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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Educational chaff.... warning to put truth in education first....

So I was reading today, about the concept of educational chaff.  Such conditions do not make sense to those who are not students of 'the bible.'  Some have gone all the way through seminary, yet, they lack spiritual endurance.

What is going on, with the talented men and women of today?  The answer lies in the 'school' of thought and wisdom.

Godly wisdom is FREE.  Godly wisdom endures.

The bible is free on the internet.  The dollar store holds the cheapest dollar store bible.....the 'holy bible' or kjv bible.  There are some who look extra deeply to make sure they are getting the absolute correct scripture in their child's hands.  Such people are not fools, but very wise.

A good man has spent a good portion of his day, meditating upon scripture.

A man who has been taught to read and meditate upon scripture is greater than the reformers of the past.  The reformers lit a candle.  But the winds of change, time, culture shift and so on, easily blew out such candles.  Such candles may be re-lit, but with some errors intheir interpretations, such as anti-semitism, the reformers lost the wick to keep their candle lit.

A better reliance, is directly upon the 'holy bible.'  To rely on the raw data, is to understand the power and strength of energy that comes from the sun.  Such a sun, was not created nor lit by man, it was directly lit by the creator, redeemer, chirst himself.

So keep the true light burning in our hearts and minds.  Keep his promises alive.  The additional flavors and candles brought forth by education substances may light a dark corner where the sun cannot reach, keep darkened homes where moonbeams are not visible nor the knowledge of the stars and planets movements available, but truly, we need the 'holy bible' to keep our hearts ablaze with the light of truth.
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