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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dear **** and use of Lori Alexandar as an example....

Dear ******  family,

I respect your family and your lifestyle.  I support your family for choosing life.  In fact, I love that aspect about your family.

The one thing I am concerned with, is the use of a particular famous "blog writer" in your news feed.  This particular blog writer seems to have mild to severe hatred of women who suffer.  Particularly, she seems to "laugh" at a woman who is in a situation where racism could be as bad as genocide issues that brew.  Like issues that happened to Queen Esther.

As a person who knows and loves Jewish people, I cannot say that Lori Alexandar is a good example for conservative Christian views.  For one thing she is "severely" opposed to Messianic beliefs.

These views are not common among "baptist" beliefs in that holidays and celebrations are a little different, but they DO encompass the entire bible and consider it into account for their beliefs.  The first five books of the bible are NATURALLY messianic and do not need man-made intervention or religious dogma.

I have personally spoken with the blog writer -Lori Alexandar- and it is discovered that she continues to belief in her own "self gratification" and will not humble herself of this issue.

In essence, I explain why it is WRONG to hold "anti-messianic" beliefs as a Christian and also to hold anti-Semetic views are wrong as a conservative biblical believer because the entire book of ESTHER lays out this truth.  YES, women DO suffer in marriages. I have heard of Jewish woman who married an ARAB who was not Christian and her children were threatened do to the difference in culture.  The marriage simply could not possibly work do to this issue!
*** other blog post listed***

Some marriages that have "issues" like infidelity, DO heal and are STRONGER than marriages that never had those issues, and some issues are severe and dangerous for the woman and children.

I wish your family many many blessings!


I read some of the blog posts from popular blogger "Lori Alexandar" at -The Transformed Wife- and I had to quit.  It wasn't because I dislike her patriarchy tone.  That was NOT the reason.  I believe if a marriage is working and the woman absolutely enjoys her MAN, she can gracefully work with that man and so forth, she should stay with that man.  The reason I had to quit, is because she is anti-messianic!  Yes!  She is OPPOSED to God's laws!  She is opposed to the first five books of the bible!  In essence she is ANTI-SEMETIC.  There have been JEwish people (women) forced into marriages with men who are terrorist-minded.  If God refuses to allow divorce, then he would have to agree to see a JEWISH woman murdered at the hand of wicked men!  THIS type of thing is NOT SCRIPTURE!

If she actually considered the first five books of the bible in her "teachings" she would be "alarmed" with woman who are raped (Dinah-Genesis), women who are forced under slavery (Exodus-Women didn't rely on other women midwives), women forced out of the home (Abe story and the women he was with-Genesis), Women of a different nationality (Moses wife -Zipporah), Women who shared a husband (Jacob's wives and concubines).  Though none of these women were "divorced" per say, all of these women went through some trials and suffering of some sort.  One was even sent away.  Was it the woman's fault for these issues?  No it was the sin of MAN that was the problem.

Extreme patriarchy movements do not interpret the bible correctly and constantly find fault with what the bible actually says.  Moses did allow divorce and it was because of the hardness of heart.  God himself does not hate divorced people.  He can still use those people (if the unbelieving depart, let them depart).  God hates "divorce" itself, meaning the constant strain and battle about who is right and who is wrong about this and that.

Information about the FALSE calendar forced on Jewish

Here is a link that shows that the FALSE calendar which holds some Jewish traditions, but was not the original calendar they used was forced on them by the ROMANS.  I am assuming that the "Qumran Calendar" Jewish group would have followed a different calendar than the one described in this article, but YET it was used and usable around the time of early bible writers. 


As quoted from the article:


Prior to 1990, I thought that it was the rabbi's idea to change the calendar in 358 A.D. I said that no man could change God's laws; not the Pope nor even a Jewish rabbi named Hillel II. God gave us a visible calendar to observe and He told us how and when to observe it in the Bible. It's not confusing or complicated like some people want to believe. It's a little different, but so is everything else associated with God, from keeping the Sabbath and the holy days, to tithing. God tells us to "come out of Babylon" to be different.

Little did I realize that the calendar I was attacking was pagan to the core and directly from Babylon. Let's look and see how the Romans forced a corrupt calendar on the Jews. After the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., the high priest was without a sanctuary. He was like a minister without a Church. The position he held could no longer be carried out without the temple. Instead of a high priest as their spiritual leader, the Jew's had a NASI, pronounced (naw-see). He was the head rabbi or chief leader, like the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church.

In 351-352 A.D. the Jew's revolted against the Roman emperor Gallus & his commander Ursicinus and lost. After this, the Romans limited the power of the NASI and forced him to give up the authority to proclaim the new moon and the fixing of the festivals. Hillel II agreed with this to save his neck and sold out God's law. A calculated calendar was instituted and published with its rules in 358 A.D. (Encyclopedia Judaica, Hillel II)."

So essentially, this is like the way the Native American people were treated.

Indigenous people had their way of life.  The women didn't need to go to doctor for child-birth.  Women knew her herbs.  Women knew how to get food for her family without much farming practices.  She knew the wild-edible foods.  The indigenous cultures ALSO had/have their own calendar structure.

For example, the Jewish months coordinate with "nature and moon" changes, not with the "sun and shadow."  Indigenous cultures do the same.


Deeply saddened blogger Lori Alexandar is "anti-Messianic"

This is addressing the reality that the blog writer Lori Alexandar simply doesn't understand the deepness of the LOVE of GOD for humanity via. the bible.  I have personally written to her about this issue.  She claims that Messianic people are NOT Christian.

I know folks who are from Israel.  They grew up there.  Others who are Jewish and did not know a word of Hebrew, but have the heritage.  As a person who is married to a person of "non-roman" ancestry, the condition of disrespect among people who call them selves "Christian" is simply wicked.  His people suffered under those who labeled themselves "Christian" but had hearts filled with disrespect.  A person who lacks unconditional love is a person who simply is a person devoid of the truth.  The truth is written in the heavens.  It is NOT written by the hand of men.  If the hand of "men" wrote something so divine, then we would not have something HOLY.  When God separated the languages at the Tower of Babel, he did so to keep people from SIN.

As a person who did grow up in more of a "Catholicism" based environment, I knew little about the basic feasts which are actually mentioned in the bible.  Feasts like "Feast of Tabernacles,"  had very little meaning to me except for the parts where Paul says things about being a "tabernacle."  Later in the bible it mentions the time of the Pentecost.  I always KNEW about the Pentecost from a "Catholicism" based way of understanding.  That the "Holy Spirit" was given to men in an "upper room".......

BUT it took a MESSIANIC person who KNOWS the JEWISH culture and traditions, as well as keen reading skills to point out to me the POWER of the WORD!  YES, the "FEAST of WEEKS" takes place 50 days (7 weeks) after the Passover Events.  And the Jewish Culture practices, to this DAY continue to celebrate the giving of GOD's LAW through MOSES on the PENTECOST.  I did not know that except through conversations with the people who KNOW all about MOSHE.  Furthermore, this specific MESSIANIC person explained to me how the giving of the PENTECOST "HOLY SPIRIT" more than likely took place RIGHT FROM MT. ZION and NOT from an "upper room."  The conditions of the wording of the scripture show a "break" from the time of the "upper room" on to the next chapter where it turns into "PENTECOST."  Through JEWISH TRADITION AND KNOWLEDGE of the bible, a person can find out that the "HOLY SPIRIT" was given right from the HOLY of HOLY!

Do a computer search of the word "zion" or "sion" in the KJV holy bible.  RIGHT there in front of men is the indication that the importance of ZION (not ROME) and is written in the NEW TESTAMENT.......NOT in the OLD TESTAMENT!

To this day, "moon rise time" is a part of life for many cultures inside and outside of JErusalem.  These special holidays and seasons mean something to certain select group of people.  YES, ISRAEL has to deal with a violent band of "robbers" who want to the power of the RELIGION forces, but they do not want the TRUTH.  They too follow a "moon rise time."  This does not mean they can never be redeemed!  I shouldn't need to go into further details, but a WISE person who is EDUCATED in the ways of the Messianic understanding of the bible as well as understanding of the QUMRAN calendar, will reveal that JESUS was on the CROSS from the 6th HOUR to the 9th HOUR.  THIS is only explained by TRUE scientific knowledge of astronomy AND the scripture from its HEBREW perspective.

Just as Donald TRUMP can say Jerusalem is ISRAEL's capital DAY and NIGHT.  HE still has to follow the "ways" of God's laws.  HE wouldn't be a president right now if he acted like "Cain" of the bible!

So in essence, I was discussing some "things" with popular blog writer Lori Alexandar.  She is NOT interested in MESSIANIC "things" or studies.  Especially apologetic things that come from messianic resources that reveal that the people of the "World system" do not believe the JEWISH people were literally in Egypt from the time of JOSEPH and the time of PASSOVER.  If she is NOT interested in proving the bible and its truth, then she is simply anti-messianic.  She doesn't want to know the "origins" of the Hebrew Language and how it was written.  She doesn't want to know HOW the bible was written.  She doesn't CARE at all for GOD's CHOSEN people.  She is a replacement theologian and deeply deceived.  She even feels it is necessary to eliminate the timing from GENESIS 1 where it mentions the heavenly conditions are for "signs":

I don't want to be a "preacher"and I do not believe women should be "preachers,"  but I do believe MEN and WOMEN can understand these "signs" equally:

Gen 1:14-19  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:  (15)  And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.  (16)  And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.  (17)  And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,  (18)  And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.  (19)  And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

It is EASY to find an almanac and find the BASIC principles of these signs.  They are STILL there TO THIS DAY.  Look for the "moon rise time" and look for "astronomical position" that is the first key to understanding WHY the GENESIS CREATION account is IMPORTANT and its specific orders in the UNIVERSE that men cannot change or distort.

If popular blog writer LORI ALEXANDAR (who is named by her own parents and then changed her last name to represent her husband) believes in not REPRESENTING the scripture for what it actually says and what the heavens actually prove, then she is not a representative of the most high!

From a little post from a friend of mine who is not known very well by "this world" but lives in Israel, loves Jewish people, loves messianic people, loves basic Christian people etc etc.  she posted one of the most profound things on her simple facebook post.  She even has the strength to admit that her Husband was once almost attacked by the vicious terrorist people, right in the HOLY LAND!  The place where the HOLY BIBLE was written!

She wrote the following:

"I know [JACK] was tired too but he did it.. he knows how I hate going to bed with a messy kitchen and he stayed up and scrubbed my kitchen. - husbands out there , this is a a way to your wives heart. [JACK] hates doing dishes. But he loves me. Let me just say to wives who don't get this perk... focus on what your husband does, and there were years where this didn't happened, I prayed and God answered with friends that encouraged him to help out more - and I am sure his Mom gets a lot of credit:) but really pray women - prayer for you husbands there is no great gift you can give to your children your husband then lifting them up in prayer... prayer deep prayer takes times , energy , brokenness, faith... . perseverance.. but God is faithful. I could write a books and books of answered prayers.. things that I know happened only because I had no where else to go but God and He came, and comes. - so wives, women waiting for husbands , be encouraged use this great tool God has given us - talk to your maker about everything, yell, cry... hold God to His promises in His word... "

She is not out there CONDEMNING other women who have SUFFERED.  Some of these "crazy" ones are from minority groups LORI ALEXANDER did not create and did not change their languages.  My facebook friend (whom I know them personally) is out there PRAISING the most high and ENCOURAGING others to WORSHIP the REDEEMER for her SPOUSE given to her by GOD!  This particular spouse grew up in plain-simple U.S.A. on an ordinary name-less farm.  To me the TRANSFORMED wife is a WIFE that is TRANSFORMED by the TRUTH in the WORD.  The ENTIRE WORD, not just the parts "LORI ALEXANDER" likes..........

The Jezebel spirit is very wicked (observe how the man in the video picks on someone he doesn't even WANT to understand.....has some foul language).  I don't know exactly what it entails.  But it must entail something that seems to find FAULT with people who have suffered and are "simple men."  Her popularity gets to her head, and she finds FAULT with the people of the BIBLE.  People who LIVE in the bible-lands.  And people of other-tribes and tongues she doesn't even know exist!

What if Lori's Husband died today.  Or her children.  Whom would she pray for?  What if the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE decided that Lori's next husband was an ARAB.  What if the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE decided that Lori's next husband was a JEWISH man.

It is possible that she will FINALLY get eyes that SEE the TRUTH of the scripture for what it means for ALL MAN KIND, not just for "her selfish ambitions" when she knows that she must SUBMIT to a man........with a little darker skin tone....and went through some violent terror, just to show her his love.  There have been some darker skin-tone and even Jewish decent men who decided to be a part of the "plain church"......the anabaptist church......the persecuted church.  The first church.  Based on the TRUTH of the scripture (and all its moon rise times and planet location times) church......written in GENESIS CHAPTER 1.

Essentially, LORI ALEXANDAR is put in my blog feed under flaky-false-Christian-abuse (she finds fault with innocent men) because she doesn't ACKNOWLEDGE the TRUTH of the scripture and what it is FOR.  WHOM it is FOR and WHY men need it.  She may have a "Conservative" tone in her writings, but she doesn't embrace that fullness for ALL MAN-KIND.

Observe this video to see how men who have a heart for "the word" perhaps look at their wife with LOVE, sadly many Christians don't see it because they are so busy finding fault with "non-believers" or "secular people":

Even those who are NOT understanding scripture from Messianic view STILL have the belief to encourage others who have struggles in this life:

BOOZHOoo, wiiwiisinaiwodi

אדם אינו יכול לחיות על לחם 

לחיות על לחם


בית לחם

בית לחם     לחיות על לחם

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Menorah

The biblical Menorah has "seven" lamps.  As there are SEVEN biblical feasts which relate to the PHASES of the moon.  The time of the "Sabbath" can be found by knowing ASTRONOMY as well.

Qumran Calendar moon phases are as follow: 1st of Abib: Full Moon(cycle 1), Passover: New Moon (cycle 1), Feast of Weeks/Pentecost: Full Moon (cycle 3), Atonement: New Moon (cycle 1) or Trumpets: New Moon (cycle 2), Tabernacles: Full Moon (cycle 2), End of Tabernacles: (cycle 2) 1/2 moon

Or another way of looking at it:

-Abib 1: Full Moon (New Year)

Abib 14: New Moon (Passover)

-Sivan 1: Full Moon (Fest of Weeks)

-Sivan 14: New Moon (Feast of Weeks)

-Tishri 1: Full Moon (Trumpets)

-Tishri 10: New Moon (Atonement)

-Tishri 23: 1/2 Moon (End of Tabernacles)

It would depend upon what Calendar Cycle a person uses, but each "lamp" would represent a phase of the moon which would point to the time for biblical feast.

More information: HERE or HERE

Or the FEAST of DEDICATION can be a sign too!  Yes, Chislev 24: Full Moon (Feast of Dedication, Cycle 1), Tebeth 1: 1/2 Moon (End of Feast of Dedication, Cycle 1)....

What is an easy way to "convert" the biblical menorah from Qumran Calendar to Modern-Day Gregorian Calendar?

Look for the equinox and solstice!  First two signs in Abib (Immediately after the Spring Equinox).  Second two signs in Sivan (Immediately before the Summer Solstice), Last three signs in Tishri (Immediately after the Fall Equinox).  The addition of JESUS celebrating the "FEAST OF DEDICATION" can be found by looking for the sign in the month of CHISLEV/TEBETH (immediately before and after the Winter Solstice)

Christianity is meant to be lived simply, not complex


Observe the video above.

Mar_6:9  But be shod with sandals; and not put on two coats.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Should you fully trust popular blogger Lori Alexander at The Transformed Wife

Lori Alexander at The Transformed Wife  has been a popular blogger for quite some time.  Her writing has a "conservative tone" and is supportive of many things like the Duggar Family, however, sometimes she shows a "mean spirit" towards woman who have been through bad situations.  Women in the bible like Tamar, Dinah or the "dark skin" woman of the Song of Solomon, all went through some bad things.  She won't even acknowledge that reality.

I am NOT a popular blogger.  And I believe that is a GOOD thing because I do not need "popular bloggers" bullying me about this and that.  I have been through some things in my life.  I have been through some of the #metoo issues, even since I was a child, but I do not hate these people, I just don't dwell on those issues because this was just the condition of going to school and healthcare-workplace and instead focus on scripture.  Those issues are not what "define" me, and I continue to support and encourage men as they are.  I was never in a severe situation, but there were some bad times.

When a person posts a comment on her blog and she doesn't agree with YOU or your tone, even if it is nice, she will not post your comment.  So she IS an internet bully, even though she writes in favor of conservative biblical things.  The reason is because she doesn't allow different opinion on her site.

The more I look into things, I believe she may have racism issues.  If you or your friend are supportive of anything "messianic" or "Sabbath Day" or anything "Israel" supportive or even supportive of people in another country that has Arab people living in that country, she may think you are "not worthy" of some sort of honour, what ever that honour may be.  So in other words, she believes SHE is the one who decides who gets the crown of glory for sharing the gospel.  She doesn't believe JESUS is the one who decides those things.

So should you read her blogs?  What about the other spiritual abuse blogs that recognize her errors, should you put all your trust in those blogs?  The answer is do NOT trust EITHER of those blog writers!  Trust the scripture!  You may glean "some" ideas from those blog writers, but they are not 100% reliable.  It says "Gen_9:27  God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant."  So in other words, Japheth ENLARGES himself and becomes quite popular quite efficiently and TAKES OVER the tents of SHEM....... so he WANTS the glory for HIMSELF, and doesn't want to do it GOD's WAY!  Both Lori Alexander blog writer and the "spiritual abuse" blog writer have their JAPHETH issues.....wanting to do it THEIR way.

Everything that came from issues like Roman Empire (kind natured Sabbath Day following Modestly Dressed, non-gluttonous women were thrown to the lions) to Nazi Germany (kind natured Sabbath Day following Modestly Dressed, non-gluttonous women were thrown to the gas-chambers) on up to today's political issues, are related to the issues of JAPHETH refusing to SUBMIT to the ways of the BIBLE and what it is SUPPOSED to mean.  Japheth (popular-far-right or far-left extremists) believe they can exist withOUT the support of the TENT of SHEM!

In the given image, the fact of FALSE religion which through history study and proper understanding of scripture will reveal something that came from JAPHETH which "infected" Semitic people....even Jewish people.  Something opposed to the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE.

 They believe in being "fruitful and multiply" but they do not believe in Psalm 119 and love for God's law!  Because a love for God's law means supporting the "unpopular" things.  The way of JAPHETH is to seek popularity, it is not to seek service to others as the LAW of God commands.

The blog writer Lori Alexandar is correct about woman not being angry, false accusation towards husband and other men, but she is wrong to condemn the poor, the widow, the outcast and others who have struggled in life and just quite simply, are not popular.  If she showed support for "torah" she would write in favor of those things.

As an alternative, to some far-right POPULAR blog writers who seem to pick and choose the parts of the bible they like the best, be sure to check out other resources for biblical education and life-style, like https://blog.israelbiblicalstudies.com, blog writers from the Land of Israel, simple anabaptist UNPOPULAR blog writers, blog writers who are conservative biblical AND disabled, or simply visit people who are elderly or needy people RIGHT in your local community!

If you want to find out HOW to live the Godly life, simply do things that JESUS wants you to do.  This is what I know to be true even before the invention of "blog writers" who influence and control our every walk of life.  Do not let the writer control you, you control what you would like to believe from their writing.  Stop being fleshly political, "Mat_10:42  And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward."  Simply meditation on Psalms and Proverbs from KJV has enough "content" to keep a person going in the right direction, without a lot of input from "political" leaning blog sites.

For this reason, I wrote a blog post that explained why it is better to lean towards "Libertarian" ideals as a Christian, not that a person MUST be political, but that to avoid leaning far-right or far-left.

Php 3:17-20  Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.  (18)  (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:  (19)  Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)  (20)  For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

If you still struggle with understanding this particular song, then you will need to learn.....inorder to dwell in the tents of SHEM.  ...... הלב צמא לאהבה

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

The inspirational Tractor Video......

Farm life.

Yes, I grew up on a farm.  Farmers do study a lot of astronomy.  Well sometimes.

I also know where John Deere Tractor's come from.  They don't just come out of nowhere.

Astronomy has a tendency not to "move"......

AT: 1:22-----1:33 it is stated: "I'm so triggered...we're not moving."  Viewer Discretion Advised.  This is how DANGEROUS family drama can become.  So focus on scripture......

Isa_34:4  And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

Rev_6:14  And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

Have a nice life......well, save yourself by studying the bible.....n' astronomy ;)

This is the point where people "unfriend" and block you because you warned them about ........These types of DANGEROUS things.

For further understanding.....try understanding the time of the year Angel Gabriel visited Mary.....

Luk_1:26  And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,

Knowledge of how things are made and done......helps people understand TRUTH vs. ERROR.

Sometimes people think the little insignificant things are insignificant.  BUt so much inspiration can come from the simplest of things:

**************Ok now for the serious videos that are TRUE INSPIRATION*********

Focus on REAL LIVE LIFE.  FIND greatness in the simple things like making scrambled eggs for your children, singing simple hymns and more.

Or the simple things in nature can inspire:

The bible itself has the MOST inspiration:

I saw different folks in my life....but He alone knows the right way to go: