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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Frugal diapering and equipment

Many think that it costs thousands to raise a baby.....wrong! When my oldest was born it cost under 350$ for used baby equipment and such....that included such unimportant items like a crib. When we rely on God to provide, it is likely that all our needs will be met. In primitive cultures, the baby shares the same sleeping space as the parents so the concept of having a crib is unknown to them.

Overall, I believe the most expensive part when raising a baby is diapering. However, this financial burden is easily overcome with a handy sewing machine, knitting needles and crochet hook. I created an entire stash of diapers (about 30 or so) out of a flannel sheet set from a used goods store for under 10$. Wool soakers were created with wool sweaters from the used clothing stores as well and they work quite well as long as baby is changed frequently. I've also created fitted diapers out of flannel fabric. To create wipes, I bought a set of white terry cloth wash clothes from wal-mart, cut them in quarters, and then sewed around the edges to keep them from fraying in the wash. A solution of olive oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E and warm water is added to a spray bottle for moisture on the wipes. I prefer to keep the moisture out of the wipes until ready to use because mildew often accumulates on the wipes. Cloth diapering can be fun especially if you have a little extra cash on hand and you like to create some fun looking diapers for your baby.

For more information on frugal diapering check out:

Thoughts Noah and man's tinkering

It is very obvious that anything which man creates comes from the ground. Even the computer I am typing on came from the ground or products out of the ground. Man makes both good/neutral (homes, shelters, vehicles, books) and evil (weapons of mass destruction, swords) things out of the ground....and usage of those items depends on the heart of the man.

God stated that the ground is cursed: (Gen 5:29) And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed.
However, in order to survive in this life it is necessary for man to "tinker" and build. Even though I attended college and was a part of many mathematical and technological classes, it is very apparent that one cannot use that knowledge (as it is basically dry and spiritless) unless it is filled with the knowledge of scripture! Man can alter and change mathematical formula's to suit his own personal desires (hence the invention of health insurance, pharmaceuticals, oil etc) however, man's inventions are fruitless unless guided by the scriptures. Man's work must be guided by the solid foundation which is Christ or destructive forces are produced.

Here is a neat book about living off of the grid as guided by the scriptures in such a way that nature itself is not worshiped......nor is man glorified in all his creations.

By the way have you ever noticed the difference between items invented by man vs. items invented by women. It is apparent that there are very few "woman" inventors. If there is a woman inventor or political promoter....she may intend to do evil with her invention (margaret sanger....for example) Even marie curie and her "discovery" of radioactive elements for x-ray proves to show very little positive fruit in the world....a country now "sickenly" dependent on a flawed health care system. Also, excessive exposure to much medical radiation actually causes illness and disease, so it is best to avoid those "necessary" tests and check-ups at the doctor's office.

As Christian woman, be happy to be submissive to our husband's as this is good for yesterday, today and the future (as Christ taries in his return).

Helping your child read before age 3

In our public education school system, it is believed that children cannot read until they are 6 or more years old. This is entirely NOT true. It is possible to teach a young child to read before he or she reaches school age.

I posted earlier about assisting my oldest son with reading as a toddler. If you are diligent and work with your child daily it is possible to see results with very little effort in using the flashcard methods. Repetition is the key. Repetition is the key. Repetition is the key. VaRiaTIon gains attention. I also use the brill baby website to gain ideas for teaching my child with reading. My son loves to learn new words. Right now we are at the stage transitioning between reading a full book and picking up new words that were not previously observed. He is also capable of reciting a book that has been read to him several times and rhyming a list of words......Language is fun at any age!

In the near future I plan to personally teach my child hebrew, and greek. Although I do not believe an individual can gain full spiritual depth by learning the languages, I know that it will help greatly when my child chooses to study the scriptures at a deeper level. Helping one's child have an interest in scriptures starts at a very young age!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Internet social networking: a curse in disguise

When I was in college, my room mate at the time introduced me to the world of facebook. When I first signed up I added all the people whom I knew around campus and such. Of course through time, I was introduced to the fact that people are very open about the sinful activities that produce no heavenly fruit.....even among those who called themselves Christian at the time. I was very saddened to see family members engaging in the same sinful activities as they connected me to their facebook page. Although I have never spent considerable amount of time on facebook, I have posted links to good Christian websites hoping to win the lost friends and family. Unfortunately, it seems that the heavenly kingdom does not work that way, as face to face conversation wins the lost much more effectively, especially if they are "name only" Christians. I have since deactivated my account as it seems to be more of a burden than a blessing and it is a site that promotes worship of "self" rather than of God.

Here is a good article about the deceptions involved with internet social networking.

If you are a part of a social network, I don't really consider it a "sin," however, it is wise to consider what kind of fruit the network produces. Blogging can also be a form of social network, however, there is more space to share only Christian centered writing, rather than worldly nonsense.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Courtship or Betrothal.....the search begins young

In a few weeks, a long time friend of mine will be getting married via. a betrothal that took place through her church. This method of "dating" is definitely a method of keeping the heart and body pure before marriage. Many of the marriages that take place in this way are very successful.

Although my children are young (under the age of three), I have started to notice that relations with other families are growing as our family is growing as well. This is definitely the work of the LORD because the LORD knows who is faithful to his word. As the closeness with other families is growing, I recognize that this allows my husband and I seek the "seal of approval" for the conduct of those family's. As one Jewish rabbi stated....successful people are known by the number of people connections they have made. The more a family grows....the more "people connections" are made. This is truly God's work and not our own.

For more information about betrothal and courtship and the necessity of close family relations check out:


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