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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Before you meet him.....

Have you ever wondered why some women seem so picky and frightened or protective when it comes to men?  Well the answer is because a woman has a spirit and it need protection from all the delusional things that could come into her life.  Many women end up in relationships that are not godly or are put under pressure to remain in such relationships.  Other women were false godly women who were offered much blessings but they resisted the truth so they departed from the first love.  These things are most sensitive and blinding to young lovers who are under the age of thirty.  Older adults have grown out of spiritual blindness by the time they are thirty and above, as they can more easily approach biblical literature with full understanding, wisdom and experience.

No woman is going to be perfect.  No man is going to always follow a 'woman's rules' as far as decision making are concerned.

Before you meet that 'special man' look not to the outward appearance that he says he is Christian or attends Christian groups.  No this is DANGEROUS to spiritual reality.

1. Ask your self if you are purified by study of the word.  Study books that teach how to prepare before a marriage can help you sooooo much in the process.  (Preparing to be his helpmeet, by Debi Pearl, Before You meet Prince Charming by Sarah Miley)  Be content in God's word in case that one man never shows up!

2. Ask your self if you are gaining wisdom!  Are you studying the effects of WWII on the people?  Are you learning new ways to cook?  Are you learning to improve your speech?  Are you studying engineering?  Are you learning how to care for down-syndrome children?  Do not be afraid of secular knowledge.

3. Think about lifestyles or qualities you do NOT want in a man.  Are there certain movies or videos you would never watch that you know he may watch?  Are there certain books you would never admire that may cause political delusions?  Keep these things in mind.

4. Before he comes to your door or seeks to speak with friends or family whom are close and truly care for you, make sure to ask these questions about his behavior and choices.  Some of these men may have grown up knowing the bible!  Some of these men may have a' heart' for you but do not have true love or strength to raise you when you are old or in process of maternity!  Modesty can protect you from making the mistake of improper relationship.  Even loose baggy jeans can have a modest appearance, but it is best to dress feminine if you are serious about possibly starting a relationship.
-Ask if he is interested in gambling and when was the last time he gambled. 
-Ask when was the last time he used alcohol.
-Ask if he has any habits like smoking, marijuana or drug use.
-Ask if he has had sexual relationship before.
-Ask if he has looked at pornography.
-Ask if he has filed for divorce.
-Ask if he has had anger issues or gotten mad at anyone for any reason.  Ask the reason.
-Ask if he has cheated on tests in high school and post-secondary school.
-Ask if he has mental health problems.

*These issues show up in ANY race nation tribe or tongue.
*You may want to consider not allowing a man like this near you or your future home.  Some issues, such as pornography, cases can lead to pedophilia problems or terrible infidelity problems.  So beware, not all men who appear good on the outside are good on the inside!  Even men who claim to have repented or "changed" from these issues are not truly repentant!

5. Ask if his entertainment choices match your entertainment choices.
-What things does he put in front of his eyes: Movies, Pictures, Scenic Views, Clothing, Vehicles, Museums, Flags and Bumper Stickers so on and so forth.
-What things does he put into his ears: Music, Radio Stations, Internet Stations, Professional Advice, Learning, Nature Sounds, Relaxing sounds
-What types of things does he smell with his nose: Cooking, Foul smells, Clean linens, Flowers, Nature Smells, Farm smells, Smells from religious choices, campfire smells
-What types of things does he say with his mouth: Foreign Language, Foul language, Intelligent English vocabulary, Simple tones, Biblical language, Other religious talk, mechanical language, math and science language, colorful creative language, sin generating language, fearful of women relationship language(gay or fearful tones), angry tones, false judgment things
-What types of things does he do with his hands: Healing people, serving people, cleaning up messes, harvesting crops, cooking foods, playing a musical instrument, driving, building things, designing things, typing things, preserving things, dealing with nature etc etc.
-What types of things does he do with his mind: Books he reads, meditations, prayers for others, calculation ability, strength of education, religious book meditations

6. How does he approach his family members and perhaps friends?
-What does he do when he is interacting with family members who have problems from (number 4).
-Does he take advantage of family members?
-Does he listen deeply to family members who falsely judge you as a person?
-Does he follow entertainments that family members suggest that are concerns from (number 5)

*These things will vary based on culture and lifestyle.  If you find something negative that you yourself could not appreciate or approve of, make sure you know that before he knocks on your door.  Some of these men you may approve of speaking with in public or at a special gathering of some sort, but you would NOT actually want to marry such a man, or get to know such a man closely.

7. How does he spend his time: Religious services which he is eager to attend or forced to attend, Things he navigates in libraries and on internet, Does he follow a Sabbath, does he tinker and adjust things, Is he in bondage and self-seeking politically or culturally, is he resourceful or wasteful, does he spend some 'time' cleaning up after himself or others.....

8. Health care: Does he approve of natural or alternative healthcare?  Does he have enough income for health insurance or a social plan for health care coverage which would cover a non-working spouse? Has he been dependent on socialized medicine offered through gov't' services?  Is he a large family approving type or a small close attention to individual needs and talents type of man.

Be strong in these issues.  They do matter when it comes to your family, your heart and your future!   The more you ask, may cause a man who doesn't truly care to leave you alone.  The less you ask, makes you more vulnerable.  Yes, many women can and do end up loving men who do not love them back as they were not wise or old enough to understand these issues in the first place.  Love can and DOES cover a multitude of sins never-the-less.  Its just better to know what those sins and problems are before that man even meets you face to face.  Look at inward appearance first!

men too should ALSO apply these questions, though do not assume a wife will always be able to take care of your health care financially.
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