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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

torah fans who forgot jesus death on cross....

They like the bible, but they don't like the idea that Jesus died for them on cross.

Not ALL Torah style people pull this stunt, but there are some merciless among the groups.  Wolves in sheep clothing would be the proper description.  They want people to say..... words referencing Jesus...... in their way...... and not give mercy if someone says yeshua instead of yhwy, Yahweh instead of jahova, messiah instead of Lord.

This type of thing is 'selfrighteousness'......

There is nothing wrong with biblical holiday, biblical food, day of the week for celebration and so forth.   But to add more burden than average Jewish person would even bare with word and descriptions beyond what biblical standards even calls for is........... anti-Christ.

Essentially, like I said not all 'Torah fans' pull this stunt.  Many are very wise, good people have good intentions.   But the wicked and ungodly, false accusers essentially.......well, they are out of alignment with what JESUS has actually asked his followers to do.
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