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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A "Vision" or "Calling" before a Marriage, life changes etc.

Now this is something that many people do in their lifetime.  They dream.

Some people take their dreams seriously. Others seem to believe ancient people were "dumb" when they listened to dreams. (The bible illustration of Joseph and the coat of many colors is a good example)

I am one that believes that dreams do in fact report spiritual matters accurately, especially if the dream is specifically guarded by scripture support.  Our world wants things to be logical and to the point, where things are accurate by statistical standards.  God simply wants things true and to the point of goodness in humility and humanity.

As long as a person is not under the influence of alcohol or psychotic drug, dreams can actually reveal some deep things.

It could reveal a future spouse. [ A possible approach is betrothal in which the man reports dream to future woman's elders or family members and woman reports if God answers yes/no]

It could reveal a family member that is not saved.

It could reveal changes in the church body of believers.

It could reveal "Christ" to unbelievers.

It could reveal how a child-birth would go and should go.

So write down your dreams.  You may find your future spouse.  You may find your future friends in heavenly places.  You may even meet Jesus in the air....in your dreams.

It is rare that a person would dream a dream and the person dream about wasn't in the form of a "human" but just an "orbe"or something.

Some dreams have a scary effect, like aliens or death.

Pray before night time to help fight spiritual battles.

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