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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Absalom had pride.... he died.... David wept for Jonathan

We the people of the United States can read english.  The framers of the constitution, used a basic English KJV 'holy bible' to formulate words and phrases that would design a religiously free nation.  Europe itself was filled with people who were beheaded over and over because they proclaimed the gospel to fallen man-kind.

Some men claim that the bible is not true stories.  These men either do not know someone personally who is of middle eastern descent (like a family member or close friend) or they were betrayed as children, defiled or something else that causes them not to love God's word and his truth.  The dead sea scrolls are now available, revealing the calendar structure and the relationship of the bible as being 'holy bible'......pure and undefiled by religious ideas of man.

In the story of Absolom, he woooooed a multitude in-joining him to overtake the kingdom of Israel.  His pride in wooing many a stranger angered the heavenly father.  The heavenly father had to get out his sword, Absolom died hanging from a tree.  This is the direction our nation is going.  We, the David's who do have love for the Jonathan's just need to sit it out, until the truth of God's word comes into the people's minds and hearts.  They just need to recognize its simplicity and its complexity at the same time.

Many a wooing man, dies an early death, not recognizing his pride......

Luk 6:24  But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.

Mary loved two men; Jesus had two dads.....

Ok, so we are in phase 'new ideas' in the USA.  Actually these are not new ideas, they are old ideas and it takes clever understanding to know where people fail and where people survive.  It is the phase where man needs to take a look at his life and see if he is truly in the faith of following and loving Jesus as he is or NOT.  During the supreme court ruling there was a sign that one individual was holding up with colorful letters.  It read, 'Jesus had two dad's.'  Now think about this for a moment in time.  One dad would be who conceived his body (the heavenly father) and the other dad would be there to be the income provider and lover to Mary.  Now did Joseph love the 'heavenly father'? sure.

Can these examples of Jesus had two dad's exist even today?  What if a woman is kinda confused and conceived children out of wedlock.  She gave birth to the child but during her pregnancy the father of the child died.  Now along came another 'squirrel' father who wanted to love the woman as she was.  He had the money, the means and the talent to love the woman and care for the child.  All talents and provision were provided by the heavenly father after all.....  Did the first man hate belittle or scorn the second man? No he love him as he was because they were both men.  Men know that they need food, shelter, clothing, adoration from heavenly father to raise children.  They have just as much, if not more understanding of this divine process than women.

So did Mary love two men?  One man the heavenly father conceived the first child in her womb.  She was sheep of sheep at the teenage years.  She had some exposure to the scripture, but not an understanding of fulfillment.  Her betrothed husband to be who would provide food, shelter, clothing, nourishment and hopefully a godly type of love. The first heavenly father knew how to get her body 'ripened' and such ripening creates nourishment to the woman's body.  The betrothed man, Jospeh, was to be the completer of relationship with Mary.  Did she love two men?  Well, to be honest, she needed her son, Jesus, to love her and die for her......so that she could love Joseph appropriately.  She needed to LOVE her first son Jesus in order to be free from sin problems like any other human.  Without love for the first son, she could never love her husband.....nor could she even love her heavenly father.

So getting back to the unusual looking sign that said that Jesus had two dad's.  Sure he did have two dad's, but Mary had to love the son of the first dad in-order to cherish the love of the second dad.  In this formula of Jesus had two dad's there is a 'Mary' involved and a 'son' who died and rose again.

speaking of which, some women do not love their first and potentially only child.  They forget that christ was there already for her sin.  Without this understanding that her skin, belongs to the father of the child's skin, she is sure to misinterpret scripture by outward appearances.  God does observe every touch on the human body as well as every action of the human heart.  Love for Jesus is NOT based on white wedding dress, wedding cakes and other formal arrangements.  It is based on putting God's word in our hearts and minds and obeying it, loving it and sharing it with others.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Positive vs. Negative Feminism

Good etiquette is a blessing.  Good moral sense is even better.  A love for truth and obedience to it, is even better yet.

There is positive feminism.  Feminism that says that all women deserve to be equally as educated as men.  Women deserve quality food, shelter, clothing and wisdom about herbs and substances to help her body grow strong.  Women deserve to know all that history has to offer as well as knowledge about different cultures.  Studies that show that breastfeeding and natural foods are a source of goodness to the human body.  Studies that show that women are the heart of the community and home birth is possible even despite the fears that people may hold.  Even in the workplace, women that are not 'seductive' and create bother deserve equal pay to men if they are focused only on their job.(this is actually very difficult in reality for real women to balance, especially if she must balance children).  Furthermore, the feminism that says I deserve to wear modest clothes, a headcovering and be treated as an equal human being to you.  This is all positive feminism.

Then there is negative feminism.  This type of feminism says all men are evil beasts.  They deserve to be put down, let go from jobs, disqualified from positions that require working with children and elderly vulnerable people.  The type of feminism that gangs off people who are not like this certain group of people and believes that they all must worship 'allah' or 'a christmas tree' or some 'buddist deity' in a certain way.  The type of feminism that says abortion of a beating heartbeat with no health problems in the mother is 'ok' and 'normal.'  Never-the-less a combination of pride and superiority to the homeless is a bad recipe in reguards to feminism.   The type of feminism that drops the child off at day -care and public education centers not recognizing the effects of stimulation by other mothers....distances the child from the parent.  Yeah, that kind of feminism has some issues and creates not just some problems, but a lot of problems.  The most horrendous wickedness supplied by cps workers who steal multiple children away from loving homes and places the children in abuse-driven anti-godly households, this is corruption.  The dance around with no clothes on and expected to ne treated as 'human' by other men.... um pornography never amounted to humane treatment type of feminism.

ok.  I hope that explains that there is positive and there is negative feminism.  I do believe all women should be encouraged to life liberty and pursuit of happiness, especially for the future women of our planet.

Study the life of 'Susan B' Anthony'  she knew that men have wickedness in their hearts.  She did not support furtherance of wickedness, she stood against it....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Right-wing extremism or Left-wing extremism who is to blame???

Right Wing Extremism: if your neighbor has 30 more freckles than you, you should punish him for such a crime.

Left Wing Extremism: if your neighbor won't give you 30 freckles because its cooler to look and behave differently than him, he needs to be punished for not accepting such desires.  If needed remove his defence mechanisms, his culture,  cloud up his understanding with lies so he cannot tell or desire the truth, attempting to create an immitation social environment of peace.  Allow him to think as he wants, just don't remind him that he is a 'wicked' man, a general sinner.  Remember to blame the right wing, when things don't go right for the 'man' and his family even though he expressed such creative ideals.  Of course, all manner of foul language and angry language tones are perfectly allowable to justify one's case of needing equal numbers of freckles as thy neighbor.

Anyhow, left wing extremism or right wing whom are we to blame when the dragon strikes???

The issue at hand is that the rightwing-strikes and think he is innocent all together, the leftwing-strikes and a solution is never solved because information is so clouded with lies....so he expresses no 'guilt' in the behaviors of man.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Great Idea to help new mother's give their new pregnancy a great start to life....


Perhaps one could include the items to promote more 'natural-biblical' based parenting.....

-Towel with homemade mattress cover(doubles as bath towel and mattress pad)
-Large enough box to hide a 'baby moses'
-Snow suit (size depends on due date)
-knitted mittens and booties
-Nice summer time suit
-socks, hat
-bath time-medical care accessory
-mother goose and toy
-bra pads and natural family planning guide
-baby sling
-foradix herbs for anemia
-garlic bulb
-garden seeds
-copy of 'lies women believe,' 'kjv holy bible' and how to study, home-education layout plan, copy of 'created to be his helpmete,' basic gospel tract, copy of 'unassisted childbirth,' copy of 'hearts and hands,' copy of 'to train up a child' and 'parent effectiveness training,' copy of 'how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor,' astronomy and biblical months guide,
-lists: natural healing herbs and methods, pantry and two week menu, home-birth kit list, patterns for natural based baby supply, US constitution and bill of rights, how to sew guide, pattern for women's modest clothing, one boy and one girl child size pattern(works for swimming gear), checklist of nature things to identify with child, home-birth kit list

Sometimes it is frustrating to write on 'christian' blogs

First off, some families of 'christian' blogs celebrate old pagan holidays.  They love the bible and have good organization, perhaps even live very christian life(no television in their home, sing hymns etc), but the minute I bring up ideas from other cultures that are not 'sinful' in God's eyes, my comment is ignored and or seen as offensive.  This is why I do not 'gather' with other believers some times because they prefer old traditions to the actual truth.  The gospel is for the poor.....  This is also why I post an alternative place to gather and understand God's word.....you may click on FELLOWSHIP GATHERING.  I pray these pridefilled would come humbled......to God's truth not their own traditions.

www.aroodawakening.com has good instructions on biblical truth.  www.charityministries.com is also another good source of information.....finally www.truthforfree.com is for anyone to read.  I see my self as more of a 'spiritual person' than a religious one.....  I love people....but I hate to see them believe traditions get them to heavenly victory.....

Saturday, June 13, 2015

'Marriage' is a term, adjectives need not be added to it, to 'redefine' it.

The general word 'marriage' is ancient.  It has nothing to do with 'christians' and their strict definitions of 'marriage'.
The general word is not redefine-able in general.
Since ancient time, marriage has been implied joining of that which is opposite.
It it not defined by human conditions or actions.  As a verb, it is defined of actions in nature itself.
A goose and a gander were married.  The bee spread the pollen to the stigma to a marriage of unity between the cells.  The poor and rich are married with distress and misunderstandings.

If we redefine 'addition' we are implying that we can replace an action of combination such to confuse a person to believe he has not added two objects.

There are variations in 'marriage,' but only with the addition of an adjective.  Forced marriage, Young marriage, new marriage, re-marriage, unhappy marriage, and the popular argumented term homosexual marriage.  The term marriage does not change even if men follow the works of Satan, the liar, the deceiver.  All men are truly doing is trying to force the general word 'marriage' with alternative to eternal sustainable definitions..... which they believe are eternally stable.  Are animately stable.   No, a change to the word 'marriage' will not change the verbal nature of the general word.  Marriage is a combination of opposites.....perhaps opposite living organisms.

How can we ensure that definitions are accurate and true to the conditions of reality?  Check nature.  How does nature define this term.  Men make the CHOICE to go against nature.....women do this too.  There is no need to redefine 'marriage'..... an adjective offers plenty of accuracy of the conditions of the heart at hand.

Overall... a good kjv bible is perfect for helping understand proper terms in the English language.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stop Labeling Anti-Vaccine Parents as 'idiots' or hippies....

1. Some of us have Native American Heritage.  You are racist and care not about the herbal remedies we know in our culture that have worked for longer than Obamacare.
2. Some of us are medical professionals already.  We have a 'license' to practice medicine in some way or another.  Did you know that you too could practice medicine if you desired that wisdom?  You won't have to pay an arm and a leg.
3. Some of us would rather not spend 150$ a year on a flu vaccine if we have over 5 children in our household.  We could buy a hoe, a rake, a sewing machine so we can have a better life as a family for that amount of money.  Nor do we want to rob your tax dollars if we are poor.  The flu is natural part of life and so is the chickenpox.
4. Some of us have children with weakened immune systems.  Do you want to watch a child have seizures every day for the rest of their life?  If you haven't taken care of a seizure patient before.....  shut thy mouth and let it not speak.
5. Yes, garlic and evergreen needle tea could save the child from getting more man-made garbage in their body.  Do we need to shove mercury thermometers into our child's blood every month??  Such diseases vaccines are supposed to cure, are so simple to cure with chicken noodle soup and result in child who is stronger in the long run.
6. No, we do not all drink Kumbacha.  We do eat pizza and heavy processed mac-n'cheese.  If you haven't tried body cleansing and eating wild dandelion greens salad, then you probably don't understand that our ancestors were not all given a green thumb....  God was the green thumb maker and creator.
7. Many of us have college degrees in mathematics and science.  We see the statistics.  Vaccines are not the cure-all.  We know how to garden our children's body.  We trust our children know how to garden theirs.
8. Some of us have religious convictions.  We believe in divine healing.  That doesn't mean we are foolish and not take a child to the doctor if they have 105' fever.  We just believe that prayer and love between child's mother and father cure the childhood fever before it would ever get to a dangerous level.
9. You may not realize it, but our children never got the flu last flu-season.
10. Only criminals create man-made items that don't really work and poison human body.  Vaccines are falsely labeled.  Since when should our daughters become brain-dead STD carriers by something called guardasil vaccine.  Daughters are given a brain to know how to conduct her body, as are boys who should turn into men and fathers......not perverted molesters.  We're surprised they have not taken some vaccines off of the shelf.

Lastly, yes, we know some children who ended up with cancer.  Was that caused by the vaccine industry?  We don't want our children and their friends to die at the age of thirty.

You want to be an elder one day?  Do you want your children to be 'elders'?  Learn Native American medicine.  It's 100% free.  Have some tea and be free for once from trying to needle into some else needle work.

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