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Friday, September 2, 2016

Inventors of Foolish imaginations.....

Avoid discussion or continual reading the posts and articles from this "stereo type against the way God created birds and bees"

Yes, I know that sometimes people fail at doing things, "God's way".  In fact, we are born to be such fools, unless we become educated in use of GOD's Word and his word alone.....but WHY DO THEY MOCK AND INSULT the CREATOR despite this issue??  Even after they have grown in enough wisdom and knowledge of God's creation?  Knowledge of where the pedophile lurks and the social patterns of wicked men?   They praise the work of pedophile adulterous muslim males as being superiour to the male Christian who died while preaching bible to muslim thugs.   Perhaps they do not even know that acorns do in fact grow on oak trees, and that the bible mentions oak trees several times.  These are the very people that drive people into the ditch while drinking the coolaide of this wicked world.....rather than encouraging people to READ, STUDY, MEDITATE on GOD'S WORD.


WICKED websites that claim they promote "spiritual superiority" are the exact same type that blame the down-syndrome child in the womb of a raped woman for even existing as a CREATION of GOD's IMAGE in the first place.  Nor do they care for the aged woman who was the oldest woman in her tribe to survive issues of racism and cultural decay, due to the removal of language and tribal ritual.  Such rituals spare man-kind from government legal, moral and social dependency.  Dependency on concentration camps, Dependency on babysitting daycare culture which excessively controls every child's movement, dependency on vaccination scams (she knew her herbs quite well), dependency on fast food markets and so many other "lazy" and "character-less" profesionalisms of this world.


They feel no pain nor sorrow for the sin-filled imaginations of mere men.......from the beginning!

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