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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mary loved two men; Jesus had two dads.....

Ok, so we are in phase 'new ideas' in the USA.  Actually these are not new ideas, they are old ideas and it takes clever understanding to know where people fail and where people survive.  It is the phase where man needs to take a look at his life and see if he is truly in the faith of following and loving Jesus as he is or NOT.  During the supreme court ruling there was a sign that one individual was holding up with colorful letters.  It read, 'Jesus had two dad's.'  Now think about this for a moment in time.  One dad would be who conceived his body (the heavenly father) and the other dad would be there to be the income provider and lover to Mary.  Now did Joseph love the 'heavenly father'? sure.

Can these examples of Jesus had two dad's exist even today?  What if a woman is kinda confused and conceived children out of wedlock.  She gave birth to the child but during her pregnancy the father of the child died.  Now along came another 'squirrel' father who wanted to love the woman as she was.  He had the money, the means and the talent to love the woman and care for the child.  All talents and provision were provided by the heavenly father after all.....  Did the first man hate belittle or scorn the second man? No he love him as he was because they were both men.  Men know that they need food, shelter, clothing, adoration from heavenly father to raise children.  They have just as much, if not more understanding of this divine process than women.

So did Mary love two men?  One man the heavenly father conceived the first child in her womb.  She was sheep of sheep at the teenage years.  She had some exposure to the scripture, but not an understanding of fulfillment.  Her betrothed husband to be who would provide food, shelter, clothing, nourishment and hopefully a godly type of love. The first heavenly father knew how to get her body 'ripened' and such ripening creates nourishment to the woman's body.  The betrothed man, Jospeh, was to be the completer of relationship with Mary.  Did she love two men?  Well, to be honest, she needed her son, Jesus, to love her and die for her......so that she could love Joseph appropriately.  She needed to LOVE her first son Jesus in order to be free from sin problems like any other human.  Without love for the first son, she could never love her husband.....nor could she even love her heavenly father.

So getting back to the unusual looking sign that said that Jesus had two dad's.  Sure he did have two dad's, but Mary had to love the son of the first dad in-order to cherish the love of the second dad.  In this formula of Jesus had two dad's there is a 'Mary' involved and a 'son' who died and rose again.

speaking of which, some women do not love their first and potentially only child.  They forget that christ was there already for her sin.  Without this understanding that her skin, belongs to the father of the child's skin, she is sure to misinterpret scripture by outward appearances.  God does observe every touch on the human body as well as every action of the human heart.  Love for Jesus is NOT based on white wedding dress, wedding cakes and other formal arrangements.  It is based on putting God's word in our hearts and minds and obeying it, loving it and sharing it with others.
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