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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why don't "I" post photos of my children or myself

Why don't I post many photos of my children or myself?

Perhaps its because I like the idea that photos are a way to look at your self rather than at other people in your life.

Perhaps I like to keep things more confidential in my life.

Perhaps ideas are more important to me than looking at a picture of a person outwardly.

Perhaps I feel like it is rather "dull" to constantly post images of one's self on internet resources.

Perhaps it is simply because it takes time to save, load and crop photos, which I don't want to take the time.

Perhaps it means that a person is slowing down "eternity" rather than going towards Jesus at a good pace.....

It could be many things.

All in all, I do believe the best "picture" you can get of a person is in face to face conversation and visiting the world where they are at.

If I do post photos of "myself" or my children or anything really, it will not include a picture of their face, and will simply display the hands and what they "do"....not what they look like.
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