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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ok.....so you are happy to pay for other women's abortions....

You are happy to pay for another woman's birth control pill.

Gee. I wish your mother would have wished you to have never been born.

You are not a wise woman.  You are a fool.

Once upon a time, God was the creator of this universe.  In this universe that he created, he put herbs that stop pregnancy.  These herbs are free to the naked eye.  These herbs that stop pregnancy can be found on many evergreen tree.  Parsley is easy to grow in the garden of eden my friend.  Black Cohosh, Blue cohosh.....true is a blue clue.

When you praise the world of "satan," if you will, you are praising the idea that it is ok to put pharmacy garbage in your body, so in essence you are no longer "liberal"......you are a fool.  You are loving the idea of hating your neighbor as your self.  Your selfish self.  Your physician is not a true physician.  It is not Dr. Faith, Dr. Air, Dr. Clean water etc etc.

No, I do not care if you have two children or twenty children.  In fact I think you are wiser if you have at least five children, because well, you were designed to be "a woman."

When your spouse has infidelity problems, will you pay for his mistresses birth control pill, and be happy to do so through "govt'" money?  Will you purposefully give yourself an STD because mistresses don't care if they share?  Will you be happy to put chemical nonsense into your neighbors body so that your drinking water needs to be filtered at least 10 times what it would have been if the pharmacy stuff didn't exist?

I'm not here to "sell" women what to do with their body.  I'm only saying that you are not as Enlightened as you thought.
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