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Monday, July 6, 2015

Loving outside your fence

Recently I took our children to swimming lessons.  Yeah, my children love to swim.  We are not 100% Amish, though I know what life in such a world of eternal love between the brethren and the sisters is like.  It is peaceful.  Many churches in the local area do not express this type of divine love.  They can spew out forms of jealousy or judgment, even if they claim that they support 'homomarriages'..... no, the love in the churches isn't quite on target.  One can find social life in the churches, but one has to look to the scriptures and personal life to make sure you are truly caught up in his love.

So, I sat down at the picnic table.  Then a man with two children sat near me.  I didn't think anything of it.  He was just generally nice.  I wanted to be kind in return. After swimming lessons, my children went to play in the sand.  His children went to play in the sand as well.  He started talking with me.  Kindly talking with me.  We talked about each other's spouses.  We talked about trials and problems in world, society, ourselves.

I started feeling as if I would never want to leave this man because he would love and be kind no matter what your life was like before.  He didn't try to play 'religious' and street preacher, he just accepts everything.  Is this just his God-given strength? A strength that can only be created by God and not by man? Is he like an angel?

I do not feel like I would do 'adult things' with him because I just love him so much more.

We continue to talk.  He tells me he is a proffessor.  He is not like other proffessor's because he doesn't have this glass-wall of false judgment surrounding the human heart.

The next time we planed a 'play date' his wife brought their two children.  She is kind as well.  I feel that I love her too, though with such love to maintain an understanding heart that we are all fallen and need God, but we can find God by finding his love.......outside the fence.  We can find truth.....outside church walls.

I hope to meet them again during a 'play date.'  They do not express belief in biblical things per-say, but they show kindness despite our secular world.  This allows acceptance for our failure to meet up to the standards that God laid before us, we can charrish and be human.

Note: I did not find love like this except I dressed modestly.  I did not find love like this except I behave like my own self without being slave to selfishness.
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