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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Problematic 'abuse reporting' websites.

Now I do appreciate that there are such thing as abuse reporting websites.  It is good that we can speak freely about these matters and the govt' will not shut a person or ministry voice down.  However, we need to double check these websites to see if they are biased or misleading the reader to support a corrupt agenda or corrupt spiritual approach to the problems of life (leading people away from support they truly need in a good church or ministry).  A few examples are natural organic resources websites or medical fraud websites.  These are common information that many people need to read in fast paced era.

The spiritual abuse websites can be the most 'fraudulent' even tough they are trying to uncover the latest JIM JONES SCANDAL.....  they may actually be promoting the spiritual abuse OF THE GOVT' in effect attempting to destroy decent ministry.    A way to identify if it is legitimate or false abuse is MONEY involvement.  1. Is the victim proposing an abuse that an average person would not consider true abuse?  For example, a victim is claiming she or he was sexually harassed verbally.  She or he can only recall ONE foul statement by the perpetrator, and cannot make any further remarks reguarding this instance.  2. The victim is seeking excessively large amounts of money, which an average person cannot accumulate in a living wage year.  3. The victim is seeking emotional attention.  For example: an authority refused to offer the victim a piece of cake, for a special birthday party.  4. No biblical foundation is used in determining the nature of abuse.... the psalms and proverbs clearly describe true vs. false abuse cases.  Even secular and atheistic people can attribute to this condition.  5. The victim is seeking to create his or her own perfect utopia while creating a true victim.  Example: Fining a homeless person for sleeping on the doorsteps of a mansion because it distracts from the landscape on the property.  Another example is use of planned parenthood to abort unborn children because it would distract a woman from her lifestyle choices.  6. The abuse reporting website promotes a certain race or gender as victims, ignoring other races genders and situations.... Most of these cases, money is more of a priority than true justice and forgiveness.

If a website is reporting abuse cases but they DO NOT acknowledge that GOVT's AND COURTS can be abusive.... the website is a fraud, gossipy and attention seeking.  Victims turn into further victims..... some end up victimized by media or govt'.  A proper website will look at ALL possible abuse and victimization scenarios....

The first website to avoid in the discussion of abuse is: http://thewartburgwatch.com/  the second to avoid in the discussion of abuse scenarios is http://spiritualsoundingboard.com/ . Both fail to determine if the victim is true or false, and both do not acknowledge abuse of power by govt' structures.
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