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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wise Woman's Guide to Buy a 'Godly Husband'

(This is for the young single females.  Those age 13 and above who have reached age when a girl starts feeling like she has a 'crush' on a possible future husband.  Print or write these things on a note-card and put them in your purse or backpack when you are going about your day as a student, or in your career and encountering various marriageable boys turned to men.  A good possible man will leave ALL positive answers on the questions below....)

Wise Woman's Guide to Buy a 'Godly Husband'

*Be aware while shopping->looks can deceive. Wear 'unattractive outwardly' modest clothing.  Clean clothing<-attraction-> Clean Man (Dressed to love Christ within) A headcovering to hide long hair can help make better judgment.
*Gambling, Smoking, Drinking, Pornography, Food Addictions/Aversions, Fornication and sexual impurity, Pharmaceutical dependent depressive (may have HAD these bondage) Ensure your husband potential DOES NOT have issues or love for these things.  If he does, walk away, pray for him until he comes clean for three months or more.  Note: Pornography addictions should NEVER be found in a potential husband.  He should never have had a history of addiction to it either. The effects of pornography destroy the lives of future children and has the same effect as infidelity, only with more lure to commit evil and hate women.  Sex Addictions are VERY difficult to correct in a potential spouse. http://www.drdougweiss.com/ to ensure that this is not an issue you must deal with in the possible spouse.
*'Independent' housing, self-sustainable capability.  Make sure he is free from excessive attachment to parents, family or previous relationship. (this ensures healthy sexual relationship)
* love to study 'the word' and 'love jesus'
* health-care ready (1 child per year....). God controls pregnancy & family size. 16-40 years could be 10-20 children or pregnancy in good health and joyful blessing.  Family plan health-care services, knowledge about medical things, financially provide for possible home-education.  Can he avoid reliance on govt' services to raise a family?  Does he have enough skills to make an income and/or self-sustain?
* feel 'chemistry' with out 'touching' your skin.  Do you feel like you have chemistry with this man, when you are not near him?
* Go through 'biblical behaviour tests' 1 Cor 13( 'bob' suffer's long, 'bob' is kind...envies not, seeketh not his own, not easily provoked...) Psalm 37 ('bob' fret's not because of evildoers, 'bob' ceased from anger, abundance of peace.... ) Exodus 20... fill in his name and if he is described in negative or false sense, drop the man as 'not prepared'.....
* Is he keeping relationships 'in the light' not 'hidden in corners'? Will he meet your father, brother, mother and women in family....will he introduce you to  father, brother, mother and women in his family?  All BEFORE he even touches your skin?
* Does he protect what goes into 'eyes,' 'ears,' 'nose,' 'mouth.'. Does he enjoy good or bad things of these nature?  Is he wise or foolish about things of these natures? movies, books, music, friends, cleanly, dirty, healthy foods, holidays, traditions etc.  Do the research if the traditions have wicked history.
* Does he 'like' your cooking, artwork, gardening, cleaning? Does his past, his family, his community 'like' your skills? Is there potential for insult?

Make sure you love to serve Jesus first, Pray for this possible man second, and pray that you may be more godly third....  It is better to be safe in relationship, ready to be strong in the LORD alone, if the man is not strong in the Lord, than to build your house on a foolish man who has no reguard for his eternal destination.....

A potential betrothal, should go through your father, pastor or other elder man to ensure safety in relationship.  If there is chemistry, and you have vision that God would like you in this relationship (dreams, signs etc), you've said 'yes,' the marriage should take place quickly within three to six months, before the 'chemistry' fades.  Some have even enough trust to get married within two weeks!  Many blessings and continue study of 'the word' to get the best in life.  Remember you BOTH will have rocks of bad character in your garden.... all you need to do is take out the rocks, but don't give up.  Bible is guide.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Update your home-education library; increase your knowledge and wisdom

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some Good websites for wisdom, truth and understanding

www.ifcj.org (jewish people continue to be persecuted) *shows bible is truth and spiritual food
www.thecreatorscalendar.com *shows bible is truth and spiritual food
www.kingscalendar.com *shows bible is truth and spiritual food
www.unhindered-living.com (encourage increase in wisdom before engaging in support of some topics on this website)
www.truthforfree.com (down-loads .... e-books.... sugg. Pilgrim Church by Broadbent)
www.polyamorysociety.org ( no phalic worship, inclusive of 'holy kiss,' learn about personhood(family history, where grew up, culture herritage) B4 relations, no abortion of healthy heartbeat, no sodomy)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honest Purity -- Dealing with an emotional affair --

OK.  If you have been visiting this planet of ours for at least twenty years or more..... you have heard of the term 'affair.'  This is NOT a new terms and it has been going on since the ancient days.  Read stories about Potiphar, Tamar, Bathsheba and Sarah(Abraham dropped her off at another man's house).   Some people claim they would NEVER have an affair, yet they married a divorced person, or they divorced their previous spouse, leaving that spouse open for more entanglements and affairs.  Others have not admitted that throughout their life they have had multiple 'lovers' or crushes.  When one crush decides not to give into the lures and control of the pursuer, he or she moves on with life, or commits vicious acts like stalking.

We know by burden of proof through religious superiors that women can get raped any where.  Guess what.  Women can also get entangled in an emotional affair anywhere.  Some women are wise about these strange sensations, and some women are fools, giving themselves over to the lusts.  Others have simply called it love and romance, seeking permission to add an additional man to her already conditioned husband who loves her.

How long does it take to get 'catch' the cold and flu of an emotional affair?  Probably less than three days and a visit with the same man for around an hour a day.  He never even needs to touch her skin!  All he may do is speak!  She could be any where, taking her children to lessons, a carnival or a store!

How is a woman to let off a man, who may not truly love her body for what it truly is......a temple.  She would be wise to consider speaking to her husband, if she is currently married, and ask HIM what she should do to approach the man with kindness and not act as if she has venomn stored up to spew feminism and hatred of labeling the man as 'scum' or other foul term.  In fact, he probably truly has a good side to him that would have caused emotions to elevate in the first place.  He also may not feel as if he is getting a good submissive wife at home, so he approaches the more vulnerable or aware women on the planet, to fuel his pride by a woman who will encourage rather than berate him.

If a woman finds herself in these types of situations, should she immediately run out the door!  Escaping from the possibility of a truly good honest friend, or should she give into the lusts and let him touch even a hair on her skin, or should she rather do the best thing, and ask him appropriately what his intentions may be.  The wisest thing, in this situation is to ASK him what his intentions may be.  You as a woman need to know your body, and know his.  Thus nothing foolish or inconsiderate would occur between this 'emotional affair' relationship.

He, being a decent gentleman, will ask to see you again.  If he is escorting you out of the public eye, into a dark location, you and your children need to seek an alternative method of speaking with such a man.  You should NOT speak with him again if at all possible.  He may have a criminal record.  You, speak to your husband, or father or brother on how best to approach a man who has a current relationship, and approach him safely.  Next, consider your body.  It is a temple.  Many women have resolve to trash their body with abortion practices.  This hurts unborn children as well as men in general.  They never seem to find out what self-control truly means, when their own conceptions are covered up in hidden locations.  They continue on with affairs and this leads men to be judged by God himself for their ungodly and wicked practices.  Ask him if he would like more children(with his wife or otherwise), and if his answer is 'no' then a youthful women should not entangle her with such a man or she commits lewd whoardom.  He will answer in kind answer if he is kind hearted and aware.

Second, if he starts to mention issues or problems with his current spouse, continue to have a listening ear.  He may not realize that you too, have equally as vicious reactions to life difficulties.  Perhaps you have found God's graciousness and are now able to control such tensions in life.  Do NOT mention that he should come to you for these problems, or offer him a solution for these issues.  He is a man, you don't want to be his solution, only his listening ear.

Third, consider meeting his wife and or children.  They do not have to like you.  You cannot help that this 'emotional affair' occurred.  It is like a flu virus, and naturally occurred.  If is how a woman handles such an issue that reveals who she is and intends to be.  If you have information on how his wife may attract her husband again, offer that information.  Do not assume that you can and should be an opinion for her.  She knows how her husband is good and how her husband is bad.  She only needs to find the good in him, despite human weakness.

Fourth, do not be afraid to allow other community members in on the relationship the man would like to have with you.  This way, you are always in the light of other people's eyes and ears.  They cannot pass judgment if they know the truth of the situation.

Fifth, do not dress attractively or intentionally 'hot.'  If you already have a beautiful figure and body shape or personality, do not go out of your way to entice more entanglements into your life.

Sixth, keep boredom at bay.  Have activities to do with your family and friends besides 'thinking about him' all the time.  The thinking phase will pass, and before long you will simply see that he is truly just like any other man.  Give or take three to six months, and the heat will wear off.  He will either decide he would like to continue with a gentlemen-style friendship, or he will find a flaw in your character and move on by that time.  Usually if a man can win a woman within three to six months and get her to do adult things, his desires for such things will wear out.  Be strong.  Have integrity.  You can hold good character in this.  Put your body on the cross with Christ.  Do not bow to the desires of the flesh or satan or even the world.

Seventh.  Pray for him and his family.  He may or may not be a believer.  He may or may not have goodness in his heart.  When you pray for him, you are destroying Satan's plan to destroy his life as well as your future.

Eighth.  Do NOT look at an 'emotional affair' as if it is wicked and evil.  God created sex and he created it to be pleasurable and good. You may need to pick up a book like 'intended for pleasure' by Ed Wheat.  Women who are not wise about sexuality are more likely to end up being a cheater or be cheated upon.  Be aware that even an 'emotional affair' can reignite pleasures and sensations that can restore your current marriage!  As strange as that sounds, fueling more love rather than just religion can help human life heal from hurts and pains from the past and restore, true and meaningful relationship.  The emotional affair does just that, you must be honest with your spouse that it has occurred, and you must take the time to question the intentions of the man pursuing you.

Beware beware beware! GOD DOES JUDGE SIN OF ADULTERY.  If you find your self or the man pursuing you to be bitter toward former spouse......run!  God can and does spew judgment on adulterers and adultresses!  Sometimes he can use power to take the life of such a wicked person from planet earth.  Know the difference (adultery = dishonesty about sensations) (emotional affair = honesty with pure motives and respect for body the temple)

ps.  this is written by a woman who has been around a lot of 'men' in college days.  one woman in classroom full of guys.  It is a part of part of our human heart to want such purity and not to be taken advantage of by the adversary.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Loving outside your fence

Recently I took our children to swimming lessons.  Yeah, my children love to swim.  We are not 100% Amish, though I know what life in such a world of eternal love between the brethren and the sisters is like.  It is peaceful.  Many churches in the local area do not express this type of divine love.  They can spew out forms of jealousy or judgment, even if they claim that they support 'homomarriages'..... no, the love in the churches isn't quite on target.  One can find social life in the churches, but one has to look to the scriptures and personal life to make sure you are truly caught up in his love.

So, I sat down at the picnic table.  Then a man with two children sat near me.  I didn't think anything of it.  He was just generally nice.  I wanted to be kind in return. After swimming lessons, my children went to play in the sand.  His children went to play in the sand as well.  He started talking with me.  Kindly talking with me.  We talked about each other's spouses.  We talked about trials and problems in world, society, ourselves.

I started feeling as if I would never want to leave this man because he would love and be kind no matter what your life was like before.  He didn't try to play 'religious' and street preacher, he just accepts everything.  Is this just his God-given strength? A strength that can only be created by God and not by man? Is he like an angel?

I do not feel like I would do 'adult things' with him because I just love him so much more.

We continue to talk.  He tells me he is a proffessor.  He is not like other proffessor's because he doesn't have this glass-wall of false judgment surrounding the human heart.

The next time we planed a 'play date' his wife brought their two children.  She is kind as well.  I feel that I love her too, though with such love to maintain an understanding heart that we are all fallen and need God, but we can find God by finding his love.......outside the fence.  We can find truth.....outside church walls.

I hope to meet them again during a 'play date.'  They do not express belief in biblical things per-say, but they show kindness despite our secular world.  This allows acceptance for our failure to meet up to the standards that God laid before us, we can charrish and be human.

Note: I did not find love like this except I dressed modestly.  I did not find love like this except I behave like my own self without being slave to selfishness.

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