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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Live your life according to God's word first!

Are you a Christian woman? More particularly a biblical perhaps KJV English speaking Christian woman? Does your employer control your life or does God's word rule in your world? Does your church, local community woman's book club, fitness club, or does God's word rule? There is so much wishy washy aspects that encourage hypocrisy when Christian women really don't want to live their life that God has given them. So what, when 1Corinthians 11:2-16 encourages the Christian and states for a Christian woman to cover her head it isn't a curse or a way to make you look odd to the rest of society. It is a way to keep your beautiful sexy hair "hidden" so that you can live the rest of your life gardening, jump out of bed with bad hair day idea! Are you afraid you will look odd or loose your popularity? Maybe your looks and your popularity weren't real in the first place.

Who cares what the rest of the world thinks if you are a stay at home wife with NO children. You are given sooooo much freedom when you can joyfully submit to your husband. You can sew, experiment with cooking, open up your house to a few visitors and what have you when you don't have to worry about employment. Most husband's CAN provide for all your needs, you may need to invest in creative ways to make it work. You can take the time to create a beautiful table set before a king each day your husband comes home!

What about going down the slide at the park with your children. Jumping on a pogo stick, riding a scooter, jumping with a jump rope.... Are those things only for children to do? No way! Have fun and be a child once and a while.

Children are great. Rarely are they in bondage to themselves. They don't have smoking, drinking, or gluttony problems unless adults allow them to get that way. Does your husband have problems with gambling, pornography, drinking, depression or other ikky bondages? Guess what! You as a biblical Christian woman can STILL live your life. You don't have to let his problems ruin your life! You can always pray for him and hang out with your kids. You can establish boundary lines and say what aspects you do not want brought into the home to disturb you or the children's future.

So woman, go ahead. Live your life. Let God's word stand first in your life. Live it to the fullest.

Thursday, October 3, 2013



A link to practical penmanship.  In the days before the computer, penmanship was an art.  It still is and can be used in the classroom.  However, because of its necessity for fine order it is more practical for a home-school or smaller class room to attempt to train the child in fine penmanship.  Moral decline and increase in technology dependence assumes upon the non-neccesity of penmanship.  How much fine tuning to details are lost when we loose such important skills to the ready to learn hand.

Look up the title "Palmar method" if you would like more information.

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