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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A "Vision" or "Calling" before a Marriage, life changes etc.

Now this is something that many people do in their lifetime.  They dream.

Some people take their dreams seriously. Others seem to believe ancient people were "dumb" when they listened to dreams. (The bible illustration of Joseph and the coat of many colors is a good example)

I am one that believes that dreams do in fact report spiritual matters accurately, especially if the dream is specifically guarded by scripture support.  Our world wants things to be logical and to the point, where things are accurate by statistical standards.  God simply wants things true and to the point of goodness in humility and humanity.

As long as a person is not under the influence of alcohol or psychotic drug, dreams can actually reveal some deep things.

It could reveal a future spouse. [ A possible approach is betrothal in which the man reports dream to future woman's elders or family members and woman reports if God answers yes/no]

It could reveal a family member that is not saved.

It could reveal changes in the church body of believers.

It could reveal "Christ" to unbelievers.

It could reveal how a child-birth would go and should go.

So write down your dreams.  You may find your future spouse.  You may find your future friends in heavenly places.  You may even meet Jesus in the air....in your dreams.

It is rare that a person would dream a dream and the person dream about wasn't in the form of a "human" but just an "orbe"or something.

Some dreams have a scary effect, like aliens or death.

Pray before night time to help fight spiritual battles.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why don't "I" post photos of my children or myself

Why don't I post many photos of my children or myself?

Perhaps its because I like the idea that photos are a way to look at your self rather than at other people in your life.

Perhaps I like to keep things more confidential in my life.

Perhaps ideas are more important to me than looking at a picture of a person outwardly.

Perhaps I feel like it is rather "dull" to constantly post images of one's self on internet resources.

Perhaps it is simply because it takes time to save, load and crop photos, which I don't want to take the time.

Perhaps it means that a person is slowing down "eternity" rather than going towards Jesus at a good pace.....

It could be many things.

All in all, I do believe the best "picture" you can get of a person is in face to face conversation and visiting the world where they are at.

If I do post photos of "myself" or my children or anything really, it will not include a picture of their face, and will simply display the hands and what they "do"....not what they look like.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thoughts about "institutional" health-care.....issues.

In the 1930's they had things like "restraint devices" for people who did not act according to principle.  These restraint devices helped people with Alzheimers live longer because the patient would no longer wander into busy streets, fall on the floors and hit their heads and so forth.  However, like all things medical, some people abused the 'restraint" ability and allowed patients to go un-checked and unnoticed.

Now in the 2000's it is determined that ALL restraint devices are abusive.  However, that is not the problem.  Restraints are not the problem, the people and their HEART towards the patient is the problem.  They may say something like, oh, only babies or toddlers need "Restraints"....but needy people ALSO need restraints for safety.

We have walls on our homes.  We have highchairs with trays.  Car-seats with belts.

We have chairs that we want to be stable.

So we have medical devices that we need to work FOR the patient, not against the patient.

Now when a person has to send their elderly relative or needy friend to an "institutional" healthcare facility, consider the safety issues first.

1. Does the facility ALLOW restraints?

2. Does the facility ALLOW regular checks on those with restraints?

3. Does the facility allow and work-with alternative medical choices, like herbal remedy, healing baths and so forth?

4. Does the facility include people in regular activities even if restraint devices are needed?

To say that all restraints are "abusive" is simply like saying all highchairs with seat-belts and safety devices are "abusive."  So the issue is with the person giving the care taking, not on the restraint device itself.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cleaning up.....Thoughts on Christian "abuse" websites....

Some websites do report actual abuse.  Good for them!  However, among the abuse reporting websites, there are the phony ones who look at the bible as being the "bad-guy."  Patriarchy is a bad word in their terminology, but they don't even consider that children are more likely to end up in foster care systems when a father is not in the home.

First of all, yes there is such thing as spiritual abuse.  It happens in liberal AND in conservative church groups.  But it doesn't happen in ALL church groups.

A church is a fellowship of believers who pray for one another and for enemies.  Perhaps it prays that the people in the group would do God's will in their lives.

Some are too liberal they can't even accept "liberal" lifestyles like polygamist choices.  They silence people who have been through the battles they are describing in victory through bible and they won't even allow comments to appear on their website that they disagree with.  Scorn, mockery, gossip and so forth are common among the comments left behind.  Do they not realize that they are doing exactly what the bible itself forbids and exactly what sinners did to Christ on the cross?....they mocked him!

If you find the websites, they will more than likely find fault with ATI (a few families had some bad outcomes....just like a few families have bad outcomes in private or public school), No Greater Joy (yes, there are some people in unfurtunate abuse driven relationships...but choose to stay and forgive), anything revolving around "family integrated" and so forth.  They never seem to believe that abuse can show up in Liberal Pastors who practice homosexuality, for some strange reason.....so the rest of their information must surely be for the purposes of gossip and slander of many.

90% (where did the percentage come from....just a general rule of number of gossip-driven-fault finding literally nonsense articles published) of them are finding fault with methodology to defeat the scripture itself, rather than issues within themselves and in the "sinner" they caught doing the "bad stuff."

Do you continue to "read-in" to what they are writing?  No, infact don't even comment on their website, because they will "block" you for disagreeing with them.  Why waste your time?  All you will end up doing is reading the "gossip report."

As a general rule, good abuse reporting websites will find problems with GOSSIP, SLANDER, MOCKERY, SCORN, PRIDE....and also common secular issues like PEDOPHILIA, PHYSICAL ABUSE, VERBAL ASSAULT, COVERING UP SECRETIVE THINGS and so forth.  It will consider "liberal views" as a general rule (do they allow LGBT people to attend a bible study) and it will consider "conservative views" as an other rule (do they allow a woman to grieve as her lost husband will not show affection any longer).

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Notes: fix a broken "calendar" from the bible....Qumran Calendar

These are simply notes and Caculations.  If you would like to use this information feel free to do so.

The Qumran Calendar is a SIMPLE Calendar and contains patterns.

Metonic cycle occurs every 19 years. Metonic Cycle has () moon cycles.  15 metetonic cycles has 285 years.

The following years have the same metonic cycle as year 31.  Include possible Calendric cycle number.

31 Mar 27 10:56 Apr 3 04:31
        Apr 10  11:33     Apr 18  15:07     Apr 25  20:00 p 

50 Mar 27 03:27 Apr 3 10:05
        Apr 10  03:29     Apr 17  18:25     Apr 25  16:11 





10227 28 years.... 1461 days every four years.

10192 + 28 = 10220 28 years Qumran Calendar

112 years = 4 - 28 year phases


224 = 8 - 28 year phases

1822 is at cycle 28 = 195 Calendric Cycle?

It is easier to calculate "days" in Calendric Cycles and to find the Calendric sign if Jesus Died on Cross cycle 1 day 14

Days in Calendric cycle =

107016+ 294 = 107310 Days in Calendric Cycle  without week of release

107310+ 42 = 107352 Days in Calendric Cycle with week of release

7 years = 364 weeks = 2548(50) Days = 86 moons and 10 days

49 years = 602 moons + 70 days = 604 moons and 10-11 days

98 years = 1204 moons + 140 days = 1208 moons and 21-22 days

147 years = 1806 + 210 days = 1813 moons + 3 days

24290.28 days in 147 years gregorian calculation

53508 + 147 = 53655 days in 147 years


Calculations Which Prove that Each year has 12 moons (all can be divided and 12.** is answer)

May also consider using this chart to determine the calendar date to use.  This is calculated using the Metonic cycles method.  Every 57 years, 3 metonic cycles are completed.  Hence there are ALWAYS 705 moons within each 57 year time frame (metonic AND calendric time).:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Balance Faith with "natural living"

Is it possible to choose to do things organic and also choose to follow Jesus?

Yes.  It is possible.

A person does not have to ignore scripture and give in to claims that the bible is false.

The bible clearly says "love your enemies."  So you can follow and meditate on scripture regularly to understand many things.

In fact, life will be less burdensome when one is able to apply scripture.  Scripture allows you the ability to eliminate lies from your life.  Furthermore, there are natural living methods right within the bible.  Living in a tent (simple living), Lentil soup, unleavened bread and cakes and so forth.

The scripture is focused more on heart change overall.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 Week Menu

Works with or without meat

Toast and Jelly
Oatmeal and Banana
Oatmeal Muffin
Yogurt and Granola
Eggs OE and Toast
French Toast
Rice Cereal and Fresh Fruit
Banana Bread and Cream Cheese
Baked Apple and Toast
Hashbrowns and Egg
Buttermilk Buiscuits and JAm
Cinnamon toll / Treat

Spaghetti and Green Beans
Chili - Apricots
Corn Bread and Soup
PB and J and Carrot Sticks
Lentil Dumpling Soup
Tacos and Greens
Lima Beans and Fried Cabbage
Cream Cheese Sandwich and Salad
Cornmeal-mush and cheese and fresh fruit
Brown Beans and Cabbage Salad
Stir Fry and Rice
Vegetable Soup with Squash
Stroganough and Corn
Breakfast Food

Blueberry Pie
Chocolate Cake

Potato Salad
Cabbage Salad
Fruit Salad

Shopping List:
Basic pantry items
Green Pepper, Onion and Mushrooms
Fresh Fruits
Cream Cheese
Hash Brown
Yeast or Sourdough

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Human History and its Distortions

In the bible we are told that there were good people and bad people.  They may have been women or men, it really really doesn't matter, both are judged by God's standards.

We as humanity love to talk about the problems because of this or that group, nationality or what not.  But the reality is that we all have fallen short.

We've all been born into sin.

We are born with ugly pride.  We should be thankful for parents and leaders family members who sense such ugly pride and want to rid us of it.

Issues like "boarding school era" left children without parents while culture was ripped from the home of native americans.  Issues like Irish potato famine and condemnations by the protestant Britain government.

And more issues like what happened in Germany.  What about David Livingstone in Africa or issues with what happened to people from Asia who came to know Jesus as saviour.

What happened in the Roman Empire under Constantine.

A person could dive deep into history and find its "junk."

We become afraid of "protestant" because we think they have bible laws in them and fully want others to be "evangelical," so we shut up the bible.

But in reality, people were burned at the stake because of the bible and choosing to read it.

Interpretations vary.  Some understand issues like original marriage practices according to first century Christians.  Some interpret the bible differently and say its better to stay unmarried

Maybe we as humanity simply need to pray more.  Stop judging nonsense that is "the past"......  We look forward to Christ and his return.  We don't look back at the black holes we were served in our textbooks.  We look to scripture.  We look at how every people group had its pride filled and it also had its poor lowly humble person.

History will have distortions.  But what can you do with that information today.  Gain wisdom.  Herrod.....was a wicked man at the time of Jesus.  Drowned babies.  Of the same nationality Jesus cornered the evil ideas in the Sadducees and Pharisees.    But Paul repented of his condemnation towards Christians when he recognized his error.  We need to trust that God will speak to the people who do not love God.  They do not love the followers of Jesus.

Continue to read psalms and proverbs daily (a KJV bible is perfect).....continue to share and understand gospel and so much more.  The world and its wicked works are going to pass away.

Note: this post is not edited to suit a professional...just notes.

Songs of Love and Hope