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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Calculate the time of Christ on the cross....Calculate "Feast of Dedication"


Look at the Naza....NASA website.  Find the year "31."  Look for lunar Eclipse.

Now once you have found that, reduce the possibility of a "new moon" over Jerusalem.

Surprise Surprise, the new moon was timed at 9 Apr year 31.

Look at the free planetarium program from http://www.stellarium.org/.  Look up 9 Apr year 31 from location in Jerusalem.

Look in sky and find the moon near the sun, for a possible miraculous Solar Eclipse qhile Christ was on the cross.  This makes the scripture TRUE!

This timing coordinates with the Qumran Calendar and how the calendar calculates the month of Abib and the timing of Passover, so long as the Full moon is the beginning of the month for the first calendrical cycle.

Look at the passage in the bible for "feast of Dedication" as indicated in John 10:22.  Notice the events that follow from "feast of Dedication" to the next passover, which is Jesus final Passover.

So the feast of dedication when Jesus was on earth, would follow the Third cycle in Qumran calendar calculations.  Knowing when the leap year happened to fall would indicate how to calculate what the sky appeared to be doing during the feast of dedication.  http://www.johnpratt.com/items/docs/lds/meridian/2003/qumran.html

The Feast of dedication is biblically indicated to occur on Kislev 24 according to Haggai chapter 2.  There should be a total of 30 * 3 + 1 and 7 days from the "Feast of Dedication" to the first day of Abib or to the First day of the Leap year.

Check moon phases to see if it matches the pattern of Qumran Calendar.....
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