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Sunday, August 23, 2015

When is the blood moon? What does it mean?

My birthday is 9-11.....1984.  When I look at stelarium, the full moon occurs around the time of my birthday.  It appears in the stars off to the right below piesces constelation.  Now it is 31 years later.  This year on September 27, 2015..... the moon turns to blood.  The location of the full moon is off to the right below piesces constelation.  This tells me that there are patterns in our universe designed by a powerful creator...... we need to pay attention.  So my 'biblical calendar' birthday would be at the sighting of the full moon and of the constelation pleadies.  It happens to be Sept, 27, 2015....

Now study the qumran calendar and there is the 360 day year.  Every twenty eight years another week needs to be added to make up for missing days on the calendar.  The qumran calendar is more accurate than the gregorian calendar!  It matches the 'heavenly signs'  or the sun....the moon....and....the stars....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

summarized fellowship and gathering (5-2)


Read psalms and proverbs for '2' day of the month.

Songs and hymns.......

To learn how to use and set up a schedule, look at other fellowship and gathering posts....

planet locations: http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/Planets/planet-const.cgi?year=2015
moon location: ?? not certain at this time...

Monday, August 3, 2015

7 Key things that cause your friendships, family relationships, and community relations to fail

SIN.  ok.  I put that word first in this article and many a liberal or zealous selfishly righteous conservative will immediately turn away from reading this article.  However, not recognizing the problem that lurks within and is truly destroying their own spiritual appeal.  Some people who attend church have these problems, some people who do not attend a church have these problems, some people who claim to follow Christ have these problems and some people who claim they do not follow Christ have these problems.  The 'unliberated' can fit in with any social crowd, it does not matter.  It is more a matter of the heart.  You may have once fit in to one of these crowds!  You may feel rejected unless you try to fit in to one of these crowds.  Do not feel ashamed to avoid these crowds or people.  Do not feel ashamed if you would like to 'heal' or love these groups of people, despite their sin.

1. Gambling.  Money is the root of all kinds of evils in human life.  If more people would recognize that 'agricultural marketing', toying with appealing to the stock market, voting in favor of one political party over another, believing the pharmaceutical industry 'heals' rather than profits and just general gambling all produces 'chaff' in the human life.  Money doesn't solve problems.  In fact, many natural remedies are found without even spending a dime.  You know you are a gambler if you believe that you must have more than you already possess.  You know your friend, spouse, loved one or community member has a gambling problem if they believe they must own more territory than they already possess.

2. Gluttony.  Poor eating habits, lurk in the mind and heart first.  Did you know that there are thousands of edible wild foods that humans do not even need to grow?  Dandelion, sage, lambs ear and more.  A good zucchini is sure satisfying and simple to grow.  The sunflower leaf can be safely eaten by humans.  We are caterpillars by design, the problem lurks when a person is not mindful of what they put into their mouth.  They sit outside the pizza parlor, waiting to consume an entire pizza to fulfill the desires of the stomach, rather than enjoying a 'fast' from all foods, for a day.  Water, doesn't seem to cleanse their soul, much less praying for others, or picking up a good book to read.  The belly feels that it must be filled.

3. Sexual impurity.  This is a core devalued topic.  Human life has been devalued.  Not just by the rapist and the pedophile.  Not just by the abortionist, midwife, or pharmaceutical salesman. It is not solid gold as it should be.  Even molestors could be that doctor who does 'cervical checks' on healthy woman, for pre-natals.  Of course, many have heard about the nasty condition of ISIS.  The forms of sexual impurity can be anything from divorcing several times, to never getting married but having multiple lovers.  It could be same-sex attraction, it could be out side of current marriage attraction.  It could be attraction to a stranger on a computer or tv screen.  So what about that fancy looking guitar player, playing a tune on drums and guitar at your local church group?  The form or color of it does not matter.  It could be loving the woman on tv, more than your current wife, thinking that an actress has something better.  What about that lifeguard at the swimming pool?  Really, what about them, they are athleticly built, so what will you do with that?  It could be placing value of a beautiful face, over the face of the scared and unbeautiful.  We really don't know the color of the peacock feather, only that, the principle of the heart has not been weighed in the balance.  Pride, believing that this (his sexual appeal) is a core value in life, causes the fool to go unchecked in how he can handle the ups and downs of life.  Ask questions and investigate heart and motives.  Culture shock may show you that color of the skin does not matter, it is the color of the heart that does matter.

4. Alcohol.  Young and old.  Some have destroyed livers, some have destroyed family life.  Some have destroyed unborn children.  If you drive too fast, something gets destroyed.  Of course the bible speaks about using a little alcohol to heal pains in the stomach.  But what if those pains could be healed without alcohol.  Of course fermentation has been going on since egypt, so why do the highly religious get nasty towards those who even drink it?  They become the pharisee's rather than the friends of sinners.   Couldn't even water cause a person to act goofy, drunken and say all sorts of appealing things?  Jesus turned water into whine, so why whine about it anymore?  Destroyed liver, destroyed communication with a family, isn't much fun at all, in the long run.  Even after one has watched friends hang out at the bars and watched the goofy, fun looking advertisement on tv.  We feel as if we are truly loving 'sinners' when we serve them alcohol, but are we really?  Prohibition, the alternative to feeling compelled to it as being overly religious, is death in general.  Death to self. If Noah had been truly wise, he would have destroyed this lie.

5. Undereating to create an outward image.  Magazine advertisements, social gatherings.  Even the unfed in poverty countries, who show skin and bone seem to have it better.  Feeling the desire NOT to eat, can drive a person to wish to be skin and bones.  Sure it is appealing to eat lettuce, every day, but think of the missed tastes, of even fruits and nuts and berries that are also freely available.  The mouth, can boast that it will make itself beautiful by its own actions, but what about, being concerned with desiring fellowship with good and bad young and old.  Eating or rather the lack thereof to gain social status.  These things can destroy a star from afar.  Best thing is to stick with cornmeal and oatmeal, until health and well being and proper emotional conditions return.  Best finding good recipe books to read, to rejuice that appetite.

6. Conquering emotions with pharmaceuticals.  Depressions, angers, rages and more.  Did you not know there was a star?  We are created to be creative it is true, but filling lusts of creativity with a new drug, will only leave you blue.  Time and space and not created by man, nor is the robin so free.  Can't you see?  We are blind to the truth, until we feel the conquering forces of love.  Until then, that pharmaceutical drug, will not stop haters from hating.  They will remain, it is up to those who decide to accept, that we cannot gain the whole world, we must accept what is true.....so that we do not feel so blue.  Do you not know that there is a battle going on? It is in the mind.  We are 'brainwashed' by our world to believe lies, so beware.  Intelligent and fool, can get pulled by the lure of pharmaceutical.  Natural remedies have been available since the beginning of time, so calculate your time, money and resources wisely.  You may find that some people who claim to heal really do nothing but pat their picket and pocket.

7. Angers, rages, genocidal lusts, racial tensions, political appeal, scornfully bitter old women, seductive lures and more.  Yes.  all these things, destroyed your community.  It was NOT a nuclear weapon, or outside force of a specific religion.  It was selfishness.  It was you.  Do you know how to conquer these problems on your own strength. probably NOT. Check into the hotel of 'christ' the living and eternal water, read the resource manual called 'holy bible' it will show you what to do.  Love those who do not have access to the truth, study people and cultures out side of your own.  Find that old power in prayer.  If you do not, find that power, beware, eternal judge awaits your coming home.  Your coming home to him, or coming home to apart and depart from me, ye who call yourselves followers of me.

Can you build anything in this world without truth?  No.  Can your build anything in this world without faith? No.  Can you build anything in this world without true love? No. Can you build anything in this world without loyalty? No. Do you need to be a 'christian'.... well you need to know him more than just call yourself one.  You can hang around the sinner, but do not be ashamed to call on his name.  For this life will soon be past, and communities man-made will not last.

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