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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Great Idea to help new mother's give their new pregnancy a great start to life....


Perhaps one could include the items to promote more 'natural-biblical' based parenting.....

-Towel with homemade mattress cover(doubles as bath towel and mattress pad)
-Large enough box to hide a 'baby moses'
-Snow suit (size depends on due date)
-knitted mittens and booties
-Nice summer time suit
-socks, hat
-bath time-medical care accessory
-mother goose and toy
-bra pads and natural family planning guide
-baby sling
-foradix herbs for anemia
-garlic bulb
-garden seeds
-copy of 'lies women believe,' 'kjv holy bible' and how to study, home-education layout plan, copy of 'created to be his helpmete,' basic gospel tract, copy of 'unassisted childbirth,' copy of 'hearts and hands,' copy of 'to train up a child' and 'parent effectiveness training,' copy of 'how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor,' astronomy and biblical months guide,
-lists: natural healing herbs and methods, pantry and two week menu, home-birth kit list, patterns for natural based baby supply, US constitution and bill of rights, how to sew guide, pattern for women's modest clothing, one boy and one girl child size pattern(works for swimming gear), checklist of nature things to identify with child, home-birth kit list
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