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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wise Woman's Guide to Buy a 'Godly Husband'

(This is for the young single females.  Those age 13 and above who have reached age when a girl starts feeling like she has a 'crush' on a possible future husband.  Print or write these things on a note-card and put them in your purse or backpack when you are going about your day as a student, or in your career and encountering various marriageable boys turned to men.  A good possible man will leave ALL positive answers on the questions below....)

Wise Woman's Guide to Buy a 'Godly Husband'

*Be aware while shopping->looks can deceive. Wear 'unattractive outwardly' modest clothing.  Clean clothing<-attraction-> Clean Man (Dressed to love Christ within) A headcovering to hide long hair can help make better judgment.
*Gambling, Smoking, Drinking, Pornography, Food Addictions/Aversions, Fornication and sexual impurity, Pharmaceutical dependent depressive (may have HAD these bondage) Ensure your husband potential DOES NOT have issues or love for these things.  If he does, walk away, pray for him until he comes clean for three months or more.  Note: Pornography addictions should NEVER be found in a potential husband.  He should never have had a history of addiction to it either. The effects of pornography destroy the lives of future children and has the same effect as infidelity, only with more lure to commit evil and hate women.  Sex Addictions are VERY difficult to correct in a potential spouse. http://www.drdougweiss.com/ to ensure that this is not an issue you must deal with in the possible spouse.
*'Independent' housing, self-sustainable capability.  Make sure he is free from excessive attachment to parents, family or previous relationship. (this ensures healthy sexual relationship)
* love to study 'the word' and 'love jesus'
* health-care ready (1 child per year....). God controls pregnancy & family size. 16-40 years could be 10-20 children or pregnancy in good health and joyful blessing.  Family plan health-care services, knowledge about medical things, financially provide for possible home-education.  Can he avoid reliance on govt' services to raise a family?  Does he have enough skills to make an income and/or self-sustain?
* feel 'chemistry' with out 'touching' your skin.  Do you feel like you have chemistry with this man, when you are not near him?
* Go through 'biblical behaviour tests' 1 Cor 13( 'bob' suffer's long, 'bob' is kind...envies not, seeketh not his own, not easily provoked...) Psalm 37 ('bob' fret's not because of evildoers, 'bob' ceased from anger, abundance of peace.... ) Exodus 20... fill in his name and if he is described in negative or false sense, drop the man as 'not prepared'.....
* Is he keeping relationships 'in the light' not 'hidden in corners'? Will he meet your father, brother, mother and women in family....will he introduce you to  father, brother, mother and women in his family?  All BEFORE he even touches your skin?
* Does he protect what goes into 'eyes,' 'ears,' 'nose,' 'mouth.'. Does he enjoy good or bad things of these nature?  Is he wise or foolish about things of these natures? movies, books, music, friends, cleanly, dirty, healthy foods, holidays, traditions etc.  Do the research if the traditions have wicked history.
* Does he 'like' your cooking, artwork, gardening, cleaning? Does his past, his family, his community 'like' your skills? Is there potential for insult?

Make sure you love to serve Jesus first, Pray for this possible man second, and pray that you may be more godly third....  It is better to be safe in relationship, ready to be strong in the LORD alone, if the man is not strong in the Lord, than to build your house on a foolish man who has no reguard for his eternal destination.....

A potential betrothal, should go through your father, pastor or other elder man to ensure safety in relationship.  If there is chemistry, and you have vision that God would like you in this relationship (dreams, signs etc), you've said 'yes,' the marriage should take place quickly within three to six months, before the 'chemistry' fades.  Some have even enough trust to get married within two weeks!  Many blessings and continue study of 'the word' to get the best in life.  Remember you BOTH will have rocks of bad character in your garden.... all you need to do is take out the rocks, but don't give up.  Bible is guide.
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