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Monday, March 27, 2017

Cleaning up.....Thoughts on Christian "abuse" websites....

Some websites do report actual abuse.  Good for them!  However, among the abuse reporting websites, there are the phony ones who look at the bible as being the "bad-guy."  Patriarchy is a bad word in their terminology, but they don't even consider that children are more likely to end up in foster care systems when a father is not in the home.

First of all, yes there is such thing as spiritual abuse.  It happens in liberal AND in conservative church groups.  But it doesn't happen in ALL church groups.

A church is a fellowship of believers who pray for one another and for enemies.  Perhaps it prays that the people in the group would do God's will in their lives.

Some are too liberal they can't even accept "liberal" lifestyles like polygamist choices.  They silence people who have been through the battles they are describing in victory through bible and they won't even allow comments to appear on their website that they disagree with.  Scorn, mockery, gossip and so forth are common among the comments left behind.  Do they not realize that they are doing exactly what the bible itself forbids and exactly what sinners did to Christ on the cross?....they mocked him!

If you find the websites, they will more than likely find fault with ATI (a few families had some bad outcomes....just like a few families have bad outcomes in private or public school), No Greater Joy (yes, there are some people in unfurtunate abuse driven relationships...but choose to stay and forgive), anything revolving around "family integrated" and so forth.  They never seem to believe that abuse can show up in Liberal Pastors who practice homosexuality, for some strange reason.....so the rest of their information must surely be for the purposes of gossip and slander of many.

90% (where did the percentage come from....just a general rule of number of gossip-driven-fault finding literally nonsense articles published) of them are finding fault with methodology to defeat the scripture itself, rather than issues within themselves and in the "sinner" they caught doing the "bad stuff."

Do you continue to "read-in" to what they are writing?  No, infact don't even comment on their website, because they will "block" you for disagreeing with them.  Why waste your time?  All you will end up doing is reading the "gossip report."

As a general rule, good abuse reporting websites will find problems with GOSSIP, SLANDER, MOCKERY, SCORN, PRIDE....and also common secular issues like PEDOPHILIA, PHYSICAL ABUSE, VERBAL ASSAULT, COVERING UP SECRETIVE THINGS and so forth.  It will consider "liberal views" as a general rule (do they allow LGBT people to attend a bible study) and it will consider "conservative views" as an other rule (do they allow a woman to grieve as her lost husband will not show affection any longer).
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