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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A little bit about emboidery

I am looking through an old embroidery book an notice a lot of the patterns are so neat an orderly.  Have we given up on our human ability to craft an create things so neat and orderly?  It seems that our affairs of this world have gotten the best of us and we feel that a demanding job will help us find fulfillment in life.  We may even believe that doing something political or religious in the community will help us to find strength in this life.  Those things simply are not true.  We only find strength in sitting down an concentrating fully at the tasks set before us.

A little portion of what is written in the embroidery book goes as follows, "Clusters of pansies on graceful stems and a crocheted edging borer this circular linen tablecloth.  Embroidered in simple stitches even a beginner will be familiar with, it has a romantic, old-fashioned look.

A person does not need a lot of supply or great talent to embroider anything.  He or she only needs a needle, thread, a stabilizing surface or material, and the determination to complete a project.  A few items that can be embroidered includes fabric scraps, full size cloth, an old milk jug, cardboard, Styrofoam objects from grocery items, cereal box and more.
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