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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Positive vs. Negative Feminism

Good etiquette is a blessing.  Good moral sense is even better.  A love for truth and obedience to it, is even better yet.

There is positive feminism.  Feminism that says that all women deserve to be equally as educated as men.  Women deserve quality food, shelter, clothing and wisdom about herbs and substances to help her body grow strong.  Women deserve to know all that history has to offer as well as knowledge about different cultures.  Studies that show that breastfeeding and natural foods are a source of goodness to the human body.  Studies that show that women are the heart of the community and home birth is possible even despite the fears that people may hold.  Even in the workplace, women that are not 'seductive' and create bother deserve equal pay to men if they are focused only on their job.(this is actually very difficult in reality for real women to balance, especially if she must balance children).  Furthermore, the feminism that says I deserve to wear modest clothes, a headcovering and be treated as an equal human being to you.  This is all positive feminism.

Then there is negative feminism.  This type of feminism says all men are evil beasts.  They deserve to be put down, let go from jobs, disqualified from positions that require working with children and elderly vulnerable people.  The type of feminism that gangs off people who are not like this certain group of people and believes that they all must worship 'allah' or 'a christmas tree' or some 'buddist deity' in a certain way.  The type of feminism that says abortion of a beating heartbeat with no health problems in the mother is 'ok' and 'normal.'  Never-the-less a combination of pride and superiority to the homeless is a bad recipe in reguards to feminism.   The type of feminism that drops the child off at day -care and public education centers not recognizing the effects of stimulation by other mothers....distances the child from the parent.  Yeah, that kind of feminism has some issues and creates not just some problems, but a lot of problems.  The most horrendous wickedness supplied by cps workers who steal multiple children away from loving homes and places the children in abuse-driven anti-godly households, this is corruption.  The dance around with no clothes on and expected to ne treated as 'human' by other men.... um pornography never amounted to humane treatment type of feminism.

ok.  I hope that explains that there is positive and there is negative feminism.  I do believe all women should be encouraged to life liberty and pursuit of happiness, especially for the future women of our planet.

Study the life of 'Susan B' Anthony'  she knew that men have wickedness in their hearts.  She did not support furtherance of wickedness, she stood against it....
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