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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

101 Ways to Read and Study your KJV Holy Bible

1. Cross Stitch a picture from a verse or word.
2. Write 25 verses about [joy].
3. Memorize above activity [2]
4. Make a crossword with a [25] word string.
5. Make a word-find with a [25] word string.
6. Develop a children's book from a 10 verse passage.
7. Write an essay about a hot topic, include words from 10 verse passage.
8. Study a specific topic like [servants].
9. Sew a quilt and add patches with +Bible verse or pictures.
10. Write a comic from 10 verses or words randomly selected.
11. Study the Biblical Calendar and Learn When Noah Landed the Ark (yes it is different than January, February Calendar is more like Jewish Calendar and uses Astronomy Accuracy.  Study a Qumran calendar of Dead Sea Scrolls)
12. Locate all the different Herbs mentioned in the bible and identify their positive and negative health effects.
13. Create a 25 point quiz about one chapter in the bible.
14. Make thank-you cards with bible verses.
15. Write a short story and include words and verses from one chapter of the bible.
16. Make a prayer list of 50 + people that you know personally, face to face and distantly through internet interactions. Pick verses to base a prayer off of. Try writing 50 prayers. Pray daily.
17. Make a garden ornament out of a randomly selected verse and/or word.
18. Read a whole chapter in Hebrew or Greek or another language.
19. Get friends and play Pictionary off of the various words found in a 10 verse portion.
20. Make animal flashcards of the animals listed in the bible.
21. Play story line game. Take a portion or verse and add silly words. "Great Ice Cream Cones are thy...." Ask friend to id. silly word
22. Make screen print t-shirt out of randomly selected KJV verse.
23. Create a skit out of random 10 verse portion. Make funny! Make Sad!
101 Ways to Read and Use a KJV HOLY BIBLE from the Dollar Store
*Eliminate Boredom
*Restore Economic Integrity to Get out of Debt
*Become Educated for Truth and Justice
*Feel more Child-Like
*Restore order to your individual being, home and family
24. Quote it backwards. See how far you can quote 10 verse portion backwards.
25. Make a puzzle out of 220+ verses.
26. Randomly select 10 verses. See how well you can fill in blank with missing words.
27. Create a hopscotch game of fancy design with 10 verse portion.
28. Do an old-Fashioned radio show with 10 verse portion. Sound effects with your voice etc.
29. Write a nice note to a friend on social network site using words from 1 verse.
30. Define all words in a 10 verse portion. Write them down and use in essay or book.
31. Make music out of a couple verses.
32. Play Balderdash. Use selected chapters or verses. Define words from the passages.
33. Study Genesis 10. Determine your origin. Determine your spouse’s origin.  Friends, Family….
34. Select 10 verse portion. See how much you can write without looking and without error.
35. Play scramble. See how fast you can make crossword out of the words from 10 verses at a set time.
36. Identify map locations in the bible today and in history.
37. Make a small movie out of randomly selected 10 verse portion.
38. Write a special letter to your spouse or friend using all words from 10 verse portion.
39. Verse Guess. Location? What verse says?
40. Write a poem using all words from a verse.
41. Meditate on 10 verses a week. Random or Subject
42. I.D. all verbs that Christ spoke. Write down verses that accompany.
43. Bad Song in your head? Use tune but replace with words from KJV psalms.
44. Bad thought in mind? Use words, story from KJV to replace and come up with a new thought.
45. Temptation? (Smoking, drinking, depression, sexual impurity etc). Select 10 verses. Make a card with the verses and meditate on the verses
46. Play [hangman] with various words. Battleship, categories, spelling etc.
47. ID parts of speech. In a verse.
48. Read 5 psalms per day within 30 days. (Try 3 years no fail!)
49. Read Proverb chapter per day according to the day of the month. ie. 2nd day of month read proverbs 2. (Try 3 years no fail!)
50. Study book of [proverbs]. Study all the information you can from individual verses. Use other sources to id. specifics.
51. Make birthday cards with verses.
52. Make child's toy, game puzzle from a [word, verse, story]
53. Have a child copy verses in cursive. 1 a day.
54. Study foods mentioned in the bible. Make a 2 week menu plan from the foods.
55. Design website, blog, computer program using a verse, chapter or story from the bible.
56. Design a simple business plan from a short passage.
57. Write a letter to a politician using 10 words from a passage.
58. Create a simple lesson for [young child, youth, adult] from randomly selected chapter.
59. Do a puppet show of randomly selected passage.
60. Do sign language of entire verse or passage.
61. Look at classical Artwork of selected word, verse or passage
62. Help pre-reader read 10 words in passage
63. Read a bible passage to a widow.
64. Draw an unusual drawing from a [verse, passage] 2 Cor 7:10 try memory style drawing
65. Have a pre-reader identify dolch sight words from passage.
66. Have a child draw a picture from verse/passage.
67. See a living thing? See a natural substance (Gold, rocks etc)? See if it is mentioned in the bible. 
A * indicates methods to educate and teach. Helpful in accomplishing bachelor level of education with scheduling a learning session and picking up new literature.
68. *Narrate a passage from the bible in own words
69. *Draw Stick Figures of passage/verse.
2Ti_2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

70. *Skill mentioned in the bible? Splinter into small parts and master the skill.
71. *Skill mentioned in the bible? Conquer in short spurts Task-Chore-Task-Chore (variety in month etc)
72. *Skill mentioned in the bible? Specific task same time over and over.
73. *Schedule Active vs. Passive Activity. Sing bible verse, do something else. Write bible verse, exercise etc.
74. *Teach/ Learn during high times - 8 P.M./After meal etc. Incorporate 1 verse or passage.
75. *Memory Moments. In line, while waiting for appointment. Incorporate what you are memorizing with bible verses.
76. *Teach for whole body instruction. in bible passage ID sight, hear, smell etc.
77. *Use analogy or object when possible. ie. use two boards glued together as two become one etc.
78. *Drive into inner speech. Say whisper, think random 10 [word, verse, passage]
79. *Sink an emotional hook. ie. Read about 10 plagues then study nature of frogs from [5] sources and give quiz.
80. *Get another angle from [word, verse, passage] using 68 - 79 above.
81. *Use Place-mat Grounding. (Timeline, Worldmap, Big Lists) Use bible verse, word passage to id.
82. *Train Keen Details. Use [word, verse, passage] and (Draw details, parts, definitions etc)
83. *Don't Delegate too soon. (Do [patience/joy] 25 x's correctly) ID. other positive character words in bible and do correct with different activities.
84. *Practice critical thinking skills with various hot topic mentioned in Bible.
85. *Busy Children are Happy Children. Schedule 10 bible based activities for young children.
86. *Teach mastery not just plow through. Id. a bible verse, activity etc. and master it.
87. Listen to a story or sermon. ID words or verses that are also mentioned in bible.
88. Pick a (word, verse, phrase) at random. Create a gift for someone else. (family, disabled etc)
89. Practice forgiveness. Write a list of family, friends, neighbors, community who hurt you. In list columns write name, what they did, verse to overcome, and write what you would say as forgiveness. Perhaps tell the person personally.
90. Practice [verb Christ spoke, other verb] write people's names, verse to help, plan to accomplish in column form.
91. Improve vision with others. Create positive psychology with a random verse. Write down "I will be patient with John." Write 5 statements and say 3 times each day for one week.
92. Meditate on 5-10 verses while jogging, exercising, lifting weights etc.
93. Improve work ethic. Randomly select [word, verse, passage]. Envision yourself and say to yourself you will improve according to verse. Write down steps as necessary.
94. Create a to-do-list, project based off of bible [word, verse, passage].
95. Study why a randomly selected [word, verse, passage] is in the bible.
96. See an inanimate or other object [gold, coins, mosquito etc]. Identify where this thing fits in creation story. Study science behind its behavior.
97. Read a book, poem, subject on [word, verse, passage] found in bible. Study and create tests.
98. Ugly media story? ID. what one or more of the 10 commandments was broken in the life of that character. Try God's law too!
99. Improve English skills using KJV bible when writing anything.
100. Create social science experiment comparing biblical [passage, verse, word] verses current cultural practice.
101. Create 101 MORE bible based activities based off of bible itself, other sources, creative skills etc. here's a few more.  *******>>>>>
102. Create a home church service. Let words in red stand for the pastor or preacher, read a chapter of psalms , 1 random old testament and one random new testament chapter. Include old hymns, prayers and such.
103. Study psalm 119. For each verse identify what you will do vs. what God will do......  Write it down.
If you have mastered these, tell others. And you will receive blessing!
****Make as many copies as you would like and pass these out to strangers, family n’ friends!


HIGHLIGHT YOUR BIBLE METHOD (Buy a set of colorful highlighters, and colored pencils and highlight according to topic): YELLOW = salvation, Jesus is the only way , PINK = promises, prophecy, special, gifts / rewards , GREEN = wisdom, prosperity, special command, law , BLUE = anti-cult, discernment, certain distinctions , ORANGE = Caution, warning , BROWN = verbal emotions of God, Behaviors of a Godly person , PINK UNDERLINE = Woman, wife, mother, widow duties… , GREEN UNDERLINE = Children, child training… , BLUE UNDERLINE = Men, Husband, Father duties….. , Double Underline = Younger, servant, under authority duties , Dash Underline = Older, Master, Elder, in authority duties

NOTEBOOK STUDY METHOD (Write out each of these topics on the top of a page in a notebook, write verses that coordinate and discuss these topics): Assurance and Promises, Battling Principalities and Powers of Darkness, Barean (study the scripture), Blessings from Heaven, Called and Chosen, Character Building, Christ Yeshua Savior, Christian Duty, Confession, Death, Examples from Past, Faith, Feasts, Forgiveness, Glories of Heaven, Health, Hope, Humility and Meekness, Hunger and Thirst for Truth, Joy, Kindness and Goodness, Love, Obedience, Patience, Peacemakers, Persecuted for Righteousness, Power and Equipping, Praise and Worship, Prayer, Prophesies Fulfilled, Prophesies yet Future, Rebuke and Warning, Response to Slander and Divisiveness, Revealer of the Heart, Self Control, Selfless Love, Sickness, Sorrow, Time of Trouble Now and Future, Truth in Scripture, Unrighteous Results, Victorious Living, Truthfulness, Alertness, Self-Control, Wisdom, Resourcefulness, Orderliness, Attentiveness, Obedience, Hospitality, Reverence, Discernment, Thriftiness, Initiative, Sensitivity, Sincerity, Generosity, Diligence, Faith, Contentment, Responsibility, Justice, Virtue, Joyfulness, Thoroughness, Discretion, Punctuality, Humility, Compassion, Boldness, Flexibility, Dependability, Love, Tolerance, Decisiveness, Gentleness, Forgiveness, Availability, Security, Creativity, Cautiousness, Determination, Deference, Persuasiveness, Endurance, Patience, Enthusiasm, Gratefulness, Loyalty, Meekness

Bondages that can and will PERMANENTLY get eliminated by prayer, bible study and meditation on scripture on a DAILY BASIS: gambling addictions, sexual impurity (homosexuality, fornication, divorce and remarriage, co-habitation, etc.), pornography addictions, alcoholism, depression, mental-illness, confusions and lies from society, anger, guilt, failure…… (NOTE: that any who come to Christ and have relationship MAY get persecuted from authority or others……keep fighting the good fight of faith anyway!)

Songs of Love and Hope