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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Make a Fish Trap: Save money on food!

This is a fish trap.  How was it made?

Items purchased from dollar tree: Two wire mesh waste baskets. One wire mesh pencil holder.  Optional one plastic tumbler cup (cup may be clear water bottle or clear plastic cup) or funnel and one mesh laundry bag (to hold bait supplies)

Step 1: Cut a hole at the bottom of the mesh pencil holder.

Step 2: Cut a hole the size of the mouth of the pencil holder at the bottom of one wire mesh waste basket.

Step 3: Insert the wire mesh pencil holder into the wire mesh waste basket so that a funnel is formed.

Step 4: Use string or wire to tie the waste baskets together and secure the wire pencil holder to the bottom of the wire mesh wastebasket.  Optional: cut open a door and fully secure the wastebaskets to each other or use strings that untie to open up fish trap.

Step 5: Optional: Insert a tumbler cup with the bottom removed into the wire mesh pencil holder to create a longer tunnel.

Step 6: Insert bait into a mesh laundry bag and weight it down with rocks at the bottom of the basket.

Step 7: Drop basket into water and secure with ropes so that trap can be recovered in 24-48 hours.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Character and Behaviour resources.....

I have a large list for this.  Why?  Because I have children from a home that came out of single parent home in the generation before us and I can tell something like "character" was a missing element.

I don't reccomend video unless it is OLD......like before 1970's types classic movies.  I notice how in looney tunes, the people encourage gentlemen behaviour.  Many characters are often tricky but yet kind about it.
1. Search "joy berry" on amazon.  Many of her books are in local library.
2. www.sonlighteducation.com character based bible lessons and incorporates nature too.  Very good learning experience.
3. www.homeschoolhowtos.com She offers wonderful parenting advice and was a former principle at a school.
4. www.gordontraining.com I would reccomend starting with this advice as I have worked in a nursinghome and KNOW how we sometimes do not understand other people's opinion on things.  This is secular, but he HAD EXPERIENCE with actual people.
5. www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com Good at showing that we need to get their attention.  Just say no to spanking after age 3 though.....
6. www.nogreaterjoy.com Good at pointing out that children need confidence to water a garden and do chores with parents.  Like "tomatoes" website, don't rely heavily on spanking aspect as I have been around Amish too, and they DO get mental illness unlike they claim that they don't because of  work-ethic.  Keeping child engaged and with good attitude is important.
7. Messianic Method.  READ READ READ psalms and proverbs to child daily if possible.  Point to "heart" when the bible mentions heart.  Have child point to "ear" when it mentions ear.  When they are older, the word "scorn" "derision" "kindness" "thankfulness" can be more properly defined.... (I have middle east relative and I know the sensitivity to "behaviour" if you will).....they are now lawyer and doctor.
8. Lastly from aboverubies.org...... point out GOOD things that the child is doing and encourage these good behaviours.
9. www.oldfashionededucation.com/character.htm has a wide variety of OLDER books that serve well in character and wisdom about its importance.

Have a good time home-education and ENJOY each simplicity in each day.  Yes, one may use secular AND bible based directions  and the child will be thankful you were not afraid.  My oldest attended public school recently for one semester enrolement and teacher said he was "kind" and also my child WANTED me to come to his school.

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