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Monday, March 8, 2010

Courtship or Betrothal.....the search begins young

In a few weeks, a long time friend of mine will be getting married via. a betrothal that took place through her church. This method of "dating" is definitely a method of keeping the heart and body pure before marriage. Many of the marriages that take place in this way are very successful.

Although my children are young (under the age of three), I have started to notice that relations with other families are growing as our family is growing as well. This is definitely the work of the LORD because the LORD knows who is faithful to his word. As the closeness with other families is growing, I recognize that this allows my husband and I seek the "seal of approval" for the conduct of those family's. As one Jewish rabbi stated....successful people are known by the number of people connections they have made. The more a family grows....the more "people connections" are made. This is truly God's work and not our own.

For more information about betrothal and courtship and the necessity of close family relations check out:

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