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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ok.....so you are happy to pay for other women's abortions....

You are happy to pay for another woman's birth control pill.

Gee. I wish your mother would have wished you to have never been born.

You are not a wise woman.  You are a fool.

Once upon a time, God was the creator of this universe.  In this universe that he created, he put herbs that stop pregnancy.  These herbs are free to the naked eye.  These herbs that stop pregnancy can be found on many evergreen tree.  Parsley is easy to grow in the garden of eden my friend.  Black Cohosh, Blue cohosh.....true is a blue clue.

When you praise the world of "satan," if you will, you are praising the idea that it is ok to put pharmacy garbage in your body, so in essence you are no longer "liberal"......you are a fool.  You are loving the idea of hating your neighbor as your self.  Your selfish self.  Your physician is not a true physician.  It is not Dr. Faith, Dr. Air, Dr. Clean water etc etc.

No, I do not care if you have two children or twenty children.  In fact I think you are wiser if you have at least five children, because well, you were designed to be "a woman."

When your spouse has infidelity problems, will you pay for his mistresses birth control pill, and be happy to do so through "govt'" money?  Will you purposefully give yourself an STD because mistresses don't care if they share?  Will you be happy to put chemical nonsense into your neighbors body so that your drinking water needs to be filtered at least 10 times what it would have been if the pharmacy stuff didn't exist?

I'm not here to "sell" women what to do with their body.  I'm only saying that you are not as Enlightened as you thought.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

torah fans who forgot jesus death on cross....

They like the bible, but they don't like the idea that Jesus died for them on cross.

Not ALL Torah style people pull this stunt, but there are some merciless among the groups.  Wolves in sheep clothing would be the proper description.  They want people to say..... words referencing Jesus...... in their way...... and not give mercy if someone says yeshua instead of yhwy, Yahweh instead of jahova, messiah instead of Lord.

This type of thing is 'selfrighteousness'......

There is nothing wrong with biblical holiday, biblical food, day of the week for celebration and so forth.   But to add more burden than average Jewish person would even bare with word and descriptions beyond what biblical standards even calls for is........... anti-Christ.

Essentially, like I said not all 'Torah fans' pull this stunt.  Many are very wise, good people have good intentions.   But the wicked and ungodly, false accusers essentially.......well, they are out of alignment with what JESUS has actually asked his followers to do.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Video about "sexual immorality"


Listen to this video to get a basic overview about "sexual immorality"

Note: polygyny, and the "holy kiss" are not sexually immoral.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Polyamoury is unbiblical response to sharing love. PEriod.

Ok.  A woman is married to man.  She decides that she would like to find a new boyfriend.

The boy friend and her actually have sex.  The relationship with the husband continues and the relationship with the boyfriend comes to an end.

Now there is an entire book in the bible that describes this type of relationship.  The relationship where the wife left her "first love."  Hosea.

In a general sense, this type of thing is "nicely" called polyamoury as it is a woman who loves more than one man.  The same can go for men.  One man can love more than one women. 

In some sense.  People say, oh this type of thing happened in the bible times. 

Yes.  It did.  The bible describes it.

The clue here about why polyamoury isn't biblical is the clue in bearing of children.  Ok.

Woman has multiple lovers.  Which one is the father?  It is not biblical response to life to not know whom the father of a child happens to be.

Furthermore, some polyamoury supports and even encourages LGBT behaviours.  Ok.  So it is ok for two sister wives to do to each other what they do with their shared husband. 

It appears to be loving, but really it is deception revealed by the forces of nature in "the flesh."

Simply ask a few followers of polyamoury how they feel about biblical things.  Negative response.  Oh, the bible encourages men to oppress women.  Lie Lie Lie.

Ok.  State that it is best for a woman who is a "secondary partner" in a relationship to wait until she is 25 years old.  Ok.  The response to this is.......oh you are so judgmental.  Reality is that a woman is not developed in her mind and heart until age 25.  So the tampering with nature is not so great in the long run.

All in all.  You will find bitter, hatefilled remarks from "polyamoury" circles, because they do not submit or awknowledge biblical truths.

10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Now I grant, there are certain instances where polyamoury in a BIBLICAL tone is practiced and encouraged in the bible.  Those things never encourage breaking of God's laws however.  Strictly platonic outside of marriage boundary lines. 

Now, I do not hate people who want to experiment and try "swinging" or whatever.  Infact, they may be less likely to be hypocrite if they are true about what they do.  But justify their own actions as more righteous than the actions of Christ on the cross, well, that just isn't a case to support their lack of sense.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christians should NOT support "gay marriage' but they SHOULD support....

All of these types of marriages have happened in history, in the bible times and they can and should/could  happen in the future so long as it is not against the biblical laws.  Some of the issues are bad and some of the issues are ok according to the bible.  Know the difference before you get caught!  Knowing things helps rather than hinders.

 Romans 1:26 ------> Women went against NATURE!

- Polygyny - Jacob had Leah and Rachel plus other women under one man's headship.

- Polyandry - The woman at the well had "five husbands" John 4:18

- "Holy Kiss" - David and Jonathan 1 Sam 18:3, Rom 16:16

- Open Marriage - Abraham and Sarah, Sarah was sent to another mans house for a time

- Age Gap Marriages - 10 years, 15 years 20 years difference between spouses. 1 cor 7:36 No age of the man is given.  Various ages for men are given in the law accounting for the strength of the man and his duties.  20 years old, 25 years old and so forth.

- Swingers - Hosea and Gomer

- Infidelity Issues - David and Bathsheba

- Burlesque and Dance Performers - Mathew 9:10-13

- Tamar - Women who are raped or seduced by men - 2 Sam 13

- Young marriage by choice or God's guidance - 1 Cor 7:36 - No age is given

- Older people marriage by choice  or God's guidance - 1 Cor 7:36 - No age is given

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