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Saturday, April 1, 2017

When does the Abib begin?? Indicator in the heavens.

I may or may not be a "bible nerd"....but I also like study of basic astronomy (physics too)....
If one needs to KNOW the actual beginning of the YEAR. One will need creator to guide the timing.
In the bible is the Abib. The Abib is the timing of passover.
In order for it to be a TRUE passover, there needed to be a dark sun (a miracle when Christ was on cross)....
The ancient people could not SEE that the "new moon" was below the "ram" in the heavens....but they COULD see that the first sliver of the moon is below the "ram" in the night sky. And they can also see when barley harvest occur.
This is Messianic calculation in the image below....given "March 30 2017"
In Qumran calculation the full moon below "woman's feet" which is 12 days later and then a "new moon" occur which creates accurate scripture time.
If you want to study native american astronomy with the ojibwe people let me know. Winter maker.....

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