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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sometimes it is frustrating to write on 'christian' blogs

First off, some families of 'christian' blogs celebrate old pagan holidays.  They love the bible and have good organization, perhaps even live very christian life(no television in their home, sing hymns etc), but the minute I bring up ideas from other cultures that are not 'sinful' in God's eyes, my comment is ignored and or seen as offensive.  This is why I do not 'gather' with other believers some times because they prefer old traditions to the actual truth.  The gospel is for the poor.....  This is also why I post an alternative place to gather and understand God's word.....you may click on FELLOWSHIP GATHERING.  I pray these pridefilled would come humbled......to God's truth not their own traditions.

www.aroodawakening.com has good instructions on biblical truth.  www.charityministries.com is also another good source of information.....finally www.truthforfree.com is for anyone to read.  I see my self as more of a 'spiritual person' than a religious one.....  I love people....but I hate to see them believe traditions get them to heavenly victory.....
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