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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slope to Fascism

Are We on a Slippery Slope to Fascism?
by Jan Markell

I have been troubled as I hear people saying that America is heading down a Socialist or Fascist path very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. But I must now acknowledge that these observers are much more right than wrong. One article that convinced me was Joseph Farah's editorial on World Net Daily for August 11, "None Dare Call it Totalitarianism." He wrote a follow-up on WND August 17 listing the comparisons to Nazi Germany. I do not always agree with Farah but I feel he has done his homework on the above.

On "Understanding the Times" radio this past weekend, I had Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman share her insights on this topic. Both she and her mother were sent to concentration camps and were scheduled to be gassed but were spared by one miracle after another. Both were Jewish believers in Jesus. They saw first-hand how Germany had morphed into a Fascist dictatorship.

So, is America on that slippery slope? Unless the church gets much more involved in restoring America, I would have to say yes. It seems secular humanism is the primary religion in America today as churches grow more and more silent and stray from sound teaching. And government is god.

How can we learn from Nazi Germany's mistakes? Is there time to reverse what is happening in our great nation?

In Germany, "mercy killing" became the policy. Over 270,000 handicapped people were killed because in Germany, murder had become "mercy." Pastors went to call on their elderly members in hospitals and they had disappeared.

Anita pointed to many other troubling issues, as the people were primed for a dictator with promises from Hitler, even if they were all false. Then the government took over private business, industry, and health care.

Hitler took control of the airwaves. He allowed no dissenters. Barack Obama has recently appointed Mark Lloyd, an extreme Leftist in ideology, as head of the FCC. He is not bashful in saying that he is going to fine conservative/Christian networks for presenting the kind of programming they do. The nearly $250 million fine money will be turned over to National Public Radio (NPR). Obviously no network could survive such a fine when radio today is suffering like many other industries. While you may think he will only target Rush and Sean, I assure you that "Understanding the Times" radio is in the crosshairs.

Pastors in Germany came under the gun -- literally. If they spoke against Hitler or his policies, they were punished. We have "hate crime" laws in America now that have pastors and other good and righteous people targeted.

Anita Dittman recalls that many of the German people were blind. They were in a daze. And, they were biblically illiterate, even if they were long-time church members. Most churches had been watered down and thus marched willingly along, making no effort to stand for truth. Perhaps, had they been biblically grounded, they might not have caved.

In Germany, Fascism was basically Socialism. The Obama administration could very well be destroying the free-market system -- as did Hitler, knowing that people will have no place to turn except to government -- and this government wants to institute Socialism. Newsweek magazine said months ago in its cover story, "We Are All Socialists Now." Not quite yet, but we're heading there.

Secular humanism and Darwinian evolution were pushed in Germany. The government was god and the leader, Hitler, was a messiah-type figure. Anita remembers what oratory skills he had. He edged his way onto the political stage thanks to his communication abilities and the many promises he made. He had charisma and a charming smile that made the country trust him. Economic times were tough as people didn't have jobs so Hitler used all the skills he had to win over the country. The Socialist Germany would be the ultimate nanny state and take care of everything. Germany would soon be a proud nation again.

Joseph Farah asks in the first article I referred to, "What do you call it when government-created joblessness is used to promote policies of government control? What do you call it when the government exceeds its authority under the Constitution and ignores any limits of power? What do you call it when the government strikes fear into the hearts of the sovereign citizens it is supposed to serve? What do you call it when government seeks to take over the private and personal health care decisions of people, establishing bureaucracies to make life-and-death decisions and banning unapproved transactions between doctors and patients?"

He continues, "Everything for which America has stood for the last 230 years is under attack -- not by angry mobs, nor citizen lawlessness, and not from threats by external enemies. The threat is from those in charge of government. Americans are being seduced into serfdom and slavery. The specter of totalitarianism hovers like a dark cloud dressed up in euphemisms that would make Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong proud."

We can live in denial or we can call the church into action and individuals to prayer. If America remains a praying nation, some of the worst can be averted. So, will American Christians -- and Christians everywhere -- step up to the plate? Many believers are in a state of apathy and others are becoming more and more biblically illiterate.

And a nation like America is only as strong as her churches are strong.

In spite of some of the commentary coming from Anita Dittman, her book is a faith builder! All readers report that it is also a life-changer. It puts suffering into perspective. She believed that all things worked together for good during her ordeal and she lived to see that come true.

To learn more about issues related to current events and Bible prophecy, check out the "Olive Tree Ministries" link at olivetreeviews.org

Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home church today

Today my husband and I decided to home church. We listened to a sermon online and I sang sang a hymn. We enjoyed listening to http://www.goodfieldacchurch.org/. We like this anabaptist group of churches and have visited a few times.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Basic Prenatal Care Checklist

Here are some items I have been checking every so often. If you are choosing to do your own prenatal care feel free to copy and paste this list and adjust to your own needs. Occasionally I may skip some of the lab work for the following reasons: it is not available in home test kit form or private lab setting, is not really necessary, I have records of previous lab tests or symptoms can easily be resolved/prevented with therapies and treatments.



Basic Equipment


-BP Cuff


-Watch with seconds


-Strips for testing protein or glucose in urine

-Sterile Gloves


-Tape Measure

-Antiseptic soap


1st Checkup: Date: ________________


LMP ___________________ Due Date __________________

Symptoms checklist:

1. Visual Disturbances Y/N/Slight 12. Breast Changes Y/N/S

2. Headaches Y/N/S 13. Abdominal Pain Y/N/S

3. Fevers Y/N/S 14. Heart Burn Y/N/S

4. Fatigue Y/N/S 15. Variation in heart Rhythm Y/N/S

5. Nausea Y/N/S 16. Constipation Y/N/S

6. Vomiting Y/N/S 17. Leg Cramps Y/N/S

7. Dizziness Y/N/S 18. Backache Y/N/S

8. Shortness of Breath Y/N/S 19. Edema Y/N/S

9. Back Pain Y/N/S 20. Infections Y/N/S

10. Pain when Urinating Y/N/S 21. Varicosities Y/N/S

11. Vaginal Discharge Y/N/S 22. Date Baby’s Movements 1st felt Y/N/S

If Yes describe:





Previous Pregnancies:

Date: Conditions:

Previous Medical History:


Nutritional Deficiencies:

Cancers, diabetes etc:

Family History:

Blood Pressure:_____________

Present Weight:______________

Protein in Urine: Y/N

Glucose in Urine: Y/N

Taking Prenatal Vitamins: Y/N/Sometimes

Edema in Feet Legs Vagina: Y/N/Slight

Thyroid Gland: Good/Bad

Pelvic Exam:

4-5 Weeks: (Hegar’s Sign) Soft cervix (like lips not nose): Y/N

5-6 Weeks: Paper Thin Junction between cervix and uterus: Y/N

6 Weeks: Larger than Normal: Y/N

6 Weeks: Cyanosis (Chadwick’s Sign - Blue color of birth canal): Y/N

10 Weeks: Size of a Tennis Ball: Y/N

I use the twelve week checkup as a pattern for other weeks I give my self a checkup. The symptoms checklist are matched and located in the 1st checkup.

Twelve Weeks Date: ___________________

Symptoms Checklist

1. Y/N/S 12. Y/N/S
2. Y/N/S 13. Y/N/S
3. Y/N/S 14. Y/N/S
4. Y/N/S 15. Y/N/S
5. Y/N/S 16. Y/N/S
6. Y/N/S 17. Y/N/S
7. Y/N/S 18. Y/N/S
8. Y/N/S 19. Y/N/S
9. Y/N/S 20. Y/N/S
10. Y/N/S 21. Y/N/S
11. Y/N/S 22. Y/N/S

If Yes describe:




Blood Pressure: __________________

Weight: ______________

Fundal Height: ________________

Fetal Heart Rate: __________________

Lab Work:

CBC: ___________

HCT: ____________ (35)

Hemoglobin Blood Type: ______________ (about 11.0)

Coombs Test: __________

Rubella Titre: _______________

RPR: ______________

VDRL: ________________

Hepatitis B: __________________

Rh antibodies: ________________

I will continue on the twelve week pattern until 24 weeks, not including the lab work

At 28 weeks I will get the following lab work.

Lab work:

HCT: __________________

Hemoglobin: _______________

Glucose Screening: ________________

RH Anti-Body Test: __________________

At 32 weeks I will add the following to the twelve week pattern.

Baby Position ________________

I may or may not take the following lab test at 36 weeks. Heart and Hands has a simple recipe for antiseptic treatment.

Lab work:

Group B Strep Test:___________________

At 38 weeks and the following weeks I will add the following to the twelve week pattern.

Cervix condition:___________________

I will get a checkup on the following weeks:
1st (4-10 weeks), 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks, 36 weeks, 38 weeks, 39 weeks, 40 weeks.....birth!

Garden and Canning

Here is a picture of our garden. There are several flowers in our garden which are volunteer flowers that I let grow.
Nearly 200 onions are under the tarp drying and getting ready for storage. The tomatoes have not made an appearance yet.

I canned some zucchini pickles. I also canned 10 jars of zucchini relish. We have so much zucchini this year I am out of ideas for recipes to use the zucchini.

Songs of Love and Hope