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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Problematic 'abuse reporting' websites.

Now I do appreciate that there are such thing as abuse reporting websites.  It is good that we can speak freely about these matters and the govt' will not shut a person or ministry voice down.  However, we need to double check these websites to see if they are biased or misleading the reader to support a corrupt agenda or corrupt spiritual approach to the problems of life (leading people away from support they truly need in a good church or ministry).  A few examples are natural organic resources websites or medical fraud websites.  These are common information that many people need to read in fast paced era.

The spiritual abuse websites can be the most 'fraudulent' even tough they are trying to uncover the latest JIM JONES SCANDAL.....  they may actually be promoting the spiritual abuse OF THE GOVT' in effect attempting to destroy decent ministry.    A way to identify if it is legitimate or false abuse is MONEY involvement.  1. Is the victim proposing an abuse that an average person would not consider true abuse?  For example, a victim is claiming she or he was sexually harassed verbally.  She or he can only recall ONE foul statement by the perpetrator, and cannot make any further remarks reguarding this instance.  2. The victim is seeking excessively large amounts of money, which an average person cannot accumulate in a living wage year.  3. The victim is seeking emotional attention.  For example: an authority refused to offer the victim a piece of cake, for a special birthday party.  4. No biblical foundation is used in determining the nature of abuse.... the psalms and proverbs clearly describe true vs. false abuse cases.  Even secular and atheistic people can attribute to this condition.  5. The victim is seeking to create his or her own perfect utopia while creating a true victim.  Example: Fining a homeless person for sleeping on the doorsteps of a mansion because it distracts from the landscape on the property.  Another example is use of planned parenthood to abort unborn children because it would distract a woman from her lifestyle choices.  6. The abuse reporting website promotes a certain race or gender as victims, ignoring other races genders and situations.... Most of these cases, money is more of a priority than true justice and forgiveness.

If a website is reporting abuse cases but they DO NOT acknowledge that GOVT's AND COURTS can be abusive.... the website is a fraud, gossipy and attention seeking.  Victims turn into further victims..... some end up victimized by media or govt'.  A proper website will look at ALL possible abuse and victimization scenarios....

The first website to avoid in the discussion of abuse is: http://thewartburgwatch.com/  the second to avoid in the discussion of abuse scenarios is http://spiritualsoundingboard.com/ . Both fail to determine if the victim is true or false, and both do not acknowledge abuse of power by govt' structures.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Educational chaff.... warning to put truth in education first....

So I was reading today, about the concept of educational chaff.  Such conditions do not make sense to those who are not students of 'the bible.'  Some have gone all the way through seminary, yet, they lack spiritual endurance.

What is going on, with the talented men and women of today?  The answer lies in the 'school' of thought and wisdom.

Godly wisdom is FREE.  Godly wisdom endures.

The bible is free on the internet.  The dollar store holds the cheapest dollar store bible.....the 'holy bible' or kjv bible.  There are some who look extra deeply to make sure they are getting the absolute correct scripture in their child's hands.  Such people are not fools, but very wise.

A good man has spent a good portion of his day, meditating upon scripture.

A man who has been taught to read and meditate upon scripture is greater than the reformers of the past.  The reformers lit a candle.  But the winds of change, time, culture shift and so on, easily blew out such candles.  Such candles may be re-lit, but with some errors intheir interpretations, such as anti-semitism, the reformers lost the wick to keep their candle lit.

A better reliance, is directly upon the 'holy bible.'  To rely on the raw data, is to understand the power and strength of energy that comes from the sun.  Such a sun, was not created nor lit by man, it was directly lit by the creator, redeemer, chirst himself.

So keep the true light burning in our hearts and minds.  Keep his promises alive.  The additional flavors and candles brought forth by education substances may light a dark corner where the sun cannot reach, keep darkened homes where moonbeams are not visible nor the knowledge of the stars and planets movements available, but truly, we need the 'holy bible' to keep our hearts ablaze with the light of truth.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Sunflower Wigwam T-P

This is our wigwam T-P fort or what you may call it.    It is made out of sunflower stalks.  They were perfect for building this contraption.  As you can see in the top image, I made a mat out of the sun flower stalks by weaving twine at three locations on the mat. (an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3yTExd_DmQ ... ) Now normally, a cat-tail mat is made to cover the outside of a normal wigwam. This is made to adjust to our agricultural landscape, yet taking into account america's natural heritage.

In order to construct a wigwam that would fit two sleeping people, you will need to plant a thirty by thirty plot of sunflowers.  In this case, I did NOT fill an entire thirty by thirty plot (I filled the inside of the plot with other garden goodies), rather I planted about eight closely planted rows on the outside perimeter of a thirty by thirty foot garden.  This tight spacing caused the stalks to grow quite thin, rather than thick and woody.  

When the sunflower heads produced seed and started to dry, I proceeded to saw down all of the sun flower stalks.  I made a total of two large mats that are as tall as a six or seven foot door, with the stalks I had available.  If I would have been wiser and more understanding of the nature of sunflower stalks, I probably would have mastered the ability to make three large mats or even greater size structure.  But this will do for now.  

This is a perfect opportunity for homeless people to build their own structures to live within, during cold winter months..    The entire contraption from the stalks to hold up the wigwam T-P is very light weight, so that a single woman with a bad back may carry the entire structure, minus additional weights (to hold down the structure in strong winds), and coverings.

By the way, it does NOT take a lot of time to make a sunflower stalk mat.  It takes about one afternoon to harvest all the sunflower stalks, and one full afternoon to construct a good set of sunflower mats.  Of course if you do not live in the same area as your sunflower stalks, it may take some time to transport all the material, but this can actually be done by tieing all the sunflower-stalks onto the top of a two door sadan.....or just borrow a friends truck for a day or two.

This is also perfect for other people who are interested in building fun outdoor structures. Some ideas include: 
*Play house or fort for children
*A hunting cabin.  Just use wooden frame and then put mats on outside of a wooden frame.
*A camping Contraption....use this instead of a store bought tent.  It is actually easier to set up.. 
* A summer reading nook
*A home for pets
*A way to celebrate the feast of tabernacles
*A fun little home-school project.
*A place for your college drop out to crash..... the list could go on.  Think of using the sunflower stalk mats in other ways too..... fencing, boxes, animal traps, flower planting arrangements, you name it.

In the image given, blankets from our house are used as outside coverings and a few clothespins, to hold the blankets in place.  I am sure tarps would do, or if interested, try cat-tail, grass or other natural mats.  The inside of such a wigwam will stay just as warm as an automobile, in negative fourty degree weather, so long as heating source is adjusted properly, and lower edges of the structure are kept from allowing cold air to enter the structure through the bottom.

The cost?  If you do not have a large supply of sunflower seeds (Try bird seed supply), you may usually buy a bulk order through seed savers seed company for about thirteen dollars a bag.  The plot to garden was about twenty dollars plus twenty dollars deposit.... or was it fourty dollars and fourty dollars....I cannot remember.  Twine, cost about three dollars for a good size roll of it.  Scissors and saw to cut down the stalks and cut off the sunflower heads.... one dollar.  Total cost, minus the cost of using the garden plot, was easily under twenty dollars.

Try building this with cornstalks or other tall thick stalk plants...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Yes you CAN educate your OWN children!

First of all, I would not recommend you home-educate your children if you have severe safety issues that could put you or your child in danger.  Such issues like domestic violence and out of control anger, severe alcoholism, severe mental handicaps that limit basic reading and writing skills, an inability to keep your children in obedience to your voice, severe financial issues that put your family in danger..... and so on.  However, if you are well aware, accepting of your child for who he or she is, home education is a good choice for you and your family.  It saves your community 6000$ or more per child per year, if your child is up to par academically.  I recommend you regularly read, meditate and speak liturgically from KJV bible (as an adult up to seven chapters a day) to help you keep your sanity and confidence.....but you do not have to do this.

Here are some resources I would recommend to help you get started with home education.  You do not have to be 'teachery' to help your child decide to learn:


Most of the above resources are not 'common core' based learning resources.  Some unschooling families have determined that early reading can put too much strain on a child's eyes, so reading academically is best after the age of eight and closer to the age of twelve...instead, focus on spelling and phonics (a kjv bible can be used to generate fifteen word lists)

To help organize the chaos, http://www.flylady.net/ has some good recommendations....

You can do this!   If you know how to play an instrument and enjoy singing hymns.... you will be even more equipped!

Oh yes, also I have listed on my side bar, an easy to use 200 day curriculum that includes classical titles.  Feel free to purchase at your convenience.  Only 10$.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

workmanship churches

I have titled this post, 'workmanship' churches because special emphasis is given to understand and return to the methods of working through the scripture and coming closer to our saviour within these churches.

Some churches have returned to old pagan ways and have fogotten the roots and foundation of our hope in Christ alone (they embrace old pagan ways and practices rather than scripture for hope and redemption).  Key elements of christianity are SIMPLICITY and GRACE.  The more complex and far apart from the human heart a message becomes, the less likely it seeks to bring peace and truth to the individual.  If one of these churches are in your area and you would like fellowship with a few people (some have ten and under people gather for fellowship, some have over fifty).  You may find these churches will work for you and your family.  You do not need to be a member at any of these churches to be a christian, but you DO need to repent, love jesus, and 'study scripture.'  If you have young children, you may find that these types of churches offer good fellowship with wisdom from older ladies, who can help younger women raise your children up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD....

 KEY FEATURES- 'choose life' (human heart beats should be loved and preserved before conception to after stop of beating heart), 'repent of sin with salvation through christ alone' 'born again yes and no' ' beliefs in marriage is between one man one woman(occasionally conditions for poly marriages as necessary)  with adultery or sexual relationship outside of marriage as sinful'

I will list these churches, some special features and you may determine if these types of churches will be helpful in your faith walk.  You may look them up on the internet, to find local congregations in your area, or visit them personally.

Independent Fundamental Baptist -Hymns are encouraged, Use of KJV bible, 'independent' thought with no head quarters, encourage 'church school' (dispose of humanistic evolutionary theories), 'born again,' woman choose the home life

Evangelical Lutheran Synod (norwegian origins) Becareful as some lutheran churches have embraced excessive liberal or humanistic doctrines which are contrary to scripture.  This particular congregation embraces scripture. Hymns are sung, encourages 'church school,' congregants must have good behaviour, does not participate in eccumenical community activities, dispose of humanistic evolutionary theory, expressive preachers are encouraged,

Messianic Jewish Fellowship - careful study of scripture, encourage 'church school,' encourage women to dress modestly, dispose of bad behaviours, encourages jewish origins of faith, some have belief in faith healing like Sid Roth...

Apostolic Christian Fellowship - Does not participate in eccumenical community activities, Accapella Hymns are sung, Use of KJV bible, Women dress modestly, women wear same color head covering, Full water adult baptism, must repent and be born again is emphasized, holy kiss, some use 'church school' others do not, independent thinking with no established head quarters, elders are not paid but are volunteers to preach from randomly selected bible portions, members may not view evil, listen to evil or embrace excessive idolatry (such as sports events), no gambling or drinking aloud even in marriage ceremony, simple marriage and betrothals (man calls for woman through an elderin dream or vision), no chirstmas tree or emphasis on pagan holidays, always feature a congregational meal each sunday

Certain Mennonite Fellowships - Does not participate in eccumenical community activities, accapella hymns are sung, use of KJV bible, women dress modestly, women wear same color head covering, full water adult baptism, must repent and be born again is emphasized, holy kiss, encourage 'church school,' members may not view evils or listen to evils, some are well capable of avoiding idolatry such as excessive sport competition, same as lutheran (some have embraced excessive liberal and humanistic beliefs...some have not), education can be completed by eighth grade

Amish -Accapella hymns, women dress modestly, repent is emphasized, no worldliness, encourage 'church school,' non-electrical lifestyles, education can be completed by eighth grade, children are trained to serve others, elders are given most health treatments from home remedy

Orthodox Jewish - encourage 'church school', women dress modestly, live close to congregation, embrace one day to rest on Sabbath, larger family is blessing,   food and dietary assistance, hebrew and jewish origins and language, biblical and jewish calendar holiday structure. (Does not recognize Jesus/Messiah as Messiah, but encourages biblical old-paths lifestyle Jer 6:16)

Seventh Day Adventist - hymns are encouraged, careful study of old testament, use of kjv bible, encourage natural health and healing, encourage 'church school,' fellowship on 'seventh day,'

Quaker or puritan - 'friends'.... maybe hymns.... I do not know a lot on how these congregations have shifted since sixteen - eighteen hundreds....... but the original men and women were very faithful, the quakers were peace makers and gave us featured women like Susan B. Anthony, some have altered into baptist or independent baptist congregations...others into more liberal methodist congregations

Other congregations that have basic beliefs but may have more contemporary upbeat music...

Assemblies of God - Full Water Baptism, belief in faith healings, encourage 'church school,' Pastor only attends two year 'bible college' with no additional theology,  encourage sharing of gospel through technology and 'hearing bible' in own language, speaking in tongues, some congregations can grow very large....

Various Baptist Churches - good baptist churches encourage members and visitors to flee from bondage to sin such as drinking, fornication, pharmaceutical dependency, gluttony, family problems, anger and so on..... more poor congregations are more eccumenical and celebrate pagan holidays.... or are 'social gospel' based....not 'only gospel' based, Full Water Baptism

Great Commission Churches - emphasis on feeding the poor during a meal fellowship about once a month, encourage 'church school,' encourage diligent bible study, often attract outcasts and people of poor conditions, Full Water Baptism

Four Square Churches - similar to assemblies of God and baptist or great commission church... the church may feature hymns.  I do not know a lot about this style of church.

North American Lutheran - Feature many Hymns, but may include fellowship with eccumenical environments, emphasize suffering for righteousness, here too, some congregations or members may not be 'saved' but show very good hospitality to strangers...

Songs of Love and Hope