the older ones couldn't go to school and had their lessons at home.

It was papa who talked about starvation after they'd got down to cornmeal mush. The children heard him in the night. "What are we going to do?" He'd say it over and over, as it he hurt inside and was angry too. "What are we going to do? We've got five children, if your remember, and there are two men out of work for every man working."

Moma answered low and quiet,"We've got to have faith, Papa. People are given their brains so they'll look to themselves as best they can. Then, when we go as far as we can, we'll get help."


Notes from the above story. In this day in age we still have to have that faith. Relying on the govt' to help is actually a form of stealing in God's eyes! Nazi Germany was a state funded food govt' before disaster too over.

We need to have faith to follow Christ alone. We need to use our brains to learn about all the foods God does supply us with for free in the form of wild edible foods. We also need to know how to have good Character to work with people and produce a faith that lives in truth in community.

Story from Mom in my heart by Joe L Wheeler

Finding hope in truth is the first place to start as I have heard of other families who also live off of cornmeal even in America today

Sunday, July 14, 2013

An example of a major in the book of [Obadiah]

I know that sounds like a funny and unimportant major in this world, but think about it, we humans are created to worship God and nothing else.  Everything else fails.  Terrorists get a hold of certain realms of knowledge and use it against humanity.  Anyone living in this century knows this to be true.

So what is the solution????

A degree in the book of __________

Year One:
Teaching [Obadiah] to children 5 and under. 4 credits
Writing from [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Study of [Obadiah] in the modern world.  4 Credits
Cultural Origination of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits

Year Two:
Correlation of [Obadiah] to [Proverbs] in Logical Algorithm. 4 Credits
Applying [Obadiah] to Variant Writings. 4 Credits
[Obadiah] use in Natural One Spouse Marriage. 4 Credits
Observational [Obadiah] aspects to creation study . 4 Credits

Year Three:
Mathematical Application and Studies of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Ethical applications of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Native and Tribal studies of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Dictionary and Library Science with [Obadiah]. 4 Credits

Year Four:
Application of [Obadiah] to modern/current technology. 4 Credits
Memorization and Performance of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Sustainable life and community with principles from [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Language and Alternate and Origins of [Obadiah] 4 Credits

Additional Studies Can include the following (four per year are selected):
Producing book of [Obadiah] to art. 3 Credits
Producing book of [Obadiah] to Multimedia. 3 Credits
Interrelation of book of [Obadiah] to Music. 3 Credits
Study and Practice in Sports to book of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Celestial and Microorganism Study of Book of [Obadiah]. 4 Credits
Creative Writing with book of [Obadiah] 4 credits
Engaging [Obadiah] to household management. 4 Credits
Application of multigenerational church to book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Study of word and Communication arrangements and effects by book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Teaching book of [Obadiah] to age 6-12. 4 Credits
Training teenager, the new Christian and the faulty Christian in the book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Creating Learning Games in book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits
Investigation of Medicine and Ethical Principals according to the book of [Obadiah] 4 Credits

A Typical 4 Credit Class would consist of:
25 pages per day of reading material in relation to the topic
10 point quizes each week
Memorization tests of 100 words each week
2 Exams
1-5 page paper per week
20 page final paper
Publish one book each year according to four of the variant subjects
Character improvement checklist per each subject studied

Other Subject Matters that may be perfected according to the book of [Obadiah]
-Science Subjects
-Social Applications and Readings including general Statistical Survey
-Psychology Applications and Readings
-Creative Literature
-Sport and Physical
-Language Arts
-Life and Wild Life Skills
-Maternity and Death Subjects
-Healthcare Subjects
-Language Studies in repetition conversation and translation of scripture
-Martyrs and Sufferings of yesterday and Today
-Women and speaking kindly in home and towards male authority
-Unhindered Living

-Serving Actively in good standing within the community or current living arrangements
-Live with parents while under study and apprenticeship
-Have taken a full conservative biblical study resource
-Understand biblical calendar, Fibonacci formula and such in relation to creation study as well as arrangement of passover and musical applications in relation to nature
-PRactice positive biblical reading pattern on regular basis.
-Provide a daily journal and reflection from scripture
-Signed arrangement to not Sell the "super-knowledge" of God's word but rather to work in a simple job.  Inother words making a big profit off of knowledge of God's truth.
-Basic Accumulation of Knowledge to succeed in ACT, SAT and such knowledge tests.

-Completely independent study
-Submit Syllabus for daily work
-Submit daily assignments and quizes
-All work is returned each month to help write book each year.
-Other Subject Matter Syllabus Submitted
-Daily assignments for "other" study also submitted and worked to perfection.

There is another resource out there that also assists parents and others interested in a fuller study of biblical knowledge, it is www.sonlighteducation.com 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Inner Desire to live Within God's plan for love in Life

As man was asked to work the soil and bring bread out of it, the women is asked to guide the house and bear children that God would receive glory and not man. These concepts are not well understood in modern America as political and other activist strive to work against this nature. When we trust God's word as truth we will see our innermost dreams and feelings fulfilled rather than squandered or beaten down to the point where we cannot function or deal with the pressures of society.

So many people run here and there thinking they will arrive at what God has planed for us by doing religious things in a church, accomplishing some political or scientific acumen. Instead, we need to stop, take time to study his word and fill it in our lives to allow God to lead us in the right direction. God really did make men and he wants us women to help him meet all his needs. He can and will fill our innermost womanly vision and dreams when we are in love with his ways.

Women imagine turning the man whom you married into the man of your dreams and picture yourself in a romance book with your husband as the provider. Our inner dreams and visions to be fulfilled are there only if we listen and strive for this truth. Magically, the man whom you loved in your youth will start building ideas to live within a means that doesn't strain you and will allow you to live in freedom from debt and fear. He may even show you so much love as to build you a castle if you are a wise woman.

For more ways to find the romance and love in your marriage google Fascinating womanhood pdf.

The Empty Swing

The empty swing
rocks gently in the breeze

the sandbox only holds
the winter storm

the bike is there
to lose its paint
and gather rust

And as she looks through
eyes with tears

She is reminded with an aching
heart that in some
pain-free yesterday

She was a mother.

-from Janette Oke Celebrating the Inner Beauty of Woman

I thought this was a good reminder of what it means to care for our children
everyday as those memories and times change ever so quickly.

Monday, July 8, 2013

In reply to sexual impurity bandwaggon.

 A woman on a forum was asking whether the it is biblically acceptable to divorce and remarry even in the case of abuse:  Here is my reply

I really like to go to the information on www.thefaithoncedelivered.info website for clear answers that are biblical based and very well laid out.  Nogreaterjoy.org does a wonderful job of explaining how to work with our old flesh in the nature of marriage as it is very difficult even in hard times.  At times old Jezabel can creep up and try to take control.

I've had my husband financially abuse my credit.  A normal worldly person would call the nearest lawyer and have him charged with fraud or other crimes of that nature.  He already has had criminal records so I am choosing to love him despite his flaws.  I'm not perfect either.  I've said things that were not of a critical thought nature but false and scornful.

I get called names from time to time by my husband.  I've been scorned by his grandmother for being a mother to our kids.  I carry on.  I still believe God will provide for us even if it means I eat extra healthy dandelions for dinner.

So to explain if it is right to divorce in the case of abuse is like telling a doctor he needs to quit his job because all of the patients have mental illness and don't function as they ought.  To tell a woman she should get divorced because the job is too hard is an oxymoron in a sense and similar to telling a good doctor to quit his job because the patients are so reckless.

The place to start is memorizing the ten commandments and study those as that will explain clearly what sin is and what it does to our lives.  We can end up hurting and getting hurt in inward ways that others cannot see.  Even in our thoughts against our spouse! God knows about that too!

Is there ever a biblical "right" to remarriage while the former spouse is still alive.  The answer quite clearly is NO.  God NEVER puts human sexuality on a pedestal. We all must be dead to our sin married or single for life.

If you have friends, family or other's living in sexual impurity, God will and does judge that sin even if the "church" accepts it. If you are close to marriage it may be wise to move far away from severely sexually impure relatives as they may come after your future children.

Here is what Paul states about marriage which is often not talked about in the modern church.
"The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord. But she is happier if she so abide, after my judgment: and I think also that I have the Spirit of God.
(1Co 7:39-40)"

I've already seen, heard, read about women judged for her choice to jump in with a "new" man or scorn the one she's with. The men usually leave, the sons never visit or get charged with rape and get tired of the same old same old Jezabel feminist behavior.  Its icky. Avoid it like a poisonous bio-hazard found at the old nursing-home.  If you are infected with it the only real cure is a graceful merciful tongue guided by the spirit of critical thinking truth.  Critical thinking involves skill and takes time to develop properly.  www.homeschoolhowtos.com has a good e-book to develop and test your skill in this area so you don't jump on the bandwaggon of sexual impurity or in the support of it.

Response to defend against the defenseless questions among and by women

A woman on a forum was bragging about an older woman who was too "old fashioned" and believed that all women should be married before having children by the way she asked question of another unmarried woman.  Her response was to tell the woman a lie and claim that she didn't know who the father was yet she really did as he was an engaged partner.

Below is my response to her scorn and gossip among other things:

It is interesting how women interact with each other and some don't recognize that their facts vs. opinion are somewhat inflaming and derogatory towards others.  In other words judging by outward appearance and not inward appearance.  Happens all the time.
I don't wear a wedding ring yet I am married by pen and paper (A FACT...about me)
The only man I have ever kissed is the man of my children (A FACT....about me)
I have had five pregnancies (A FACT.....about me)
I am a naturally created to be a stripper and still have the means to do so (A FACT.....about me)
All women need to wear a white wedding dress to be considered married (opinion)
Only the women who wear wedding rings may have babies in their bellies (opinion)
In your state of condition, I am sure that she is concerned about the health of the child in some way.  Sure it is possible for the woman to work out of the home and raise a child via. daycare independently and never seek full marriage.  But with the pressures of the dollar bill it could eat away the life of the child especially knowing that some day cares are not safe and hire perverts without knowledge of such truths that exist. Children end up severely hurt by such situations.
So to face such demeaning questions which are in appearance of looking at outward alone, that are inspired to search for fact rather than opinion, is difficult, especially in your circumstance of being engaged.  Her opinion may be that ONLY married women with wedding rings can raise healthy children. Her opinion may arise based on the presupposition that only men can be proper providers for the home and family.

In the above descriptions I do want you to beware of the flames of feminism that have even arisen even within me by other older women who ask demeaning outward appearance questions. It is a fact that a woman lawyer feminist was so adamant at down playing the role of men in society that her own son later grew up to become a rapist on a college campus.  Please beware of this issue before it is too late.

If I was in your shoes and I saw that woman who asked you the inflaming question again, I would apologize immediately (for she is human as does walk in error about outward appearance rather than inward appearance) and confess your untruths to her.  I don't think you should be afraid of her for she was showing you that it is necessary to give reverence to men in our society for they protect the future generation of sons from becoming perverts and rapists.

I am sorry but to scorn such a human being is wrong and must be confessed before it is too late as this will spill a further pattern that it is ok for our children to do so as well.  IT is wrong to scorn the disabled and it is wrong to scorn the older women who ask demeaning outward appearance questions.
I'm with you on this as I have been asked inflammatory questions by older women too and it caused rage within.  Its not an easy road to travel after the child is born to ensure the child is raised as a good child and not an evil one.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

To reverse the letters of death written towards us

"and said,if it please the king, and it I have found favour in his sight, and the thing seem right before the king, and I be pleasing in his eyes, let it be written to reverse the letters devised by Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, which he wrote to destroy the Jews which are in all the king's provinces."

Are you are woman married to a man who is "pegan" in nature.   Maybe he seems idolatrous and constantly playing football games or video games.  Perhaps it seems he does you harm.  Perhaps you were pure and innocent until you were married.  God never changes and neither do men.  God asks us to follow him and not the ways of man.

In the verse above we are reminded of the basic desire in human lust towards anti-semitism.  It is an awful thing and even some churches in the United States of America practice such fifth and pretend as if it doesn't exist.  Guess what, it does as Satan is continuing to cover up the truth of Christ who came and died for all of us.

If you are a woman you would be wise in this regard and fully study scripture alone on this matter if you happen to be married to an "unjust or unmerciful man".  As we can see in the verse above Esther did her best to please the king.  She said, "if it please the king and I have found favour in his sight."  No where did Esther say if he....meaning the husband..... would please me.  A wise woman would desire no favor towards her selfish ways.

Esther also says, "I be pleasing in his eyes".  She does not say if I be pleasing in mine own eyes.  She didn't claim her rights to feminist victory by saying, I'm going to go and put on a man's work uniform and demand that the men pay me for doing the same amount of work as them.  She never did say that ever.  She said she wanted to be pleasing in HIS eyes.  She wanted to look beautiful and lucious for her man no matter what it took.

She also did not seek to nag or condemn her man.  She never claimed that she was a "victorious woman" and that he was a lazy lustful man or something of that nature.  She never did that.  Instead she proclaimed truth!  She proclaimed that there was another man that was devising a plan to destroy her and her family and her people! 

Are you a woman living in a lie that believes that men don't do this even today?  Hello!  They still do this today and even in the "free" religious country of the United States of America!  There are married couples who need to recognize that in order to overcome the lies of humanity that destroy us all we women NEED to stand up for truth in the face of the enemy.  We do not need to condemn our men.  We do not need to claim victory over them for being lazy, lustful, bossy or of other horrible male characteristics.  Nor do we need to condemn their mothers (the horrible MIL) for lacking in the skills to raise their son's properly.  We do not need to claim victory over the abortion problem by blaming the men.  We need only stand for truth and justice in the face of its ugly reality of all the weeds that exist in our own human character.

Instead we women need to be Esthers.  We need to be PURE as she was pure and didn't jump from man to man willfully.  We women need to be pleasing to our husbands and not cutting our hair to look manly or masking it in some religious or careerism garble.  We women need to be right be fore our husbands and not in the place of wrong.  If our facts don't line up and we truly are irresponsible and selfish then we can only come back to our place of indignant need of repair.    We women need to be pleasing in our husband's eyes not in the man or religious group next door's eyes.  In our husband's eyes.  If he wants us to wear a muslim scarf or if he wants us to wear a cape dress then do so.  If he wants us to wear a fashionable modest dress from Good Will then do so regularly.

Now when we as women do things as Esther did and are RIGHT in HIS (our husband's) eyes and not in our own as we deserve no favor in this life the letters written against us as written by Satan him self are reversed.  We need the supply of Christ to defend us in victory.  That may mean as women you will need to seek into very affordable unassisted birth as no husband wants to go into debt slavery for a hospital bill simply so you can contribute more to his case of debt.  That may mean we will have to give up on putting our name on the career success list.  That may mean you will get your name trashed by your husband.  That may mean your family that raised you and that you love and cherish so much will end up hating or rejecting you for the sake of rescuing your husband from his crimes.

I don't know about you but I would rather stand at the judgment seat in favor than in disfavor of our creator and redeemer.

The tides turn feminist women and now its time to stand for what is right in HIS eyes and HIS eyes alone.

We need these letters of death written against us to be reversed and it is up to you women to decide to make the path right.

Bible Miracle

I don't know about you, but I think this is a miracle.

Today I opened up my KJV 1$ bible and there sitting in my bible was a library card to the Postville Public Library.  In case you don't know Postville is a small town in North East Iowa where there is a mix of many nationalities in the small town.  Anything from Jewish to African American to Asian and White and all in between.  I really believe that God is telling me something like the love that he gave for ALL of humanity when I found that library card there this morning because I recall that I put that card in my purse and my purse has been no where near the bible I usually read.  I am normally a very careless or forgetful person.  My husband keeps telling me to lock my car and keep my purse in a better location because I forget it so much.  I better start listening before it is too late.

Anyway, that is my miracle story for the day.

Have a good day and read your bible today because you never know what miracles you will find.

Luncheons or Suppers from the 1930's

From The Domestic Arts Edition of the American Woman's Cook Book

Banana and Nut Salad

Cream of Potato Soup
Toasted Cheese Sandwiches
Fresh Fruit

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
Waldorf Salad
Brown Bread Sandwiches

Potato Salad
Sausages or Cold Ham
Apple Sauce

Delmonico Potatoes
Corn Oysters
Canned Fruit
Molasses Cookies

Lima Beans in Casserole Muffins
Grapefruit and Celery Salad

Cream of Potato Soup
Asparagus Salad
Apple Jelly

Cream of Tomato Soup
Brown Bread Sandwiches with Cheese Filling
Fruit Salad

Cream of Tomato Soup
Apple and Celery Salad

Creamed Salmon on Toast
Graham Bread and Butter
Sliced Oranges with Coconut

Cabbage au Gratin
Plain Sandwiches
Lettuce Salad with French Dressing
Apricot and Rice Pudding

Pork and Beans
Pickle, Celery and Lettuce Salad
Brown Bread
Plum Sauce

Cheese Souffle
Baked Potatoes
Waldorf Salad

Macaroni and Cheese
Stewed Tomatoes
Baked Apple with Tapioca

Cold Meat
Tomato and Celery Salad
Hot Gingerbread and Whipped Cream

Creamed Salmon
Baked Potatoes
Orange and Bermuda Onion Salad

Cheese Fondue
Vegetable Salad
Cereal Pudding with Dates

Scalloped Oysters
Toasted English Muffins
Canned or Fresh Fruit

Tunafish Salad
French Fried Potatoes
Graham Gems
Floating Island Custard

Barnyard Capers

Unusual happenings down at Farmer Brown's
Gave recourse for whispers and worried frowns.

Calls for a Sherlock to solve the matter
Soon filled the barnyard with ear-splitting clatter.

Hens from the hen house were raising a din,
Offering suggestions to poor mother hen.

Ducks were too busy to stop and look,
But they ordered the drake to go "case" the brook.

Clues soon appeared in the damp spring weather--
Five sets of prints and a small yellow feather.

Drake brought the good news.  A flurry ensued.
Mother hen hurried to gather her brood.

The mystery was solved.  The truth was out!
A chanticleer sounded his clarion shout.

Farmer Brown called it a seasonal thing.
Baby chicks got lost on their first spring fling.

Alice Leedy Mason

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some thoughts on outward appearance

I went to get my driver's license yesterday.  They asked me to remove my headcovering.......The women who worked there claimed that only the "muslim" women were aloud to wear it.  Hmmmmmm    Sounds fishy to me.  I don't wear a Mennonite cap but I know some Mennonite women wear scarves and drive vehicles.

I agreed to their plea but I did technically still have my head covered as I had a headband on underneath the scarf I was wearing.

When women start seeing that Humanism is NOT Christianity then they will see where they are walking in error.  Humanism accepts muslim/catholic and idolatry practices and rejects God's word.  Following Christ has to do with inward appearance not outward appearance.  Christ said judge not man by outward appearance but inward appearance.  I follow the words of Christ in red first and then the other things second. Following and studying the words of the first Christians is effective too.

I will avoid as much of the public resources for education as possible as they cannot discern between the religions in a proper "fashion."  We will still use public parks and I know I need to use public resources for land purchases or license or birth certificates and such.

Such confusion in life yet God's word stands the strongest.

By the way I do not sign up as an organ donor as I know they use the body for "science" and that means they have the rights to throw the dead body off of a cliff to "test" various harnesses, straps and other things.  Very disrespectful.

Also to note, some muslims who find truth in Christ alone also continue to wear head covering of some nature.  The heart change is what matters more that the outward appearance.

For basic understanding of what Man likes to see on a woman's head is long hair as a whole. There is rarely a natural man who enjoys looking as a women with masculine boy-cut hair.  Models in magazines are often in long hair.

It is good to further study 1 Cor. 11 to get a better understanding of this topic and recognize that the Hair is not the covering it needs to be a technical object of some sort......even if it is a rubber chicken.  It is the only way to give women a humble nature in the social structures of life.  Hair is a sexual object that man loves to imagine feeling and touching this is even known in mental-health institutions.  Women nurses are asked to always keep their hair in a bun or ponytail that is not sexually driving for the flesh nature of man.

So there you have it, God's word is truth and will never change.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

God knows everything

Boys and Girls go to school as soon as they are old enough.  They go to school to learn.  There is so much to learn.
But God never goes to school.  God does not have to learn.  God knows all things.
God knows things that we cannot know.  He knows how many stars there are up in the sky.  He calls the stars by their names.
God knows things we cannot see.  He knows how the big trees push their roots into the ground, and how they send water up through the stems to each little leaf.
God knows all that happens in the dark.  Nobody can hide from Him, not even in the darkest night.

Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising
Psalm 139:2

Suggested reading Psalm 139:1-10

Taken from Leading Little Ones to God by Marian M. Schoolland

We live in a world where the culture trys to control nature

We live in a world where the culture that surrounds us likes to control nature.

Of course man can never move the position of the sun but think of the other things man likes to control in nature:

1. The size of a family (make it larger or smaller with fertility or anti-fertility drugs)
2. The personality of your child with the use of psychology
3. Weeds in the garden such as specialized herbicides
4. Increase the age of a severely disabled and weak elderly person
5. Dogs their types, breeds and their behaviors
6. Genocidal behavior and choosing race of those who can and cannot live
7. Water banks and new rivers
8. The position of special trees from one location to another
9. Cattle numbering in the thousands per farm
10. Divorce remarriage and finding new sex partners
11. Creation of depression meds and over processed food products to sell to the people

So the list could go on.  Some of these things serve to hurt humanity and the natural world.  Some of these things serve to help humanity and the natural world.

Adam was asked to take dominion over the earth and thats the way it is.

Snow in Summer

Prov 26:1 As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool.

Have you ever attended an event where the people were honoring each other but they simply were not sincere enough to walk in truth?  What I mean is if a person was honored for playing the part of a religious prophet and says things like "you will never have trials in your life."  I've been around people like that and it actually makes me sick.  I like to read the bible but I really don't like it when people twist things and tell untruths.

How about a place where there is a man whom you know will not stick with his guns and respect his marriage vows or his determination to keep his eyes only towards his wife.  I see a lot of this happening in the USA and it is no wonder our economic problems are occurring, the men are foolish and have no regard or respect of human life or the woman to whom they are married.

Of course there may be times where I am "fooled" and misinterpret that a man walking around in a police uniform of some sort on a street corner is actually not a police officer but an actor who is ready to mug me.  I suppose there is not much I can do about the tricks that men believe they can and should get away with.  I hope God judges people like that.

I really can't see my self wanting to give honor to a man to left his wife and five kids and she chose never to abort any of her children.  Yes it may be hard to raise such a brood in this world that hates human life, but really I can't see how I could ever give honor to such a man.


The walrus is the largest animal on the ice pack, an enormous creature that may weigh between two and three thousand pounds when fully grown.  Its rough brown skin, hanging in loose folds, has the look of old bark, and is almost hairless.  A thick mustache of course bristles covers its upper lip.  From the corners of its mouth come two gleaming ivory tusks between twenty and thirty inches in length. Both the male and the female have tusks, but the bull's tusks are usually heavier.  Although the tusks are used mainly for raking up shellfish at the ocean bottom, they can become slashing weapons when a cow walrus protects her young, or when males fight one another.

Above was a little bit of information taken from Walt Disney's White Wilderness Animals of the Arctic.  There are so many animals in the world and so many little details about each of those animals it may be impossible for a single man to know all of those details at any one time.  We may "think" we can come to the knowledge of all truth but in reality it takes time and years and no man will ever really know every thing about everything.

It would be neat to see a walrus or touch one so me day but that will depend on how my life goes and how I handle my own tasks.

A little bit about emboidery

I am looking through an old embroidery book an notice a lot of the patterns are so neat an orderly.  Have we given up on our human ability to craft an create things so neat and orderly?  It seems that our affairs of this world have gotten the best of us and we feel that a demanding job will help us find fulfillment in life.  We may even believe that doing something political or religious in the community will help us to find strength in this life.  Those things simply are not true.  We only find strength in sitting down an concentrating fully at the tasks set before us.

A little portion of what is written in the embroidery book goes as follows, "Clusters of pansies on graceful stems and a crocheted edging borer this circular linen tablecloth.  Embroidered in simple stitches even a beginner will be familiar with, it has a romantic, old-fashioned look.

A person does not need a lot of supply or great talent to embroider anything.  He or she only needs a needle, thread, a stabilizing surface or material, and the determination to complete a project.  A few items that can be embroidered includes fabric scraps, full size cloth, an old milk jug, cardboard, Styrofoam objects from grocery items, cereal box and more.

The Union of Hearts

When pure and upright hearts,
 By flames of love ignited,
 Are by the bond of faith more firmly yet united,
 The light of hope beams forth in radiance
 far and nigh, invites us to partake the blessing from on high.

Then shall this vale of tears
On earth become an Eden
When joined in spirit we
In prayer look up to heaven,
Then bear we joyfully this earthly toil and care;
We put our trust in God
And all complaints forbear.

From Zion's Harp

Anna Maria's Housekeeping

I'd like to write a little bit of a book introduction to you and recommend you to take the time to read this wonderful book.  The book is entitled Anna Maria's Housekeeping by Mrs. S. D. Power.  It is now available as a free e-book in the archives.  If you are a woman who believes that she must make her mark and defeat men financially in society, I believe you will set your self up for destruction either emotionally or physically if not mentally.  There are times where a woman who is a widow should have the same ability to make equal wages as a man who is doing the same work, but to literally destroy other men in society who are literally in love with their wife and desire to protect his family, the women who are in the workforce have deceived themselves about the blessing God truly has in store.

All in all, back to the book, I recommend you read this book because the wording is wonderful and shows us how we are not too far removed from the reality that housework is HARD and not easy and there really is no way around it except to get busy and do it.  Reading the book will show you how important it is to truly keep up with the home in so many ways.  Not only do women need to keep things clean and neat but also keep up with things such as a well trained child who is not sloppy and lazy or who desires not to learn new skills.  If anything sexual predators lurk around many of our communities and we need to teach our children how to protect themselves from the lusts of the flesh.

Blossoms in Springtime

So barren and bleak through the winter,
The victims of freezing or storm
Frail branches reach prayfully upward
And wait for new buds to take form.

Each tenuous shoot pushes boldly,
Destroying the walls of its tomb;
New life shall explode from its prison
And suddenly burst into bloom.

The born-again blossoms in springtime--
Wild seeds sprouting up through the sod
Will display through magnificent beauty
The splendid creation of God

Kay Long

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Grace of a Good Home

The Crown of the house is Godliness
The Beauty of the house is Order
The Glory of the house is Hospitality
The Blessing of the house is Contentment
--Old Inscription

May we as women and mothers strive to improve our homes no matter where we live.  Maybe we live in a cob house in Namibia.  Maybe we live in an apartment complex in New York City.  Maybe we live in a farm house in Iowa or maybe we live across from a busy and wild tavern or strip club.

May we women always strive to build a godly house where children obey their parents
May we women always strive to build a house that has order specific directions
May we women always strive to build greater hospitality either frugally, naturally or with the granting of gifts
May we women always strive to build a house where the people who dwell within are content and happy to be there as we strive to meet their needs above our own.

And most important may we always strive to invite the Holy Spirit to fill our homes with all that is true and good in our lives.

Taking time to visit a friend relative in a group home

On the first day of the week, Sunday, we went to visit an uncle of mine who stays in a group home.  It is nice to visit people who cannot care for themselves as it shows us how human we really are.  Every person has need of food shelter and clothing.  Sometimes people are confused and believe they need a certain drug but actually there are alternatives.  It is nice when we can talk with them and learn of their old memories of being a child at one time.  This does not require our use of money or physical effort simply to listen to their story.  I really like hearing about how he likes to take a pictures of the old home farm where I grew up and where he grew up. 

I can always go home and pray for him but I don't believe it is right to act super spiritual and condemning or act as God and believe I can actually pull a person out of their disabling bondage that brought them to the group home.

So if you have an aunt uncle or friend in a group home I encourage you to visit them.  It will help you feel like life really isn't overwhelming and they won't condemn you for visiting unless they have been hurt by you in some way.  We can always encourage them to forgive us for we are all human.

If you say I don't have the time to visit them or I don't have the money to visit them I encourage you to really look at your pocket book and see what is inside.  God has his ways of providing so there really isn't an excuse.

A poem about the details of God's truth

68 Their horses, seven hundred thirty and six: their mules, two hundred forty and five:
69 Their camels, four hundred thirty and five: six thousand seven hundred and twenty asses.
70 And some of the chief of the fathers gave unto the work. The Tirshatha gave to the treasure a thousand drams of gold, fifty basons, five hundred and thirty priests' garments.

Of course its true

Of course its true
There was a horse of course
There was a mule with fuel
There was a camel in flannel
There was a donkey in a tronkey

Of course its true
Gold for the treasury
Basons for the water pipe
Garments for the priests
in 700 thirty and 6 to count

Of course its true
with 200 fourty and 5 no doubt
400 thirty and 5 caught alive
six thousand 700 and twenty in a row
some given to work

Of course its true
some given to tow
Find a thousand drams of it in blue
50 counted equally
500 with thirty makes a truth filled force of course

Have fun and find the parts and pieces of scripture found in the poem above.  A hint is given on the location in the bible.

There are various deceptions in Christianity

There are various deceptions in Christianity but it is not because Christ and the Holy Spirit are not present, it is because old lucifer the devil and his angels are still at work deceiving people.

I won't go into the full details but I will tell you this.  You only have one life to live and whatever you do will be judged.

1. First of all we can tell if something or someone is following a deception if it is a teaching that is contrary to God's law.
2. We can tell if it is a deception if you are asked to leave and destroy the body of your natural parents.
3. We can tell if it is a deception if you are asked to leave your spouse.
4. We can tell if it is a deception if someone states that adultery and fornication or divorce and remarriage are ok
5. We can tell if it is a deception if people tell woman it is ok to willfully show her hair to various men without wearing a head covering.
6. We can tell if it is a deception if someone forces a woman to wear the headcovering.
7. We can tell if it is a deception if you are asked to believe that the sparrow will not get fed by God.
8. We can tell if it is a deception if a person says Christians do not need to go through suffering in this life.
9. We can tell if it is a deception if a person says homosexuality is a group of people that are created that way.
10. We can tell if it is a deception if the prophesy given over a person is "all good" and never trials.
11. We can tell if it is a deception if the mathematics do not line up with what is sold to us and takes up our time on earth.
12. The pre-tribulation rapture is a deception and can be disfigured with scriptural truth.
13. The vatican and counterfit Christianity that does not adhere to scriptural truth produce deception.
14. Christmas trees, Easter Bunny and such have nothing to do with Christianity.
15. Being torah observant or returning to Jewish traditions without scriptural knowledge of New Testment builds deception.
16. Any _______ism has its forms of deception.  LOVE of God clears up the smoke in the battle.
17. We can tell if it is a deception if woman are told they should work outside the home and busy themselves with gaining significant popularity or material possessions here on earth or should evangelize excessively to lost people.
18. We can tell if it is a deception if people claim that is now "ok" to scorn, mock and ridicule any person or group of people we see or know here on earth as there is now enough technology to overcome the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.
19. We can tell if it is a deception if terms like "big bang theory," "survival of the fittest," "humans evolved from apes" terms are used.

That's a basic list.  Hopefully that clears up why there are so many divisions but so little truths at times.  God's truth is final and it is beyond the knowledge of man.

Back to Capistrano

I'll come back to Capistrano
With the swallows in the spring
I' shall hear you softly whisper
Love's sweet song and sweetly sing.
We shall meet inside the chapel
And the mission bells will ring.
I'll be back in Capistrano
With the swallows in the spring.

Ah, the year will go more swiftly
Knowing that you love me, too,
And the padre will be waiting
Just to welcome me and you.
And the birds will come as always
With their wedding tails and ties,
All atitter and atwitter
Neath the Capistrano skies.

We shall enter as a couple;
We shall leave as man and wife.
We shall pledge our troth in Heaven
That is last throughout our life.
We shall bless the birds that brought us
To this land so truly blessed.
All the way to Capistrano
in the bright and golden west.

I'll come back to Capistrano
With the swallows in the spring.
I shall hear you softly whisper
Love's sweet song and sweetly sing.
We shall meet inside the chapel
And the mission bells will ring.
I'll be back in Capistrano
With the swallows in the spring.

By Minnie Klemme
from Ideals Easter Vol 41 No2 February

Breakfast Menus from 1930s

These menus are taken from The Domestic Arts edition of the American Woman's Cook Book copy right 1939

Strawberries with Cream
Corn Flakes
Graham Muffins

Baked Pears
French Toast
Maple Syrup

Stewed Apricots
Corn-Meal Mush
Buttered Toast

Sliced Oranges
Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

Granular Wheat with Raisins and Top Milk
Oatmeal Gems

Codfish Balls
Baking Powder Biscuits

Any Fruit in Season
Ham Omlet
Graham Biscuits

Oatmeal with Top Milk or Bacon and Eggs

Oatmeal and Prunes with Top Milk
Corn Muffins
Boiled Eggs

Hot Baked Apples
Sausage Cakes

Ready to Eat Cereal
Sliced Bananas with Top Milk
Poached Eggs on Toast

Plant more squash

"Plant breeders devote their lives to developing varieties with the best and most predictable characteristics, and in my opinion the Waltham Butternut squash is the height of the art.  Developed by professor Robert E. Young at the Suburban Experiment Station of the University of Massachusetts in Waltham, this squash is resistant to the diseases and, most importantly, to the squash vine borer, a creature that ruins many other squash varieties.  The Waltham Butternut has a smooth beige skin that's easy to peel, and thick flesh in relation to the seed area, which means more food on the table.  The flavor, I should add, is unbeatable.  The only thing I could say about it is that it's a vine squash and the vines can gobble up a huge chunk of the garden's space, but weighed against this is its tremendous production.  I wouldn't be without it in the Victory Garden, and it your squash harvest hasn't been all you've hoped for, you'd be well advised to give the Waltham Butternut a try."  Taken from pg 203 Crocket's Victory Garden

Squash is a wonderful food as it offers so much nutrition in the winter months.  If you don't have access to canning supply, definitely consider raising squash.  Canning tomatoes and such can be expensive on the utility bill unless you have conquered solar cooking.  Consider planting enough squash to last two to four meals per week.  That way there will always be something healthy to eat on your table in the winter months rather than an over processed can of spam.

FEMA coffins and the end of the dollar

If you are not informed yet, the govt' is preparing to bury you and your family.  This is no joke as the end of times comes upon all.  If you are reading this, more than likely you are still alive and they haven't taken action against you and your family.  In other words the apocalypse is coming and they are looking for those who do not know the truth of the gospel to help people survive.  If you are not aware of this, simply do a google search and see what shows up.  The images will shock you!

What can you do in the event of this happening?
1. Learn how to grow your own food.  Do not depend on DHS if you are excessively poor as that will give the govt' whereabouts of your home.
2. Learn what wild edibles are edible and start feeding those foods to your family.  Yes the dandelion is edible.
3. Use the bible as your source of education (like Abe Lincoln) as the govt' will only train more children to build more FEMA coffins and get no spiritual life in the child.  5 psalms 1 proverb (instead of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates) and words of Christ in red each day as well as one random old testament and one new testament.
4. Learn how to do unassisted childbirth and unassisted death
5. Continue to build truth in your family.  Learn all the mathematics you can learn as the war between hypocritical Christians vs. Atheist is coming and only true followers of Christ will survive.
6. Pray for those in bondage as their death will come sooner and FEMA will come after those bodies first.  Write down the names of people in bondage to pornography, smoking, drinking, gluttony, mental illness, gambling etc. pray for them daily.
7. Women find a way to keep your marriage alive to your man.  Accept him, entertain him and be a mother of his children.  If you don't you WILL be working for FEMA and making more coffins for more people to bury as the dollar bill will be useless.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Faith Propels Good Works

Picture in your mind a boat with a man and two oars.  On both of the oars there consists of Faith on either side of the row boat.  Inside of the boat is the aspect of works.

In this illustration, we see faith is what moves good works.  What good would a pair of oars (faith) be without something for them to do?  And how far would a rowboat go without any oars to move it?  By this we can see that rowboats and oars are complementary, and in fact almost inseparable.
So it is with faith and good works.  When faith is alive and well and moving, action and movement is produced, just as oars that are moving produce action and movement of the boat.  They do not fight against each other: they are very complimentary.
[portion from The Heartbeat of the Remnant Vol 15 Number 3]

In other words, when we apply scripture to our lives by faith we come out with good works.  It is not necessary to justify the sin nature any longer, we only need to row our boat and do exactly as scripture says to see and feel how God's grace is there for us despite our desire to give into our sin nature of lust, pornography, gambling, drunkenness and more.  We need only die to ourselves and let Christ take over the boat and lead us to the end.  If the enemy chooses to take our lives for our faith in him, so be it as God is our God.

Sudan: Commissioned to Stay

Sudan is in the middle of a crisis and Christians are bearing the worst of the suffering," said Cole, VOM's Vice President for International Ministries.  "The Sudanese people are afflicted with both poverty and the ongoing war.  Sudan's president is carrying out what amounts to genocide against the black-skinned people of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions.  And the Christians have added suffering on top of this because of their religion.

This outbreak of violence in South Kordofan state has added to the 2.4 million displaced people in the country, and many have fled to South Sudan.  VOM is helping address some of the needs of 190,000 refugees in two camps in South Sudan.  In one of the camps, most of the refugees are Muslim, coming from the Nuba Mountain region, which is about 70 percent Muslim.  The displacement and the bombings  from the northern government are having an unexpected positive effect -- creating a new openness for Christians to share their faith.

Portion is taken from  pg. 8 The Voice of the Martyrs Serving the Persecuted Church May 2013


Beauty is not only in the
creamy cheek,
the well-formed brow,
the freshness of the face of youth.

is of the heart,
the soul,
that reaches out
to grace
the world with....
strength, love, kindness,
compassion, devotion and tenderness

From Celebrating the Inner Beauty of Woman by Janette Oke

Remember me, O my God

"Neh 31 And for the wood offering, at times appointed, and for the firstfruits. Remember me, O my God, for good."

We are in times were it seems as if we are forgotten.  Are we ever really forgotten or is it that we are forsaken for his glory.  Why do we have to suffer because of the sin nature of humanity.  Why does the enemy always stand outside of our ear and say we should stop building truth and a kingdom that honors what is pure and what is right?  Why does this happen?  I love mother nature.  I love the way God created men, but it is disheartening to know that is such a struggle to stand against the persecutor of our souls.  He wants to see our body destroyed and demolished.  He wants to see us suffer in life.  How can we stand against the tide of disloyalty to our creator who loves us so much.  Why should we ever give our worst to him who gave us a bible to read and use?  Why should we even do that?  When we do things that give him glory, stand for justice mercy in the face of a corrupted society I pray that God would remember me for good and not for evil.

Portion from Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl

"As the months passed on, my boy improved in health.  When he was a year old, they called him beautiful.  The little wine was taking deep root in my existence, though its clinging fondness excited a mixture of love and pain.  when I was most sorely oppressed I found solace in his smiles.  I loved to watch his infant slumbers; but always there was a dark cloud over my enjoyment.  I could never forget that he was a slave.  Sometimes I wished that he might die in infancy.  God tried me.  My darling became very ill.  The bright eyes grew dull, and the little feet and hands were so icy cold that I thought death had already touched them."

This is a portion from Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl.  By Harriet Ann Jacobs

It is wonderful to read such classic books as this as we learn to understand our humanness and how much the people before us suffered.  If we fail in anything, we fail in understanding how much of a struggle it was for some people to survive such wrath of humanity on American Soil.  As a wife and mother I can relate to the mother's plea but her desire to see life in her child.  Our world is scary and I am thankful yet still saddened that I have suffered miscarriages even a second trimester where I saw the hands, arms and body of my still-born child.  Those miscarriages show that those children will never have to face the advent of terrorism that is striking our world.  They will never have to loose arms and legs due to a nasty bombing situation.  They will never have to be lured in by "friends" who actually want to go for a drunken driving escapade only to find that one friend dies in an accident.  They will never have to understand that greed drives the nature of most people in our society and abortion is normal.

Teaching your Child to Read

Do you have an emergent reader?  What about a young child who is very intelligent and seems bored at times.  I would definitely encourage you to pick up or purchase the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" by Seigfried Engelmann

I have a five year old who is able to read little bits and he never entered a formal school setting.  We are not finished with the book yet, but we will soon finish the book.

As I said before, I would definitely encourage you to try this book out and provide lots of reading activities for your child so that he or she can become a successful reader.

This is good for any child, no matter the style of education you choose.

A call to return to homebirth

"From the very beginning, women have helped one another give birth.  one particularly attuned to this task emerged as town or village midwife, wielding the healing skills of her time and culture.  It is the midwife, not the physician, who has attended birth for most of human existence, certainly in indigenous societies.  And in modern-day cultures of Denmark, Holland, and Sweden, midwife-assisted birth remains the norm.  In fact, the six countries with the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the world all make generous use of midwives, who attend 70 percent of all births.  In the United States, where midwives assist only 5 percent of births due to political constraints, perinatal mortality is alarmingly high: we rank number 24 worldwide."

This is a portion from Heart and Hands, a midwife's guide to pregnancy and birth by Elizabeth Davis

I encourage you to try homebirth and possibly unassisted birth.  The Birth Junkie Website is a great starting place for you to get information needed.

Pamela's Prayer

I would definitely encourage you to allow your daughter to watch Pamela's Prayer.

There are so many men who lie about women these days, anything from dating to unassisted childbirth and we need to show our daughters how much God truly cares about us.

 A summary of the movie is as follows:

"This motion picture portrays the unique story of Pamela Bucklin from her birth in 1969 to her wedding day in 1991.

All of her friends were dating.  Pamela was not.  And it seemed unfair that her father insisted on such a high standard of purity.  Yes, it seemed unfair.... until the day she married."

I encourage you to please allow your daughter to watch this movie especially if she is still so young and doesn't understand that the "boogy man" wants to take her life and ruin it.

Also encourage your daughter to read the bible in the KJV if you are reading this in english as that is the bible that is supposed to be used by english speaking people as God makes it evident for its cheap cost and availability for poor people.

Another item that is helpful is the book Created To Be His Helpmete by Debi Pearl.  She will get truth about the nature of men rather than the mixed up culture we have before us that encourages woman to portray false advertisement.

Is the United States of America turning into a Communist Nation

Is the United States of America turning into a communist nation?  Or is it simply socialist?  Whats the difference as it is all about how the dollar is being used.

I love to read and study the bible and obey it.  I'm a mother who stays at home according to Titus 2 as it is stated that a woman who works and is busy outside the home blaspheme's the word of God including unending times on the internet for career.

After the bible humans have nothing to rely on.  Absolutely nothing.  When we are dead, we are dead and nothing comes back.  Only the Holy Spirit could possibly get us through this battle called life.

Yesterday my husband informed me that I need to work outside the home to help him pay of his federal debts acquired by furthering his education.  I would need to work outside the home in order for us to pay for rent, utilities and food.  There is something wrong with this as we would not qualify for government assistance to receive food, shelter and basic needs.  Instead, we would not be able to supply the fact that my husband has debts caused and encouraged to accumulate by the govt'.  If the govt' is concerned about the needs of the people they NEED to include these federal debts too.  The govt' encouraged my husband to further his education yet they will not include that we have these debts.  This is definitely a debtors slavery to the government!!!!  Is someone listening!  Wake up people.

I have three children and I DO NOT want the government to raise my kids for me, because I know it is completely secular and lost.  There is too much risk of child predators in day cares and public schools.

I myself have some college debts too that I need to pay off.  Thankfully it is not a great burden, hence I am writing on this blog.  But the fact that my husband has these debts and the govt. would rather see its people suffer especially the young children suffer is just plain wrong.

Further, I know I can educate my own children off of a a bible, an encyclopedia set and maybe a few old worksheet lurking around on the internet.  It will cost our family under 100$ to educate our own children so long as the laser printer works properly.  In the end my child will be capable of providing food for his own table and for his own family as well as providing his own shelter without government assistance. He will learn how to work WITH mother-nature rather than against it as I desire to teach him how to fish in the clean water and stand for environmental safety for all fish animals and human beings.  The public requires to pay over 1000$ per child yet they come out with drunks, druggies, prostitutes, gluttons and more people with severe spiritual problems and have no concept of how to restore relationship with mother-nature.

Ok, I hope someone here hears what I am saying.  I would rather live in a state of tribal behavior that is non-robotic on the human being and come out with bright children rather than slaving to my husband's debt that the govt' encouraged him to acquire.

I Must be Still

I must be still, God spoke to me today.
I felt Him in the rush of woodland sound.
I heard His voice within the stirring ground,
As spring broke forth from winter's dreary gray.
I must be still to hear my Master's word;
To see the blessing He has surely wrought,
To feel the touch of life the spring has brought,
To hear the magic song of some rare bird,
I must be still.

Today I know at last
That spring is walking all along my way.
I know the threat of winter's chilling blast
Has gone; that life is boundless, bright and gay.
I listen to the robin's joyous trill
And know that God is here.  I must be still.

Songs of Love and Hope