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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thoughts about "institutional" health-care.....issues.

In the 1930's they had things like "restraint devices" for people who did not act according to principle.  These restraint devices helped people with Alzheimers live longer because the patient would no longer wander into busy streets, fall on the floors and hit their heads and so forth.  However, like all things medical, some people abused the 'restraint" ability and allowed patients to go un-checked and unnoticed.

Now in the 2000's it is determined that ALL restraint devices are abusive.  However, that is not the problem.  Restraints are not the problem, the people and their HEART towards the patient is the problem.  They may say something like, oh, only babies or toddlers need "Restraints"....but needy people ALSO need restraints for safety.

We have walls on our homes.  We have highchairs with trays.  Car-seats with belts.

We have chairs that we want to be stable.

So we have medical devices that we need to work FOR the patient, not against the patient.

Now when a person has to send their elderly relative or needy friend to an "institutional" healthcare facility, consider the safety issues first.

1. Does the facility ALLOW restraints?

2. Does the facility ALLOW regular checks on those with restraints?

3. Does the facility allow and work-with alternative medical choices, like herbal remedy, healing baths and so forth?

4. Does the facility include people in regular activities even if restraint devices are needed?

To say that all restraints are "abusive" is simply like saying all highchairs with seat-belts and safety devices are "abusive."  So the issue is with the person giving the care taking, not on the restraint device itself.
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