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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The walrus is the largest animal on the ice pack, an enormous creature that may weigh between two and three thousand pounds when fully grown.  Its rough brown skin, hanging in loose folds, has the look of old bark, and is almost hairless.  A thick mustache of course bristles covers its upper lip.  From the corners of its mouth come two gleaming ivory tusks between twenty and thirty inches in length. Both the male and the female have tusks, but the bull's tusks are usually heavier.  Although the tusks are used mainly for raking up shellfish at the ocean bottom, they can become slashing weapons when a cow walrus protects her young, or when males fight one another.

Above was a little bit of information taken from Walt Disney's White Wilderness Animals of the Arctic.  There are so many animals in the world and so many little details about each of those animals it may be impossible for a single man to know all of those details at any one time.  We may "think" we can come to the knowledge of all truth but in reality it takes time and years and no man will ever really know every thing about everything.

It would be neat to see a walrus or touch one so me day but that will depend on how my life goes and how I handle my own tasks.
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