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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christians should NOT support "gay marriage' but they SHOULD support....

All of these types of marriages have happened in history, in the bible times and they can and should/could  happen in the future so long as it is not against the biblical laws.  Some of the issues are bad and some of the issues are ok according to the bible.  Know the difference before you get caught!  Knowing things helps rather than hinders.

 Romans 1:26 ------> Women went against NATURE!

- Polygyny - Jacob had Leah and Rachel plus other women under one man's headship.

- Polyandry - The woman at the well had "five husbands" John 4:18

- "Holy Kiss" - David and Jonathan 1 Sam 18:3, Rom 16:16

- Open Marriage - Abraham and Sarah, Sarah was sent to another mans house for a time

- Age Gap Marriages - 10 years, 15 years 20 years difference between spouses. 1 cor 7:36 No age of the man is given.  Various ages for men are given in the law accounting for the strength of the man and his duties.  20 years old, 25 years old and so forth.

- Swingers - Hosea and Gomer

- Infidelity Issues - David and Bathsheba

- Burlesque and Dance Performers - Mathew 9:10-13

- Tamar - Women who are raped or seduced by men - 2 Sam 13

- Young marriage by choice or God's guidance - 1 Cor 7:36 - No age is given

- Older people marriage by choice  or God's guidance - 1 Cor 7:36 - No age is given

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