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Saturday, September 24, 2016

God gives us hard things to do.....

When we ask what God's will is for our lives, sometimes we are asked to do hard things.

1. I have good physical fitness, kindness in general, but a spouse commits acts of infidelity on me.  Do the hard thing and choose to keep the marriage going for at least a year..... maybe longer and things resolve.

2. I have an education post secondary, and have the ability to work many different careers.  Do the hard thing and be a stay at home parent.  Watch over young children.  End up feeling the jolt of poverty and helplessness. 

3. A pregnancy with very little support.  Do the hard thing.  Choose life for that child.

4. A spouse looses their spouse at a young age.  Do the hard things and remain faithful until a new spouse comes along.  Don't date, just allow God to choose marriage partner.

5. Cancer, unwanted debts......loss of loved ones and so forth.

6. Persecution in job due to various issues.  Race and nationality, biblical belief, rejection of foul social life outside of the workplace.

It is better to go the hard road than to live easy.  Insurance doesn't give you a "life" and it may or may not truly protect you from life problems.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

10 Reasons why "progressive" beliefs do not solve Domestic or Spiritual abuse problems.

Progressive beliefs are beliefs that tell women and men to avoid biblical advice when dealing with major spiritual or social dillemas.  Dillemas such as pedophilia in the church youth group, gambling among the preachers, harassment towards and abused wife by other church members, acceptance of LGBT or other sexual impurity practices into church "doctrine,"  adultery or infidelity problems so on and so forth.  Progressive beliefs say that other religious values outside of christian based beliefs can save men from trouble and trials in life.  Even if those religious beliefs or non-religious beliefs include terrorism and threats against the general populace.

1. Jesus said, "Love your enemy."  That means love.......redeems the soul.  Not because what the offender did was "good" in God's eyes, but because LOVE heals the hurt person in return.

2. Progressive beliefs encourage ignorance of the scripture.  No meditation of scripture "neccesary" to solve life problems.  In reality, the scripture ENCOURAGES meditation on scripture to heal from hurt and pain from others in this life.

3. Progressive beliefs encourage sexual impurity.  They believe that sexual impurity is a symptom and symbol of love.  In actuality, it is a symbol of "loafing" from biblical application and study.  Yes, among the progressive couple, there will be symptoms of abuse, control and manipulation cycles.  So sexuality is not a foundation which is reliable.

4.  Progressive beliefs encourage divorce in all cases of domestic problems.  Even in cases where the offending party is clearly not right in the mind and heart in the first place.  It doesn't consider that there may be a history or natural cause to the problem in the first place.  Hence avoidance of forgiveness.  And avoidance of necessary therapy

5. Progressive beliefs believe in LAWYERS.  Lawyers solve riddles.  Lawyers solve puzzles.  LAwyers will heal your life of all pain.

6. Progressive beliefs tell the worshiper to quit worship of Jesus.  Just stop all symptoms of being a Christian.  No more hymn singing in public.  No more rejoicing.  No more consideration for a better life in heaven.

7. Progressive beliefs don't believe that God is the creator and Judge of his creation.  The belief in the progressive is to believe that social manipulation strategies somehow remove "sin" from this world.  Rather in conservative biblical beliefs, prayer and consideration of scripture eliminates deceptions and overcome evil in this world.

8. Progressive beliefs do not believe that God provides in bad circumstances in life.  Yes, a neglected spouse, can get strength and healing and encouragement from other people who were once a part of the person's life, when the neglected party seeks humility.  Perhaps someone else understands, while the neglectful spouse does not.  If the neglected spouse "divorces" from the offending spouse, the neglected spouse will loose support system.

9. Progressive beliefs do not admit that even those men in institutions who work in such institutions of "higher learning" or "healing and hope" or "marketing strategies" etc etc. have problems.  They have the potential to become addicted and to attempt to control others in a manipulative way, just as much as anyone else.

10. Progressive beliefs do not admit that the bible shows us exactly what to look for in an abusive person!  Psalms and Proverbs are clear examples of this.  Read psalms and proverbs, learn about the behaviour of a "false accuser" and also learn what signs to look for in intimidating and foolish behaviour in men.   Descriptions of what "evil" behaviour looks like in men are also given through the bible stories. http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/domviol/what.htm

All in all, the bible is the resource and hope for women in terrible situations.  It is also hope for men too.  To help men understand right from wrong.  But if men do not want to rely on scripture, they perish!

Friday, September 9, 2016


(Pro 30:21) For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear:

(Pro 30:22) For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat;

(Pro 30:23) For an odious woman when she is married; and an handmaid that is heir to her mistress.


Open Marriage - a solution to marriage problems???

What is open marriage?  It is a decision to love and appreciate your spouse even if they feel that they must love and spend time with some one else.

Does it mean 'sexual contact' with others?  It might and it might not.

In the bible open marriage existed frequently!  Abraham and Sarah...... Sarah was sent to live at another man's house..... Abraham conceived children with Hagar.....

Abigail and David....... Naboth was less of a man (a drunkard)..... David was a good man and Abigail noticed those qualities.

David and Jonathan..... David loved Jonathan...... but made no sexual contact..... only pure motives to support and encourage.

However, there are stories where infidelity is strictly wrong.  Joseph and potiphar is an example of moral corruption in the heart.  One person wants to use another person to gain selfishly.  Another example is Hosea who dealt with an unfaithful spouse......   He continued his 'open marriage' despite these issues.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Inventors of Foolish imaginations.....

Avoid discussion or continual reading the posts and articles from this "stereo type against the way God created birds and bees"

Yes, I know that sometimes people fail at doing things, "God's way".  In fact, we are born to be such fools, unless we become educated in use of GOD's Word and his word alone.....but WHY DO THEY MOCK AND INSULT the CREATOR despite this issue??  Even after they have grown in enough wisdom and knowledge of God's creation?  Knowledge of where the pedophile lurks and the social patterns of wicked men?   They praise the work of pedophile adulterous muslim males as being superiour to the male Christian who died while preaching bible to muslim thugs.   Perhaps they do not even know that acorns do in fact grow on oak trees, and that the bible mentions oak trees several times.  These are the very people that drive people into the ditch while drinking the coolaide of this wicked world.....rather than encouraging people to READ, STUDY, MEDITATE on GOD'S WORD.


WICKED websites that claim they promote "spiritual superiority" are the exact same type that blame the down-syndrome child in the womb of a raped woman for even existing as a CREATION of GOD's IMAGE in the first place.  Nor do they care for the aged woman who was the oldest woman in her tribe to survive issues of racism and cultural decay, due to the removal of language and tribal ritual.  Such rituals spare man-kind from government legal, moral and social dependency.  Dependency on concentration camps, Dependency on babysitting daycare culture which excessively controls every child's movement, dependency on vaccination scams (she knew her herbs quite well), dependency on fast food markets and so many other "lazy" and "character-less" profesionalisms of this world.


They feel no pain nor sorrow for the sin-filled imaginations of mere men.......from the beginning!

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