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Monday, June 22, 2015

Right-wing extremism or Left-wing extremism who is to blame???

Right Wing Extremism: if your neighbor has 30 more freckles than you, you should punish him for such a crime.

Left Wing Extremism: if your neighbor won't give you 30 freckles because its cooler to look and behave differently than him, he needs to be punished for not accepting such desires.  If needed remove his defence mechanisms, his culture,  cloud up his understanding with lies so he cannot tell or desire the truth, attempting to create an immitation social environment of peace.  Allow him to think as he wants, just don't remind him that he is a 'wicked' man, a general sinner.  Remember to blame the right wing, when things don't go right for the 'man' and his family even though he expressed such creative ideals.  Of course, all manner of foul language and angry language tones are perfectly allowable to justify one's case of needing equal numbers of freckles as thy neighbor.

Anyhow, left wing extremism or right wing whom are we to blame when the dragon strikes???

The issue at hand is that the rightwing-strikes and think he is innocent all together, the leftwing-strikes and a solution is never solved because information is so clouded with lies....so he expresses no 'guilt' in the behaviors of man.
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