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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Don't waste time reading -anti-biblical or anti-complimentary - stuff....

Its just makes the likes of life extra dull and un-extraordinary.

Every now and then I pop over to this website that seems to have found the "hope" for women that exists in progressive styles or feminist styles of christianity, and I'm like.  Well, what about the single women who are not attached to men or the widows who are not around their husband?  Where do they belong in the anti-complementary belief cult.

Reading all of the mumble jumble will be like chattering and chattering and chattering about how unusual a spinning top happens to be.  It has a blue color (represents men) and a red color (represents women).  If that top is never spun, you will never get to see how the colors combine.  So too with the bible.  It happens to mention men and women which have different and unique roles.

To the anti-complementarian belief structure.  You MUST believe that reading that bible or spinning that top will be damaging for spiritual health.  You must.

It is ridiculous.

Can't they find something better to discuss?

As a woman, yes, occasionally I LOVE STEM subjects at the college level and love to build things with hammer and nails.  That does not mean I believe in feminism as a solution to women's problems.  90% of the complaints are simply this.  ......my husband won't do the dishes for ME......  Rarely does such a website mention problems with women leaders in churches as spreading gossipy solutions.

The 10% issues are with actual abuse husbands or men.

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